Biography of Andrei Leonov

Andrei Leonov is a wonderful Russian actor who is an excellent continuer of the work of his father, the great Soviet artist Yevgeny Leonov. In the biography of our hero today there are many wonderful roles. He played in the cinema and theater, but gained the greatest fame thanks to the television series “Daddy's Daughter”. This project made the actor a real star. That is why today we decided to make Andrei Leonov the main character of our biographical article.

The early years, childhood and the family of Andrei Leonov

Andrey Evgenievich Leonov was born on June 15, 1959 in the city of Moscow. His parents were directly connected with the world of Soviet art. My mother worked in the literary department of the Lenkom Theater, and her father, as noted above, was a famous actor. That is why for the first time our hero of today happened to be on the set already in early childhood. Andrei came along with his father to the shooting and, at that very moment, the magic of the cinema made such an enormous impression on him that later he began to visit “his father at work” often.
Andrei Leonov in childhood with his father Yevgeny LeonovAndrei Leonov in childhood with his father Yevgeny Leonov
Having matured a bit, the young guy decided to try himself as an actor. At first, he began performing in school plays, as well as in performances of the extracurricular actor's actor group. However, already in 1972, he managed to break through also into the world of cinema, playing a small role of the son of the main character in the drama “Racers”. This role allowed him to finally decide on the choice of future profession. Already in high school, Andrei began to prepare for university entrance, and at the same time play new roles.

New roles of Andrei Leonov, work in Yeralash

So, in particular, in the mid-seventies, Leonov Jr. appeared in several episodes of the television magazine Yeralash. A few months later, he managed to successfully pass the entrance exams at the Boris Shchukin Higher Theater School. In the named university, our today's hero began to engage in the course of Alla Kazanskaya. It was here that Andrei Leonov was able to methodically work on himself, honing his acting skills.
However, many young actor had to learn himself.Almost regularly, he visited the performances of his father, and therefore, willy-nilly, copied acting models of the People's Artist of the USSR. As the actor himself admits, in his youth his main dream was two performances - “The Legend of Thiel” and “Not on the lists”. Andrei once dreamed to go on stage and play with other artists of the theater. And once this desire was fulfilled.
Papins Daughters (trailer series with Andrei Leonov)
It all started with a role in the film “An Ordinary Miracle”, which appeared on screens in 1978. In this project, Andrei Leonov played one of the minor roles, however, despite this, he managed to attract the attention of recognized theater figures. At the end of the same year, the young actor was invited to audition at Lenkom. A few months later - in early 1979 - our today's hero became a full member of the local troupe.

Star Trek actor Andrei Leonov, filmography

In the Leninsky Komsomol Theater, a young actor, however, did not stay long. Two years later, for unknown reasons, Andrei left the theater and left to serve in the tank forces. In the Soviet army, the actor spent two years.However, later, after the expiration of the fixed-term service, he nevertheless returned back to the theater.
Subsequently, the artist did not part with the Lenkom stage. Putting all the places in his life, he chose acting craft and no longer leave the profession. For many years of work in the theater, Andrei Leonov performed roles in many wonderful performances. Among them were the productions of Hamlet, Two Women, The Hoax, The Royal Games, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Crazy Day, or The Marriage of Figaro, as well as many others.
Nescafe CLassic with Andrei Leonov
After the departure of his father, Andrei Leonov became the leading actor of Lenkom, as well as the living embodiment of the traditions of the theater. He was respected by colleagues and loved by the audience. But because for a long time our today's hero did not leave the theater walls, leaving aside thoughts about money and fame.
That is why in the eighties in the movie actor almost never acted. For ten years, he played only three small roles that can be easily attributed to the number of exceptions. Even more significant stage in the career of an actor were the nineties. During this period, our today's hero appeared at all only in one single film.
For more than twenty years, Andrei Leonov has performed exclusively on the theater stage.Thanks to this, in 1997, the talented actor managed to earn a name for himself, and also to become a Honored Artist of Russia.

Andrei Leonov now, TV series

Leonov Jr. decided to return to the world of cinema only in the middle of the two thousandth. During this period, he starred with Alice Freindlich in the mini-series "Women's Logic", and later appeared in several Russian TV shows. During this period, his film roles were relatively small. However, due to the huge number of roles, Andrei Leonov still remained a prominent character in the world of Russian art. He played in the theater, acted in commercials, and as a TV presenter he worked on the program “Illness No,” which was broadcast by the Stolitsa channel. That is why the actor did not have to miss.

Andrei Leonov in "Daddy's Daughters"

In 2007, Andrei Leonov first appeared in the role of Sergei Alexeyevich Vasnetsov, in the series “Daddy’s Daughters”. This project has become so popular among the audience that very soon our today's hero could feel like a real celebrity. For this series, Andrei Leonov received the Ukrainian TV Star Award, as well as the Russian award TEFI.However, the main award of the actor still remained the international love of television viewers.
Actor Andrei Leonov with his sonActor Andrei Leonov with his son
In the project of the STS channel, our today's hero plays to this day. In parallel with this, Andrei Leonov is also shot in other interesting films and television series. Among his best works are the paintings “My Boyfriend is an Angel”, “Twelve Months. New tale, as well as some others. In the near future, a talented actor should have appeared in several new projects. One of these is the full-length version of Daddy’s Daughters. Nonna Grishaeva, Liza Arzamasova, Miroslava Karpovich and others also starred in this project.

The personal life of Andrei Leonov

The first wife of the actor was a Chilean named Maria Alejandra Cuevas Sid. The girl worked as a doctor in a Moscow hospital. Currently, the former wife of the actor, along with his eldest son, lives in Sweden.
Since 2011, the wife of the actor is the sound engineer Anastasia Tarasova. In the second marriage, Andrei Leonov had two children - a daughter and a son.

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