Head massage for hair growth - therapeutic and restorative action

Head massage is a useful and pleasant thing. Thanks to this procedure, the blood supply improves, and the person receives positive emotions. Regular head massage before bedtime - this can only be dreamed. It relaxes, soothes, helps to fall asleep quickly. If you are often disturbed by migraine, then massage will help you.

But still useful massage for the hair. It is recommended for almost all types of hair, except for fatty, since it stimulates the work of the sebaceous glands. Contraindicated head massage in case of illness. And yet, in the case of the presence of various fungi, infections, psoriasis.

Massage has the ability to intensifyskin and hair apparatus. It is especially useful to people who have a dry scalp and suffering from dandruff. In this case, the massage should be energetic. It is enough to do it twice a week before washing your hair for fifteen to twenty minutes.

Properly performed head massage usually consists of four methods:

- pushing movements;

- Circular movements;

- stroking;

- vibrating.

Head massage for hair growth, like any otherthe other must always begin with stroking. This results in a slight shift of the scalp, which calms the nervous system. It's clear that there will be no immediate effect. But if you do this procedure regularly, within a month, the result will please you, thanks to the stimulation of the scalp and hair bulbs.

How and with what help is it necessary to do scalp massage for hair growth?

Not just so the brushes for combing are called"Massage". They not only comb, but also massage the scalp. But if you have to choose, then a brush with iron teeth is better to prefer a brush with a bristle of natural materials.

Massage for the hair should be done as follows: you need to comb the hair first in one direction, for example, from the nape to the crown, and then in the opposite direction - from the temples to the crown.

It is recommended to do massage, rubbing the scalppads of fingers. This is one of the effective methods of how to perform a massage for hair growth. It should be done by gently pressing on the scalp, working on the active points. One or two times a week it is good to make nutritious masks. There are a lot of cooking recipes from the products and oils that every landlady always has.

Head massage for hair growth using a warm towel

This is done so. The towel is heated on the heated towel rail or in other accessible ways. Then you need to wrap your head and do the massage the same way described above, that is, the pads of your fingers, but only through a towel. It enhances the effect of massage. After you can make a nourishing mask, wrap the head with cellophane, and on top again with a towel. Useful substances are much better absorbed in the heat. After forty minutes, wash the mask with warm water, using shampoo.

There are other auxiliaries,Used in cases where a head massage is used for hair growth. The advantages of this procedure are many, all can not be listed. But hair gets vitality and healthy shine. The activity of the sebaceous glands is regulated, and the dead skin particles are eliminated.

To start the massage of the head, you need to lie onBack, when the front of the head is massaged, and on the stomach - for the massage of the back part. The simplest methods of this procedure can be mastered by everyone. Why not make a nice loved one by massaging his head. It will help a person to relax, lose weight of everyday problems and worries. In order to enhance the effect, you can create the appropriate environment. This will help muffled lighting, candles, aromatic oils, different incenses.

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