Toy Storage Box

toy storage box

In each house there is always a lot of old and not old cards, which are already tired of storing it, and it is a pity to throw it away. We offer to make a beautiful box for storing toys from such material - and the child will like it and the process of work will bring pleasure. And older children can help in cutting and gluing bright pictures to a cardboard surface.
Whether there will be closing edges on your box or not is up to you, but the result will be more interesting if you leave the lid on.
All that is required:
• a box of desired parameters,
• postcards,
• wide tape,
• PVA glue.
toy storage box

toy storage box

All work is based on simple pasting of the box with postcards - first wide sides, then narrow ones.
toy storage box

Postcards must first be secured with glue to keep them firmly in place. And when the whole box is already plastered, you can take up the tape.
The inner part is glued last.
toy storage box

At the corners and edges of the box, tape should be slightly stretched to hide the spaces between postcards.
New storage of toys is ready in 1-2 hours.
toy storage box

Depending on the size of the box, it is also possible to store cosmetics, threads and other items in it.

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