Biography of Oleg Mityaev

Oleg Mityaev’s childhood and family

Hometown Mityaeva - Chelyabinsk. His mother was a housewife, and his father was a pipe factory worker. The family never had a mate, everyone treated each other with respect. When the boy was seven years old, he went to school. At first it was school number 59, then school number 55, and he was already graduating from the 68th school in Chelyabinsk.
According to Mityaev, he turned out to be unprepared for the first class, completely failing to meet the required level, studied simply disgustingly, receiving only two and coke. The school seemed a complete torment, where the joyful events were only changes and holidays. Only by the eighth grade did he manage to get fours and threes in the report card.
As a child, Oleg spent a lot of time with domestic dogs and even dreamed childishly that he would be a “dog breeder”. He tamed them, fed them, built booths, hid them from trappers.
Oleg Mityaev's songs have been popular for several decades.Oleg Mityaev's songs have been popular for several decades.
The courtyard was "gangster" in the most real, where there was a lot of punks and massacre.Hockey player Sergey Makarov, who became a multiple world champion, and famous hockey player Sergey Starikov grew up in the same yard. There were among the guys and those who later turned out to be behind bars.
Despite the fact that the boy spent a lot of time in the courtyard, his parents followed him closely, and there was no question of any attempt to smoke, all this was immediately stopped. Mom was a strict man. Mityaev recalls that if he allowed himself to leave the house, he slammed the door loudly, always received for it from his mother. For this, he is very grateful to her, as she taught him to control himself, to be restrained.
Passion for the guitar began with Oleg, like many at that time. He tried to play even without knowing chords. "Gypsy" generally played the guitar, where there were only two strings. After all the strings appeared, the repertoire expanded considerably. When he first heard the songs of Vizbor and Dolsky, Oleg learned the cassettes by heart, it was the same with the Sukhanov cassette.
The song "March of installers" was one of the favorites, and largely because of this, Mityaev decided to become an installer and entered the assembly technical school in 1971. There he mastered the specialty electrical technician.The choice of profession happened quite by chance, it seemed to Oleg that this is exactly the real male work and the real, real life. Already starting to learn, he realized his mistake, he realized that it was not his, especially when faced with such an exact science as iron-and-steel. The young man made a promise to himself that he would finish his studies, despite the fact that he had to go to school through the frozen Chelyabinsk.
Oleg Mityaev - Summer is a little life
At this time, Mityaev seriously became interested in swimming, having received the first category. He was promised that subject to sports, the army can be avoided, but it turned out the opposite. Suddenly he was taken to serve in Moscow, where he, being a sailor in a beautiful marine uniform, served in the guard of the admiral of the fleet of the Soviet Union.

Beginning of Oleg Mityaev's musical career

After the service, it was decided to enter the Institute of Physical Education. Oleg graduated with a diploma in 1981, to which he was very surprised. He was a member of all amateur contests. Beginning in 1978, the future bard wrote songs, and from 1980 he began not only to write, but also to perform them wherever he asked.
After graduation, Oleg Mityaev worked there for four years as a teacher and at the same time was a head of the boarding school near Chelyabinsk. In the city philharmonic in 1985-1986 he worked as an artist. Mityaev began to think about the acting profession and in 1992 he became a graduate of GITIS.
While still a student at the Institute of Physical Education, the bard met Startsev, whom he began to perform. At that time Bulat Okudzhava said that in the work of Mityaev one can feel an indomitable striving for perfection, which is sometimes more important than a steady, constant, and average level.
Oleg Mityaev - Good morning, love.
From 1987, the singer began performing with Tarasov, releasing several disks and records together. And in 1992, Tarasov and Mityaev, together with the actors of the Mossovet Theater, took part in the production of “Big Vladimir”, where Mityaev played the role of Mayakovsky. The premiere was held in Italy. Later Mityaev began working with Margolin. He goes on tour, his concerts usually last about three hours. They are more like improvisation.

The personal life of Oleg Mityaev

Even in his youth, the future bard thought that he would have one wife for life. However, in fact it turned out differently. Apart from his personal life, he doesn’t like to talk about it.From his first marriage, which did not last long, he has a son, whose name is Sergey. The second marriage also fell apart. Wife bore him two children. Now Mityaev lives with his third wife, raising a joint daughter. Their marriage has been going on for fourteen years. His wife is an actress of the Vakhtangov Theater.
Oleg Mityaev and Oksana FedorovaOleg Mityaev and Oksana Fedorova
The bard carried his love to his native Chelyabinsk through his life. He comes there to give concerts at least once a year, since he cannot live without this city, without having to breathe air and walk around with familiar streets. According to Mityaev, he often dreams about his childhood, his yard. Happiness, he believes that a person lives in this world.

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