The story of Chris Gardner: How a homeless man became a multi-millionaire

15-03-2017, 13:00
Chris Gardner - philanthropist, millionaire, businessman - a man who bravely endured dozens of the strongest blows of fate. As a result, he achieved everything he dreamed of. Gardner's life formed the basis of the famous painting "The Pursuit of Happiness." This article will present his brief biography.
Chris Gardner was born in Milwaukee (WI) in 1954. Unfortunately, the boy did not have decent role models. His father lived at that time in Louisiana, and his stepfather regularly beat both children and his wife. In the end, Chris's mother named Betty could not stand the bullying and tried to kill her new spouse. For this, she was put in jail, and social services took over the children of the Gardner family. It was then that Chris met the Betty brothers. One of them - Henry - replaced the boy's father.When the hero of this article was nine, his uncle drowned. Only at the funeral, Chris learned about the true reason for the arrest of his mother. But despite this, she always remained a source of inspiration and inner motivation for Gardner.
Only thanks to the mother, the boy was able to believe in his own strength and was accustomed to count only on himself. And the best gift was Betty’s next sentence, which ran into Chris forever in memory: “Son, it’s easy to make a million dollars. The main thing is to want it! ” It is worth noting that heavy childhood is not embittered Gardner. On the contrary, when he became rich, he did everything possible so that other children did not go through like that.
When Uncle Henry looked after little Chris, he told him a lot about his adventures in the navy. Therefore, it is not surprising that after graduation the young man went to the Navy. During the service, Chris Gardner worked as an orderly at a hospital. A hard-working young man was immediately noted by cardiac surgeon Robert Ellis. He offered the hero of this article the post of his assistant. Christopher assisted the doctor in the veteran care hospital in clinical innovation research.In this position, Gardner worked until the departure from the Navy (1974). For the next two years, Chris was in charge of managing the laboratory and performing various surgical procedures. In 1976, the future millionaire, in collaboration with Dr. Ellis, wrote many articles that were published in various medical journals.
Personal life
In June 1977, Chris Gardner married Sherry Dyson, who worked in Virginia as a teacher of mathematics. The knowledge, experience and connections of a young man in the medical field predicted his brilliant medical career. However, changes in the health care system prompted him to conclude that the profession of a doctor would soon become unnecessary. Chris abandoned the dream of being a doctor. He reported this to Sherry shortly before his 26th birthday. Because of this decision, the relationship of the spouses became strained. The final discord, according to Chris, was due to the lack of passion in sex. Nevertheless, Gardner continued to live with Sherry, but started an affair on the side. The choice of the failed doctor became a student dentist Jackie Medina. Soon the girl became pregnant. To prepare for paternity, Gardner decided to move in with her.The future millionaire finally got divorced from Sherry only nine years later.
Chris Gardner Jr. was born in January 1981. During the first twelve months after the birth of his son, the hero of this article literally made ends meet. He worked in the hospital, caring for veterans, and replenished his own budget for other jobs. Soon, Gardner became the sales representative of the company CMS, engaged in service and supply of medical equipment. Chris was offered an annual income of 30 thousand dollars. But after some time, the future philanthropist moved to Van Waters and Rogers for a more paid sales position.
Chris Gardner: The Pursuit of Happiness
Soon, the hero of this article decided to achieve success in business by all means. The impetus for this was the meeting of Christopher with a wealthy entrepreneur who rode a stylish red Ferrari. Gardner asked him about the method of earnings. He replied that he was working as a stockbroker. After that, the future philanthropist decided to make a career in securities sales.
The broker at Ferrari was Bob Bridges, who became a kind of leader and mentor for Chris.It was he who organized Gardner a meeting with the managers of the divisions of the largest firms in the field of stock brokering offering training programs. Christopher stopped his final choice at Hatton. But, having come to the office, he learned that the manager who hired him was fired a week ago.
At the same time, the relationship between Chris and Jackie was seriously frustrated. She accused the future broker of beatings (Gardner has denied this until now). Also, the young man was put in jail for ten days for non-payment of parking fines in the amount of $ 1,200. Gardner returned to the empty dwelling. His son and girlfriend disappeared along with all the property (including business clothes, boots and suits of a young man).
Work as an intern
Without ties, education, experience, and clothing, Gardner still managed to get a place as a broker for a training program at the Dean Vitter Reynolds Company. He was paid a monthly stipend of $ 1,000, but it was not enough for existence.
Chris went out of his way to become the best intern of the company. He came to the office before anyone else and stayed late, calling around to potential customers.The goal of the future millionaire was 200 calls per day (other employees were limited to only 20-30 contacts). Gardner's perseverance was rewarded. In 1982, a young man passed the certification exam from the first time and moved to a permanent job at Bear Sterns (San Francisco).
Four months after leaving, Jackie returned and left her son Christopher. By this time, the future philanthropist was housed in a bunkhouse. He took full custody of his son, but it was forbidden to live in furnished rooms with children. Therefore, Gardner with the child had to wander. This continued even when Chris began to earn good money. He just wanted to go to California as soon as possible and set aside funds for a rented house.
Throughout the year, none of the broker’s colleagues even suspected that Chris Gardner and his son (see photo above) were wandering. They had to sleep in parks, shelters, firm offices and even in the toilet at the subway station. Struggling for the existence and health of his son, the broker asked for shelter in the church for homeless women. Priest Cecil Williams did not refuse him a request.
Its business
Soon, Chris's hard work bore fruit — his financial situation improved. In 1987, the hero of this article founded his own company - "Gardner Rich & Co.". He showed everyone that he had mastered trading stocks no worse than medicine at the time. Ten thousand dollars - that was the amount that Chris Gardner invested in his firm. The condition he made in 2006 after its sale amounted to several million dollars.
The secret of success
The hero of this article has the charisma and oratorical talent that many big business professionals lack. What is the secret of his success? The entrepreneur himself says that he found a favorite thing. Chris Gardner (books of a businessman, for example, such as “The Pursuit of Happiness,” “Start with what you have,” are sold all over the world now) are always looking forward to the next working day. For those who want to change their lives and careers for the better, the entrepreneur advises to find a cause for which real passion will arise. Not the fact that it will be the main specialty or profession in the diploma. You need to be brave and just find a job for the soul.
The main direction of the charitable activity of Gardner is the fight against housing shortages.The broker started it in San Francisco, allocating funds for an employment program and building cheap houses for the poor. Also Chris Gardner, whose biography is presented above, regularly organizes collections of shoes, clothes and cash. He perfectly remembered his own misadventures, so he helped other people with redoubled energy. A millionaire spends a lot of effort on helping children - Gardner is on the board of the National Patriotic Initiative. In 2002

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