Tonika balsam for aesthetics

We already know how to use ammonia based paint. The color is persistent and saturated, but the hair suffers from the so-called "soldering". This is what distinguishes the tonic tonic balm. This is an absolutely safe and gentle way to change the image for a week. Why for a week? Because in durability, he loses the paint many times. But that's why they choose him.

Tonic Color BalmAdvantages and disadvantages

The fact is that the tint balm "Tonica" not only revives the hair color and gives a light shade, but also nourishes and saturates the structure of the curl. Therefore, among the products for coloring it has no analogues. The price of such funds is not too high, and the shelf life is clearly higher than that of paint - after all, the balm is stored in tubes and bottles, it is conveniently squeezed onto the hand and is easy to apply. The “Tonika” balsam has been collected by different reviews: the product has been on the market for 15 years already, a considerable time to identify adherents. They are an order of magnitude more than indignant.But there are those who are not satisfied with the shortcomings (inherent, by the way, to all tint means). Among them, low resistance, the ability to stain the skin of the neck and temples. Perhaps that's all.

Tonic Color Balm Milk ChocolateGeneral guidelines for color matching

The main thing in the selection of hair color based on general recommendations. Stylists say that you shouldn’t change the image radically, you first need to choose a shade that is two or three tones different from yours. Moreover, on dark hair, colors are not always the same as in the picture, and the overexposed tint balm “Tonic” on light and gray can take on a “rainbow tint”. There were cases when the “ashen blond” painted in pale-azure, and the women went “Malvina” for a good two weeks. If you are the owner of blond hair, try copper shades like red, as well as dark blond. Black tones are unnatural. Also consider the length of the hair, so that the shade is applied evenly. Dark-toned tint balm “Tonika” milk chocolate is suitable - soft and tasty, it will add shine and shine to brown-haired women. As for brunettes, you can try bright red and purple colors.

Tonic color balm reviewsMode of application

The balm is applied to damp and clean, slightly towel-dried hair evenly along the entire length. Next, a cap is put on the head, preventing the flow of the agent, and left for 20-40 minutes. To get a light toning, 20 minutes is enough. It is washed off until such time as the water becomes transparent.

How to display unsuccessful staining?

First, prepare disposable polyethylene gloves for hands, take off clothes that you would not like to get dirty, and in case of balm on the skin or eyes, rinse immediately with water. Also, if the color that was promised to you on the box did not match the desired result, you can make a mask and bring it out at home. Also take care of the enameled bath - the tonic balm "Tonica" is not just washed badly, it is almost never washed. It will take half a cup of yogurt, 1 tsp. salt and 1 tsp sunflower oil. Apply a well-mixed mixture to the hair along the entire length and keep under the cap for 2 hours. It works!

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