Tiny greetings from Masai Mara

In Masai Mara, the heat and drought are abnormal for this time of year. Technique refuses to work in such conditions, so the Internet has become a real luxury. The heat, of course, can interfere, but not me. And if it seemed to you that I had disappeared and was relaxing somewhere in the open spaces of savanna, then this is not so. As before, every day at 5 am I was already shaking the local paths ...
While there is no normal Internet, I can not post a full post, but believe me, the material has accumulated decently! In the meantime, for the seed, I suggest you admire this miracle!

Just a couple of weeks ago, one of the most influential lion prides (Sand River Pride) was replenished with three new members. While it is impossible to understand the sex of babies, and to approach them is tantamount to certain death - mother is extremely aggressive. So that tourists do not disturb the kids, you have to watch them all day in the 40-degree heat, but it's worth it, because I have a unique opportunity to watch how these wonderful creatures grow.

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