Is it generally ok to give?

Where is that thin, barely perceptible line between domestic drunkenness, alcoholism and refined affection for a glass of quality alcohol? Does it occur in Russia? The question is particularly relevant in anticipation of mercilessly coming holidays ...

That is absolutely serious, for a long time it seems that expensive, and even better, rare alcohol is just a wonderful gift. To many, it seems mundane, superficial, not very useful, finally, but, honestly, a bottle of whiskey from a person who understands it is much better than a book from a person who has no idea about my tastes.
If the addressee consumes alcohol - there is nothing to talk about here, the gift is perfect. If not, it is also convenient, alcohol does not deteriorate and you can perevarit it, not thinking about superstitions and signs, they do not apply to the temples. And most importantly, you save the bestowed from the most tedious problem - for years to keep something deeply unnecessary and frankly meaningless, but at the same time, a manifestation of your attention.
Surely you know these flashes of remorse when, for example, it's time to finally throw out the soap in the form of a rabbit, presented by the best friend in the older group of the kindergarten.

The only problem is if you do not understand alcohol at all. Hundreds of different labels, dozens of types of drinks - the range really bewilders a beginner at this celebration of life. But, fortunately, it is not so difficult to find brands that for many years have established themselves as confident leaders in the industry. After all, good alcohol, be it whiskey, brandy, calvados, is not only raw materials, not only pure water, not only traditions and experience. First of all, these are people who stand behind every drop of the resulting drink, with their sincere love for their work.

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