Treatment of syphilis at home

About a hundred years ago, the diagnosis of "syphilis" sounded,as a verdict, since it was a really incurable and fatal disease for many infected. But at the present time, everything has changed. Today, there is a mass of effective drugs, the use of which (especially in the early stages) guarantees a favorable outcome.

Despite the positive effect of medicines,many still prefer to fight on their own with various ailments. Therefore, the question of how effective and is it possible to treat syphilis at home is so acute.

As for any illness, for syphilistimely assistance through medication provides relief from infection and prevention of the spread of complications. Thus, at any stage of the disease, antibiotics are very effective.

As a rule, they are not able to restore only those injuries that are caused by complications directly from the last stage, but they can prevent the development of any further complications.

First of all it is necessary to turn toexperienced specialist, since the treatment of syphilis at home is not appropriate. This disease requires accurate diagnosis and treatment with the help of special medications prescribed in the right only by a medical worker.

You can only get rid of yourselfsymptoms and effectively enough to prevent immediate re-infection not only of syphilis, but also of other diseases that are sexually transmitted. All this can be done after diagnosing the disease and prescribing the required medication.

Of course, the fact that syphilis can be completely eliminated today, as this infection is curable, is good news. But for this it is necessary to follow certain rules:

  • as soon as possible to turn to the venereologist if the least manifestations of this infection are detected;
  • You can not treat syphilis at home, so as not to aggravate an already difficult situation;
  • to an accurate diagnosis should be taken with maximum seriousness - to take all the tests prescribed by the doctor;
  • It is necessary to be surveyed together with the partner and with thoseclose people with whom contact occurs daily. Because if you get cured and your partner is not, you will probably need a second treatment, which will be much longer;
  • absolutely all the advice of a doctor regarding the conduct of a healthy lifestyle should be observed.

Despite the fact that the treatment of syphilis in the homeconditions is ineffective and even contraindicated, you can absolutely harmlessly exercise at home some procedures that will simply complement the course of the main treatment.

So, you can use infusion of sedge. To prepare the infusion, pour boiling water (750 ml) into the dry, crushed sand sedge roots (20 grams). On very low heat, simmer the broth until the half of it evaporates. Then insist 2 hours and carefully strain. It is recommended to take 4 times a day for ¼ cup.

In addition, the treatment of syphilis folkmeans can be carried out using a different infusion. To do this, you need dry grass field (1.5 liters), which must be filled with a glass of very steep boiling water and insisted in a sealed container for about 4 hours. After a chill and take no more than 5 times a day on a teaspoon.

Today there are quite a few different schemestreatment of this infection. But it should be remembered that not all methods are effective. Therefore, this problem should be treated very seriously and do not trust doctors who promise "effective treatment of syphilis with a single injection."

Mainly because even with the most shortened scheme, at least two or three injections of certain drugs are required. At the same time, constant laboratory testing is mandatory.

And after the completion of the full treatment continuesdispensary observation of the patient, the duration of which depends directly on the stage of the disease (as a rule, this period is about three years).

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