Tips for teenagers: how to cope with emotions, "full" of fat people

In adolescence, we change and adapt, so emotional drops are absolutely normal. But if you have problems with excess weight, then emotions can go off-scale.

Of course, not everyone who hastwo-three(ten) extra pounds, worried or upset about them. Many of us met self-confident, happy teenagers with excess weight, along with insecure, slender and fit.

Butdue tothe fact that people always feel the pressure of a kind of “format” of appearance, adolescents in particular, may feel misunderstood and lonely.

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From the TV series "Choir" (Glee)

For people who have a normal healthy weight, the problems of excess weight seem insignificant ("You just eat it wrong or do not go in for sports!"), And their solution is very simple - healthy diet and exercise.The action may not be the most positive, such words often make people feel guilty, although there is no need for it.

If it were just to lose weight, there would not be so many overweight and obese people in the world. Therefore, feelings of anger, disappointment and resentment are natural. The recognition of complex emotions is the first step towards overcoming them.

What is behind the smile

Many people are sure that they should smile and seem cheerful, although in reality they scratch cats. Of course, sometimes it is worth wearing a mask of gaiety, but when people force themselves to pretend to be fun and to repeat to themselves that everything is good, thinking that they have no right to anger, sadness or other negative emotions, they bury their real feelings alive. If this happens, the consequences can be unhealthy and harmful.

I'm fat what to do, teens, teens, overweight in teens, fat teen

From the TV series "Choir" (Glee)

In order to learn to recognize their emotions, adolescents need practice. Sometimes emotions are so strong and sudden that you do not really understand what you feel. At this point, it's best to stop and concentrate on the moment when this emotion arose. Try to determine the nature of the emotion withoutanyjudgments. This means that you need to say to yourself: "I am angry (sad, disappointed)" instead of "So stupid to be angry at such a trifle."
If you are upset, but do not understand the reason, a conversation with a person you trust (friend,somebodyfrom parents, teacher, psychologist), can help her figure out. In order to cope with emotion, it is often the person who helps him to speak out.

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Of course, talking about feelings is not easy, because you are afraid of being misunderstood. But you can make a diary, start drawing or do moresomethingThat would help to understand yourself. The more time you study your own emotions and feelings, the better you know how to deal with them when they manifest. This will help find answers to many questions.
Below are a few of the main problems that adolescents are overweight, and what to do about it.

Fear in society

Many fat teens worry about what others will think. When you are unjustly convicted, it seems that it is your fault - but it is not. The good intentions of parents, friends, or siblings may even make things worse when they give their advice on diet and exercise.The teenager becomes obsessed with weight, but solve the problemstillcan not.

I'm fat what to do, teens, teens, overweight in teens, fat teen

From the TV series "Choir" (Glee)

One of the main problems of adolescents with excess weight is mockery and teasing of those around them. This is another example of misunderstanding the condition of people with problematic weight. The latter have many fears and experiences that are incomprehensible to others, for example, the ability / inability to fit in a chair in the audience, buying stylish clothes or doing physical exercises with their peers.

Sometimes physical discomfort or fear of rejection and condemnation in a society turns a person with overweight into a complex and shy person who avoids society.

In such a situation, it is best to try the opposite to integrate into society and do what you love - this will help to switch your attention and attention of the rest from your weight to individuality.

Full teenager: what to do?

A great way to make your social life easier is to do what you love. People who are close to you share your interests because you have a common goal. They will recognize and appreciate you for your skills and achievements, and not judge your weight!

Another step would be to enroll in one of the school circles. If you want to take part insomethingoutside school, find out about all the clubs and clubs in the city, local theater studios, poetry communitiesetc.

From the TV series "Choir" (Glee)

Remember, everyone feels awkward when they are new tosomesociety, even the most confident people. Try to startanythingnew along with a friend / girlfriend for confidence and support. But even alone, after a while you will feel comfortable.

I stood up for my girlfriend. My girlfriend has problems with being overweight. Once we were together in a store, and the seller was very rude to behave with her, because very little in the store could fit her in size. I said, "I don’t like the choice here. Come on out, look foranythingbetter and more expensive, "- Elaine, 15 years old.

I'm fat what to do, teens, teens, overweight in teens, fat teen

From the TV series "Choir" (Glee)

If we talk about friends, try to establish a really strong relationship with 1-2 friends. The feeling that you have a couple of reliable friends who will always give a shoulder and help you cope with emotions is priceless. Supporting friends overrides all sarcastic comments and teasing.

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But what if your friends and family don't support you enough? If you feel pressure or misunderstanding on their part, try to gently explain and describe your feelings. For example, say that their advice on proper nutrition does not help, or how they put other people to you as an example, upsets you. Let them know that you appreciate (for example, praise for your efforts) that annoys you (notations about nutrition and sports). A calm and rational explanation will be heard.

Fat teenager: what to do with bullying

If you are being teased or bullied, talk to your friends or write in a diary about what kind of emotions you have causing offensive words. Then remind yourself of your good qualities and release a couple of positive comments to resolve the offense.

For example, if the abuser says “Fatty!”, Say to yourself, “My weight does not suit me either, but I am a kind and interesting person.” (If you want tosomehowreact to the offender, say "I do not like my weight, but thanks for reminding me."

I'm fat what to do, teens, teens, overweight in teens, fat teen

From the TV series "Choir" (Glee)

Most often, the best way to deal with insults and caustic comments is to ignore them.But if the situation really upsets you, do not be afraid to stand up for yourself. The main thing is confidence. Talk about your strengths and positive qualities, but do not resort to the methods of the person to whom you are applying, so that the conflict does not continue and get aggravated.
Try to keep anger back if you are being teased. Aggressive reaction shows that the offender has touched a living thing, which can only heat up his fuse.
If you understand that you cannot defend yourself, do not be afraid to ask for help. You can contact the school psychologist, teachers, parents, or evensometo a reliable person, asking for help and advice on how to cope with emotions about the offensive comments of other children. It will also forcesomeoneadults see and understand what you encounter daily.

Many overweight people have rather high self-esteem. They know how to concentrate on their achievements and be proud of themselves. But there are others who have low self-esteem, especially when others are not entirely tolerant of the human problem.
The long period of struggle with excess weight and the constant loss and weight gain can disappoint and deplete the morale of a teenager.This leads to self-criticism, anger and even guilt for having led your family and friends with your inability to lose weight.

When we are overwhelmed with negative thoughts about our body and its physical abilities, these thoughts penetrate into all spheres of life. This affects self-esteem and makes it harder to believe in yourself when achieving goals. For example, someone who thinks "I can not" or "What is the point of fighting, I will always be fat" to lose weight will be much harder. This is another reason why it is important to identify an emotion and try to transform it.
Sometimes complex emotions and constant worries about calories make a person eat even more. But there is a way to break this circle and start a new, strong line.

You need to start with the love of self. If you get upsetdue toyour body, pay attention to your talents and achievements.

I'm fat what to do, teens, teens, overweight in teens, fat teen

From the TV series "Choir" (Glee)

Another way to understand self-esteem is to define goals and achieve them. If you are trying to lose weight, set a goal to change your behavior, and do not concentrate on kilograms. Define small, feasible steps on the way to the goal and follow the progress. For example, take a healthy lunch with you one day a week.
Believe in yourself will help the support of other people. Tell them about your feelings, and let them tell you how they can help you (even if the help is only that they listen to you and try to understand).

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The doctor is another source of confidence. Sign up with a doctor to talk about how you are coping with the problem and ask for advice on stress. The doctor may also refer you to a nutritionist to help you prepare your diet and diet menu.

Depression in fat teens

When confidence and self-esteem fall, it becomes harder to deal with the hated kilos. Therefore, it is not surprising that those who set foot on this path often become frustrated with themselves and plunge into depression.
If it seems to you that you are depressed, do not be silent! It is especially important to say this to parents orto someone, to whom you trust, if you are haunted by thoughts of death and suicide.
No one doubts that to live with extra pounds is difficult both physically and morally. But there are always ways to learn how to be happy, recognize your emotions, think positively and find support from loved ones. And it is this belief in the best and in yourself that will help to cope with the problem weight.

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