The queen of porridges: how to cook buckwheat

She really is the queen - our usual, appreciated by all, but not everyone's favorite buckwheat. Let's start with the fact that it does not cause even its sowers: it grows easily, it is resistant to diseases, it does not require chemical feeding and does not need to be sprayed. And you can't describe its value on the table with any words. And still try. Wow, for many it becomes a problem even how to cook buckwheat. Not to compare, of course, with oatmeal or decoys for simplicity (without detracting from the merits of these favorite cereals), but in our case there is nothing dramatic.How to cook buckwheat

And what is the difficulty?

She in strict proportions. How to cook buckwheat "by eye"? Experience is a great thing, but accuracy is better. You just need to take the measure of the cereal - usually one cup is enough for a family, to sort it out carefully, even if it is the purest infusion, and rinse to clear water. By the way, it is believed that it is not necessary to wash buckwheat, supposedly with water all useful substances go. Well, I do not know how many people - so many opinions. How to cook buckwheat? It means to follow all the rules.In short, with the same capacity, take one and a half measures of water (for many, this does not seem to be enough, and they do not make porridge, but soften), bring it to a boil in a saucepan, and add cereal. This is a very important point - to put buckwheat only in boiling water. Next, add a pinch of salt, a little butter, mix and cover with a lid. On the very low heat, the porridge is cooked for about 20 - 25 minutes. Toward the end of cooking, you need to mix the contents of the saucepan, preferably with a wooden spatula, so as not to mash the cereal, and at the same time give the porridge "breathe". By the way, how much salt and oil to put in porridge, and put it at all - everyone decides for himself. That's the whole secret, how to cook buckwheat for breakfast or a side dish.How to cook buckwheatHow to eat it is a matter of taste for everyone. In my family, everyone eats it differently: one asks to add more oil, the other - to pour a little milk. I myself love her in every way: with butter, with milk and even raw. How? I'll tell you.

How to eat buckwheat without cooking

Once again clean pure uncleaned bread, if necessary, fry a little in a dry frying pan - it tastes better - and grind the cereal in a coffee grinder. It turns odorous brownish flour. Every evening two or three teaspoons with a top to pour kefir or yogurt, and eat in the morning for breakfast. It is very useful for a figure, intestines, sight, blood, and the main thing - it is very tasty.How to cook buckwheatSome of my friends know even better how to cook buckwheat without cooking: they just pour kefir on it for the night, just like me, but they do not fry or grind, unlike me. Moreover, they prefer green buckwheat without roasting: in this case, it retains all its priceless properties.

Speaking of properties

Those who attended to the question of how to cook buckwheat, probably heard a lot about the benefits of this cereal. But it is useful to repeat and supplement.How to cook buckwheatSo, there are more important proteins and amino acids in buckwheat than in any other cereals. Iron salts - they are extremely rich in them, useful acids, invaluable vitamin P, the lack of which a person feels all the time - everything is collected here.

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