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The meaning of the name and interpretation of the nameThecla: glorious (Greek).
Named Vekla: June 19 (6) - The holy Reverend Martyr Thekla-deva comforted I encouraged the persecuted and the unfortunate, healed the sick with prayers; drew many pagans to Christ and for the faith of Christ after the torment was beheaded in 293
October 7 (September 24) - The Holy Martyr Fekla is Equal to the Apostles.
The mystery of Thekol: October 7 - Thekla Zarenica. Because of negligence, more than one barn was burned on Thekla, which is why she and the Zarevnitsa. “At the Zarevnitz, a grain is given to the owner of the bread, and the pot to the threshing machines of the porridge” - this day they treat the threshers with a special zeal.
The zodiac name is Libra. Planet - Venus. The color of the name is yellow. A favorable tree is maple. The cherished plant is the calendula. Patron of the name is a cricket. Stone-mascot -pal.
Diminutive forms: Feklushka, Feklukha, Feklusha, Fekolka, Fenya, Fenush, Fenyukha.
Characteristic name Vyokla: The thekla is wayward, quick-tempered and overly impressionable. In the heat of anger can be uncontrollable, in such moments it is better to stay away from it.She has a strong will that does not tolerate outside dictates. The woman with this name has a strong, practical mind, she is mocking, sharp. Very caring mistress; receives guests on such a scale that they have then three days head buzzing.
Thekle name in history: The Holy Martyr Equal-to-the-Apostles Hearing the preaching of the Apostle Paul about the Savior, Thekla with all her heart believed in the Lord Jesus Christ and firmly decided not to marry and devote her life to evangelical preaching. Her mother opposed the intention of her daughter and forced her to marry a noble fiance betrothed to her. He complained to the governor of the Apostle Paul, accusing him of having turned away his bride from him. The saint was imprisoned. Thekla secretly escaped from the house at night, bribed the prison guards, giving them all the gold jewelry, and entered the dungeon. For three days she sat at the feet of the apostle, listening to his fatherly instructions. Finally, the servants sent to her wanted list found her in prison and forcibly brought her home. The court sentenced Pavel to exile from the city.Thecla again long persuaded to agree to a marriage, but she did not change the decision. Her mother in a frenzy demanded the judge a death sentence for her disobedient daughter, and she was sentenced to be burned. Dauntlessly the martyr ascended the fire and made the sign of the cross. Flame soared high, surrounded the martyr with an aura and did not touch it. Thunder boomed, and heavy rain with hail extinguished the fire. The torturers fled in fear. Thekla left the city and tracked down Paul. Together with him and his companions, she went with the preaching of the Gospel to Antioch. There she was persecuted by the dignitaries of Alexander, who was captivated by her beauty. For refusing to marry him and for the faith, she was condemned to death. But the hungry beasts, at the mercy of whom Thecla was thrown, did not touch her. Then Thekla was tied to two bulls and began to drive them in different directions, but the strong ropes broke like cobwebs. The governor was frightened, realizing that the Almighty God was keeping the martyr, and commanded that Thecla be released. She settled in the wilderness and lived there for many years, preaching the word of God. When the saint was already more than ninety years old, the pagan wise men attacked her because she was treating the sick for free and sent mercenaries to her.When the persecutors were already close, Thecla called for help to Christ; the mountain parted and hid the holy virgin. Thus Saint Thekla betrayed her soul to the Lord.

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