Biography of Paul Trubiner

Pavel Trubiner's childhood and family

Pavel Trubiner was born in a military family. At school, Paul was a student of secondary school. Teachers did not always like his behavior, because of the tricks of a little restless school, there were sometimes disturbances in order. But it was in school that Trubiner heard for the first time that he possessed an acting talent after the school production of The Examiner, where he played Strawberries. Teachers advised him to enter the theater.
However, Paul did not imagine himself in the future on stage. And after graduating from school at GITIS, he entered by chance. At the exam, Trubiner did not come to the academy, but morally supported her friend. Becoming an actor then was not part of his plans, but Pavel decided to try his hand.
For the first time, neither he nor the girl he accompanied to the entrance test was lucky. There was a huge waiting list for those who wanted to become stars, and both of them did not pass the competition. But a year later, Trubiner was taken.Paul himself considers this incident a link in the chain of contingencies that make up his success.
Actor Pavel Trubiner played many roles in war films.Actor Pavel Trubiner played many roles in war films.
In his student years, Trubiner's dream was to play the role of Ostap Bender, but he understood that this image could not be replayed. He already is, he settled many years ago, and this will remain in the memory of the audience. Therefore, it was necessary to look for something new, your own. In 1995, Pavel graduated from GITIS (the workshop of B. Golubovsky) and began to play in the theater.

Career Paul Trubinera in movies, filmography

For a long time, Trubiner played only in the theater. One of the most famous theatrical plays with the participation of the actor is “The Cold House”, based on the plot of the novel of the same name by Charles Dickens. The first major role in the movie actor played in 2005, the TV series "Plus infinity." Two years later, he achieved real popularity.
Fame came after the release of the TV series "Private Order", the film "Holiday Romance" and several other pictures. During these years, Paul began to receive invitations to shoot from many directors.
Kill Stalin - Trailer. Movie with Pavel Trubiner
Since 2005, he has played more than 50 roles in cinema.Most often he got the role of guards, police and military. Paul's brutal appearance makes such characters in his performance colorful and memorable. Therefore, many viewers know Trubiner from the films “Shift” (2006), “Service of Trust” (2007), “The Agony of Fear” (2007), “Paragraph 78” (2007), “Hot Ice” (2008 year), "Hunting for werewolf" (2009), "Military intelligence. Western Front ”(2010),“ Grach ”(2012),“ Death to Spies ”(2012).
Perhaps such roles are particularly successful for him, because Pavel as a child wanted to become a military man, and he had real military maps, epaulets, and caps, inherited from his relatives. He soon learned to handle weapons and is keen on hunting. Even in the pauses during the filming of the film “To Kill Stalin,” he and Mikhail Porechenkov went on a hunt, where they shot a boar.
However, in the TV series "Diary of Doctor Zaitseva" Trubiner appeared in a completely different way. In it, he plays a gynecologist. On the one hand, this is also the “courageous” role of the head-manager, but there are soft traits in the character of the hero. In this project, Pavel worked on the same film set with such actors as Yana Krainova, Ilya Lyubimov, Elena Safonova and others. ,
Pavel Trubiner - Slideshow
In “The Island of Unnecessary People,” Paul played a negative character — an assassin. What he also managed with ease, despite the fact that these are completely different roles. The film brought the actor many new fans and became the next stage of his career.

The personal life of Paul Trubiner

In life, Paul is rather a cheerful person, open and sincere. Believes in love and believes that for the sake of it, you can do any of the most crazy things. Therefore, Trubiner greatly values ​​his family. Pavel is married to Olga Mukhortova-Trubiner, an athlete, whom she met in his student years. Olga is the prize-winner of the World Championships in Pentathlon.
She currently works as a coach and serves as a judge in competitions. They have two sons. The oldest boy was born in 1999 on April 22, he was named Paul after his father. A few years later his younger brother was born, the second son of the Trubiners, Alexander.
Sons of Pavel Trubiner Pavel and Alexander from the wife of Olga MukhortovaSons of Pavel Trubiner Pavel and Alexander from the wife of Olga Mukhortova
The sons of the actor are very fond of his father’s activities, and they enjoy watching films with his participation. Especially about the hostilities.The grandfathers of Trubiner fought, one of them reached Berlin, the grandmother survived the occupation in Lobnya. Great-grandfather was shot in the 41st, his house is still preserved in Zaporozhye. The family honors the memory of relatives who survived wartime.
The actor tries to hide his family life from prying eyes and camera flashes. The Trubiner family has a sport. Pavel himself monitors his health, cuts out the time between shots and goes to the gym. After all, there are many active scenes in his films where you have to run and fight. To do this, you just need to be in good shape, although time is sorely lacking.
Over the past two years 16 films have been released. In such a Stakhanovist mode, there is no time left for himself. And the hobbies all the more. Paul's hobby is hunting, including underwater. But it will be possible to do this later, he believes, and now the work is first of all.

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