To horizon

In the Vladimir region there are many interesting places.
Two of them are written in my notebook, where you can see a crazy view of the native open spaces that go to the horizon ..

1. The first entry - Bald Mountain in Gorokhovets.
The place is mystical and disturbing. Who cares - read.
And this is Vyazniki. Place "Crown".

2. Vyazniki was lucky with a viewing platform, though it is necessary to go to it from the city.
There he is - hiding on the left.
And here once stood the defensive walls of the ancient city of Yaropolch ...

3. Expanse !!!

4. The curving snake - Klyazma ...

5. Windshield, forests, meadows ...
And how many lakes in this place!

6. From this height, we recall the rapids from the movie "The Geographer Globe Drunk".
Yes, there are no mountains here, and everything is breathtaking!

7. How not to fool around?))

I store all locations in memory and of course I will share it.
And maybe someone else knows something unusual in the Vladimir region?
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