Temperature at ovulation: how to build a graph correctly?

It is believed that the temperature during ovulation is very important for planning conception and determining the most favorable days for this. Knowing her, we can determine when is the best time to conceive, or use all precautions to avoid unwanted fertilization.ovulation temperature

What should we know?

This indicator is also called "basal temperature", or "rectal temperature during ovulation." It is perfectly traceable by schedule, which is compiled with the help of a gynecologist. The specialist recommends certain tables with which the woman can determine the time of ovulation.

What features of the body does the chart show?

Often during the construction of the schedule, it turns out that sex life does not always end up at an ideally favorable time for conception. Sometimes a woman finds that her ovulation is irregular.Over time, it will be possible to determine on which particular days of the menstrual cycle it occurs, in order to regulate intimate life, starting from this fact.What is the temperature during ovulation?

How to measure?

The temperature during ovulation is measured according to a specific scheme:

  1. It should be measured every morning, preferably at the same time (the error is allowed within half an hour). So, if you measure it at 7.00, extreme points, when it is permissible to do it - 6.30 and 7.30.
  2. After you wake up, you do not need to get up and go to the toilet or do some other things. The first step is to measure the temperature during ovulation with a thermometer, which is best positioned at arm's length.
  3. Before the measurement, a woman must always sleep at least 3-4 hours. In the event that you lay too late, get up often at night, visit the toilet, the results will be distorted and incorrect.
  4. During the whole cycle the same thermometer should be used. In the case of buying a new device, its operation is better to start with a new cycle.

rectal temperature during ovulationTemperature readings

What temperature during ovulation should be? Many women experience a sharp drop in indicators during ovulation, and then it begins to grow, however, the third phase will still differ in “degrees” above the norm.If there is a sharp jump of about 0.4 degrees, this date is considered to be the first day of immediate ovulation. As a rule, indicators can be from 37 to 37.3 degrees at this time. The ideal option is to measure the temperature, which starts from the first day of the menstrual cycle and continues throughout its duration.

If the schedule is not built for the first time

Sometimes a woman already has some experience in building such graphs, because she knows that measurements can be started not immediately on the first day of the beginning of menstruation, but 5 or 7 days later. But until you are sure when exactly ovulation occurs, it is better to follow the rule and stick to the standard scheme. Take measurements every day at the same time. Temperature during ovulation and plotting is one of the surest ways to determine the most favorable days for conception. However, he can not give a clear prediction about the day of the egg. Temperature indicators can simply increase and remain so directly during the whole cycle. In this case, be sure to follow the secretions, that is, the cervical fluid.

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