The history of the legendary ointment "Asterisk"

The legendary ointment "Star" appeared in pharmacies of the Soviet Union around the 70s. Literally everyone remembers her, because she was a truly effective (sometimes even irreplaceable) and inexpensive drug. Balsam tried to treat everything in the world - from acute respiratory infections and ending with chronic rheumatism. The most amazing thing was that the medicine actually helped in many cases.

At some point, the ointment disappeared from the shelves. However, its healing properties were so high that already Russian pharmacists helped to return the medicinal balm to the market. Today we will tell you what this legendary substance really is, what it consists of and how it can be used at present.


1. History

In the original, the ointment was called the Vietnamese Star, and it was produced, respectively, in Vietnamese factories. The specific author of the original composition was the scientists of the Vietnamese pharmacological company Danafa, Danapha Pharmaceutical JSC.American pharmacists translated the name Cao Sao vàng as “Golden Star Balsam”, with such a label it appeared in our market. The Soviet people did not immediately try the ointment: for some reason, it was supplied with instructions in their native language. Even in the first version, the ointment did not contain healing eucalyptus oil - its addition turned the drug into a real miracle.

2. Composition

The composition of the original ointment includes only those substances that have been used by the Vietnamese themselves in traditional medicine for several hundred years. This is, in fact, one of the very few folk drugs that are recognized as useful pharmacologists all over the world. The composition includes only essential oils of medicinal plants - no chemistry here and there. The manufacturer lists the ingredients included here in the accompanying instructions: there are clove, eucalyptus and mint oils, flavored with auxiliary substances from various herbs.

3. Design

A red jar with a golden star fit the Soviet and post-Soviet reality in the best way possible. Maybe that is why the design was not changed at the present time: the brand in our country is recognizable in almost the same way as some Coca-Cola.

4. Types

We still have as many as four kinds of Golden Star.These are gel, cream, liquid balm and an inhalation pencil. They differ only in ease of use, the composition is the same everywhere. By and large, only ointment has taken root - everything else still looks pretty exotic for our man.

5. Application areas

Most often, the ointment is used for colds, runny nose and other similar diseases. The “Golden Star” perfectly helps against mosquito bites: the cooling and irritating receptors of the skin effect is so strong that the body has to concentrate on new sensations.

6. Methods of use

Apply the ointment you need only externally. Hitting the mucosa of even the smallest particle "Asterisks" can cause extremely unpleasant feelings in the patient and, as a side effect, unhealthy fits of laughter in others. Ointment must be rubbed into certain places: for headaches - temples, a cold can be treated by rubbing into the back, chest and abdomen.

7. Allergies and Contraindications

Even such an innocent composition of the drug can cause allergies in the patient. It still includes a large number of medicinal herbs. There are also small contraindications - hypersensitivity to the components of the drug and a violation of the holistic skin covering.

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