The series "Betrayal": reviews of the film critics and viewers, actors, seasons

The article will talk about the reviews to the series "Treason". This dramatic tape quickly became known, and also won the hearts of thousands of women. Let's talk about the plot of the series, its actors and the twists and turns of the script, and also pay attention to the opinions of critics and viewers.


The Russian television series was released on September 21, 2015. The premiere took place on the TNT television channel. Dramatic tape came out on October 1 of the same year. Starring starred: Elena Lyadova, Kirill Kyaro, Glafira Tarkhanova, Yevgeny Stychkin. The composer is Vladimir Khlopovsky. The first season consisted of 16 episodes. The film was created by a group of producers, among them Alexander Dulerain and Igor Mishin. The director is Vadim Perelman. Each episode took exactly 48 minutes of airtime. A tape was filmed at the KinoTrest film series treason reviews


Reviews of the series "Treason" is largely related to the main character of the film Asi, whose role is played by Elena Lyadova. We will talk later about what opinion the audience and critics have about heroin, but for now let's focus on the image itself. This is a young designer 32 years old. The girl lives with a young man and seems quite happy, but as it turns out later, this is only an appearance.

Elena Lyadova is a Russian actress who three times won the Golden Eagle and Nika awards. In 2015 she received a prize for the best female role. The girl was born in 1980 in the Tambov region of Russia. The childhood years were spent in Odintsovo. Later she graduated from the Higher Theater School named after MS Schepkin. Already in 2002, she was accepted to the Moscow Theater of Young Spectators. Elena, after 2 years, was again awarded the same awards for her role in the film “The Geographer Globe Has Drank”. It is known that in 2015 a young girl married Vladimir Vdovichenkov. At the moment, the actress continues her career, starred in films, plays in the theater. The collection of its awards and prizes is quite extensive due to the fact that it does not get tired of trying new roles on itself.

The plot spins when Anastasia meets her childhood friend Dasha, whose role was played by Glafira Tarkhanova. The future actress was born in autumn 1983 in Elektrostal. Parents were actors of the puppet theater. The girl was trained in opera singing until 2001. After 4 years she graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School. Already in 2002 she was an actress at the Satyricon Theater. In 2008 she graduated from Moscow State University, thus receiving a second higher education and becoming a certified psychologist. Married to Alexey Fadeev - actor of the Maly Theater. She is the mother of 3 sons and daughters. She took part in charity projects, tried herself as a host of television programs.series of treason season 1

The role of Anastasia’s husband, Cyril, is played by Kirill Kyaro. This is a famous Russian-Estonian actor who has long established himself on Russian television. Dasha's husband, Yura, is played by Evgeny Stychkin, who brilliantly turned into a successful businessman.

Now let's talk about the actors of the series "Treason", the reviews about which are the most interesting. We are talking about the lovers of the main character Asi. First, it is Vadim - her boss. His role is played by Mikhail Trukhin, a Soviet and Russian actor who became famous for his role in the TV series “Streets of Broken Lanterns”.Anastasia’s old lover is DPS captain Nikita Mikhalkov, whose role was played by Denis Shvedov. The last lover of the girl is Slava, whose role is played by Vyacheslav Chepurchenko. Also in the film, we meet with the family and friends of the above-mentioned heroes. Sometimes quite famous actors appear in the episodes.

It's funny that there are no good and bad heroes in the series. Here everyone is ordinary people who have their own weaknesses. The viewer sympathizes with them, but observes of their repeated and silly mistakes.


The series "Treason" (season 1) started successfully in 2015. By ratings, he even overtook many of the premieres on other television channels. Incredibly, every fourth inhabitant of Russia, who is in the age group of 18-30 years old, looked at the premiere. The series "Betrayal" (Season 2) throughout the entire broadcast kept quite high ratings.treason series 2 season

Story line

In the center of the narrative is a married girl named Nastya. Despite her status, Asya has three lovers. Each of them came into her life by coincidence of certain circumstances. The first lover is her business partner, the second is a traffic cop who somehow took the girl’s rights. The third lover appears in Asi during the series.He becomes a student Slava - the spoiled son of an oligarch, who is interested in an adult and atypical girl.

The main character works as a designer, she is a little over 30 years old. At the beginning of the film, she accidentally meets her old friend Dasha in a cafe. It turns out that she successfully married and has not worked for many years. In turn, Nastya is not so actively sharing the details of her life. Despite the fact that Dasha has practically everything that a girl may need to be happy, she still asks Asya for help. She wants to learn how to live emotions, every new day. The audience understands that the rich lady just got bored, and she decided to somehow have fun.

Before we go further, we note that the person in charge of the channel before the release of the series stated that it was not an erotic, but psychologically drama. Here you can’t argue, because it is simply impossible to predict further developments, and even more so the final.treason series 2015

Soon Daria learns that her friend has so many lovers, and comes to the delight. While Nastya is trying to somehow deal with this, Dasha obsessively observes everything. Episode 1 of the season of the series "Betrayal" begins with the peaceful coexistence of all deceived men, and the tape ends with the fact that everything obvious is revealed.We add that Dasha also wanted to change her husband to add a spark, but in the end she could not do it. In general, it went into her hands, and she found harmony in her marital relationship.


The screenplay for the film was written by Daria Gracevich, who was previously involved in the film "Interns" as a creative producer. The girl admits that for many years she has worked on history, which to some extent is autobiographical. In an interview, she told me that she considered self-deprecation one of the best qualities in a person, which is why almost every hero of her series has it. Differs film deep psychological persuasiveness. The main character puts traps for the audience, forcing them to sympathize with her, to hate and understand. In this case, each person can easily put himself in the place of Asi ... Would he act differently?

History shows that sometimes a ridiculous joke can break a destiny; that after intimacy indifference may come; which is not always external reflects internal. The authors of this story do not consider it necessary to indicate which heroes should be lifted, and which ones should be despised. In the end, everyone has the right to solve this problem for himself.Despite this, a clear moral implication is clearly present.good series of treason

Giving an interview on season 2 of the series "Treason", D. Gracevich told how she had an unusual idea. The idea appeared about 6 years ago. Then the first sketches of the story Daria brought to the studio, where she was denied the immorality of such a plot. Despite this, she continued to think about him, and after a while she decided to write the first episode. After that, Daria took the material to TNT, where everyone was delighted after reading. She was asked to urgently write a sequel. The girl did not think about the details, but she knew exactly what she wanted to tell about the finale of this story. His vision had to be defended in collaboration with the director and the managers of the channel, but in the end the end turned out the way the author had planned.

D. Gracevich admits that the most frequent question she hears from men concerns why Ase needs to empathize, because she’s still a bitch. At the same time, there are no such comments from the female audience. The fair sex is more likely to say that this is the way things are. The author of the story in this and sees her charm - the interest of men and women.The latter are experiencing everything along with the heroine, while the former are eagerly awaiting punishment or admission of the main character. Both are interesting. However, only a few notice that Asya is an unhappy woman not only because of her vices, but also because of the indifferent behavior of the men who surround her.

The film director V. Perelman asserts that he, too, put something of himself into the heroes. It is impossible to work in a different way and does not make sense. At the same time, he noted that he changed less than 1% in the series because the script was already written perfectly, which happens quite rarely.

Director's contribution

"Betrayal" - a series whose actors showed that cinema in Russia may be different. However, who is behind the embodiment of this idea? The film was directed by V. Perelman, who made his debut with the tape "House of sand and fog." After the man finished work on the historical film "Ash", he resolutely refused to work in Russia and continued to build a career in Hollywood. However, he soon got into the hands of the script "Treason", and the director changed his position. He later said that the storyline impressed him. She was not only comedic, but also intellectual.The man also noticed that the story is more like an American than a Russian one.treason tv series actors

Famous opinions

Let's talk about the estimates that the film gave the famous telekritikov. According to many of them, the series "Treason" is a good example of how a woman easily creates a world of illusions for herself and exists successfully in it until all of this collapses due to a single accident.

For example, Anna Balueva, a journalist with the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, believes that the Vadim Perelman's tape is different in that the intrigue begins on the first page. Literally everything that makes up some impression soon turns out to be something else.

Journalists from the website J. Prosyanov and E. Tkachev noticed that the series is a family drama that consists of ephemeral substance. Indeed, as they say, men are from Mars, women are from Venus.

Interesting Facts

Before we start to review and discuss the series "Treason", let's talk about interesting facts. The filming of this tape took place only in the capital of Russia. It's funny that the names of the two characters coincide with the real names of the actors who play the role. This is Vyacheslav Chepurchenko and Kirill Kyaro.The pilot series was shown in the spring of 2015 at the Omsk Academic Drama Theater.


As for the reviews about the series "Betrayal" (the film, which, by the way, won not only the female, but also the male audience), they strongly contrast. Opinions of the audience are divided. Almost everyone liked the cast of the show. Indeed, he was chosen in such a way that the characters did not seem trivial and beaten. Each of them is a separate individual with its own unique inner world. Many viewers have decided to watch the film due to the fact that their favorite actors were involved in it. In fact, the audience award can be given to Glafira Tarkhanova. This actress is accustomed to seeing in the same type of role, where she transforms into a quiet calm girl. According to critics, in the series "The Treason" G. Tarkhanova surpassed herself, managed to reincarnate and radically change the image.treason series all series

In addition, viewers celebrate the beautiful thin humor, which the tape abounds. Here not only comic, but also tragicomic situations often occur. That is why the film immediately evokes a diverse palette of emotions.It is impossible not to note the storyline, the beauty of which is that it is completely unpredictable. There were still no such tapes on Russian television. Why? There has always been criminal or dramatic overtones, but never the topic of adultery was the goal of the story. They most often acted as a background, as they defused the situation. In the same series, the issue of betrayal comes to the fore. The light adds that such an unusual storyline is complemented, as we have said above, with sparkling and sharp humor. Separately, the speed of events is noted, which does not make you bored. There are no protracted dialogues, scenes “about anything” and other things. Many believe that for the Russian cinema this series has become a breath of fresh air.

The Internet just blew up a huge amount of positive feedback, which appeared after the release of the first series. Alas, many divine critics had to hold their signature “They don’t know how to shoot in Russia”.

Negative reviews

Negative opinions about the series "Treason" (season 1) agree that many situations are too exaggerated. It is clear that this is perhaps such an artistic device, but not everyone likes it.Viewers also note that the series "Treason" (2015) is too frank. He is definitely not looking at the company of children. Some are repelled by an abundance of crude expressions. Of course, there were also such spectators who were not satisfied with the play by E. Lyadovoy. However, most amateurs and critics still agree that the actress’s play was unsurpassed.

Parts of the audience did not like the idea itself, since, most likely, for many the topic of adultery is painful. Despite this, it is worth raising it, although perhaps not in such a context. However, we must understand that all these opinions are subjective. Each person is a separate Universe, with his own vision of the world and perception.

Summing up the article, we say that the series "Treason" (season 2) impressed the audience no less. This seemingly atypical story attracts more and more attention. Maybe because Asya is close to each of us to some extent?

Definitely, all the series of the series "Treason" deserve your attention.

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