Tire fitting machines: types, description, instructions. Equipment for service stations

Constant equipment on most stations are tire fitting machines. They serve for safe, fast and specialized wheel lining. Equipment from manufacturers from different countries is represented on the relevant market. Workbenches from China are popular because I have a low price and wide functionality. However, their quality, unlike European brands, is somewhat lower.

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Types and equipment

Tire fitting machines are divided into two types: semi-automatic and automatic units. The main difference between them is the adjustment of the locking paws. On the machine, it moves by pressing the pedal, activating the pneumatic cylinder. On the semiautomatic device, the clamping device is controlled manually.

All machines must be equipped with a mounting foot, a work shelf for consumables,pneumatic air blower, air gun, lubricant reservoir, plastic protector set for clamps (used when servicing light alloy wheels). Most automatic booths are equipped with a special booster for explosive tire inflation. Air guns with a pressure gauge are usually provided on semi-automatic machines.

Spare parts for tire changers

When buying a unit it is important to pay attention to the presence of a set of plastic jaws of clamping cams. They are necessary when servicing alloy wheels, prevent scratches and chips. Unscrupulous sellers sometimes offer this kit as an additional option. In order not to be mistaken, carefully study the instructions immediately before purchasing the stand.

spare parts for tire changers

The following tools can be added as additional details:

  • additional mounting foot;
  • multifunctional auxiliary device;
  • clamping device;
  • multiroller;
  • roller lift lower side.

The more functional the machine, the more expensive it will be, but it will be able to perform operations faster and with higher quality.


If you need wheels with alloy wheels and low-profile tires, the best option would be an automatic tire changer, since the semi-automatic machine can damage expensive elements.

The advantages of the automatic stand:

  1. It can be bortirovat wheels of larger diameter.
  2. On such a machine is more powerful engine and pneumatic unit.
  3. It is possible to use the third “hand”.
  4. Provides maximum precision removal and landing disc.
  5. An explosive-type pneumatics is provided for filling air with tubeless rubber.

The only disadvantage of the machine is the high price and the need for additional space. Most service stations specializing in mounting wheels install both versions. This saves working life, time and load on the units.

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Instructions tire changers

Balancing units can have several designs, be equipped with additional devices and work with different types of tires and wheels. During the operation, sometimes there are problems associated with rubber sticking to the rim.This is especially true if the wheel was not borted for a long time.

Before disassembling the tire, it is necessary to conduct a stress relief procedure. Disassembly will move the tire into the inner recess. Manipulations on the machine are carried out using a special knife, blade or guide element. The workpiece is wound behind the rim, after which it is pressed against the rubber, revealing the attached part.


All tire fitting machines are equipped with a rotary table that rotates in a horizontal plane due to an electric drive. The wheel is mounted on it, fixed by clamping jaws. After that you can carry out further work. The size of the serviced wheel depends on the dimensions of the table. Certain modifications of the units can rotate in both directions, powered by the electrical network.

The tire machine for trucks, as a rule, is equipped not only with a table, but with a special holder. This design makes it possible to securely fix the rim of large diameter. Further installation or disassembly is performed using a special foot, which allows you to pull the bead of the tire over the edge of the disk. In addition, the assembly finger and the head are involved in the work.

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Consider the main characteristics of some modifications. Truck tire fitting machines such as Konig Allegro 0600 have the following features:

  • process discs with a diameter of 14 to 26 inches;
  • have automatic control;
  • maximum and minimum tire diameter - 160/70 centimeters;
  • working pressure - 110 Bar;
  • electric power unit - type RPM-1400, with a capacity of 1.5 kilowatts;
  • length / width / height - 1.4 / 1.8 / 1.1 m;
  • weight - 0.53 tons.

Comparative performance

For comparison, we consider the parameters that the Flying BL-513 semi-automatic tire semi-automatic machine has:

  • motor power - 0.75 kW;
  • maximum diameter / width of the wheel being machined - 104 / 35.5 centimeters;
  • disc diameter - from 10 to 21 inches;
  • prescribed pressure - 8 bar;
  • spin force - 2.5 tons;
  • dimensions - 0.96 / 0.76 / 0.88 meters;
  • weight - 195 pounds.

This manual tire changer can be used to curb wheels on passenger cars and light-duty trucks. Comes with a lubricator, air gun with pressure gauge and mount. Protection against mechanical damage and corrosion.

automatic tire changer

What is important when choosing equipment for service stations?

The right choice of tire machine is influenced by a number of factors, namely:

  1. The target audience.Based on this aspect, it is reasonable to choose the unit for power and the diameter of the wheels served.
  2. Working volumes If you expect a high influx of customers, it is advisable to purchase a stand of the automatic type with two speeds. It is much more efficient.
  3. The cost of labor. To work on an automatic model, no special physical effort is required, however, it is recommended to repair the device in a special center. On a semiautomatic device constant employment of the expert is supposed. Nevertheless, spare parts for tire-type machines of a mechanical type are cheaper, repairs can be made independently.
  4. The area of ​​the working room. The machine will require more space, since the mounting box is not set aside, but is thrown back.

Before buying a balancing unit, analyze the cost and payback in terms of profitability. Perhaps a cheap semi-automatic machine in a particular situation is more profitable.

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Special features

Most modern machines of automatic type can operate without operator participation at all. To remove the tire, simply install the item to be processed in a special niche of the machine and activate the start.Installation of the wheel is done after lubrication of the edges of the rim and sides of the tire with one touch of a button.

On a semiautomatic device the specialist has to adjust the position of the working head manually. The remaining operations are also performed mechanically using pneumatics or an additional third “hand”. As for the speed of the operation, automatic models are definitely faster to cope with the task.

tire machine semiautomatic


When deciding to open a small tire fitting service or a solid service station, you should weigh all the pros and cons when choosing a bortirovochnogo machine. Fortunately, these units are not in short supply on the market. The above features, the principle of operation, the types of tire changers and the nuances of their maintenance. Using this information and having studied in detail the instructions of the purchased device, you will be able to choose a device that is optimally suitable for all criteria.

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