Trendy tips: turquoise jeans with what to wear?

Bright colors do not go out of fashion for severalseasons. But some girls do not risk buying beautiful colored pants, as they are not sure of their ability to create successful images with them. That's why not every lady will dare to wear turquoise jeans. With what to wear clothes of such beautiful, but uneasy shade? Let's talk about the principles of selecting color combinations and advise how to assemble the kit for any occasion.

turquoise jeans with what to wear

The beauty of turquoise

Spectacular natural stone, turquoise, long time agofascinated man with his beauty. The blending of blue with green gives this complex and so attractive connotation. Already in ancient times, people attributed mystical properties to this mineral, making various objects of cult and ornaments from it. Turquoise color is associated with femininity, elegance, mystery. This shade will not go unnoticed, so not every girl dares to buy turquoise jeans. With what to wear such a bright thing? There are many ways to soften the curl of turquoise or, on the contrary, it is advantageous to emphasize it.

 what clothes suit turquoise jeans

Matching rules

Any color can be combined, based on threebasic principles: contrast, compliment and neutralization. Contrast with the turquoise will be lemon, brown, orange, pink, purple. Such combinations always look very bright and effective. The main thing when combining is not to be mistaken with the tone and warmth of shades. Complementary colors to the turquoise are blue, green. Such pairs always look very stylish and intelligent. Reduce the brightness of turquoise will help gray, beige, camel, white and black. such pairs are already a real classic, relevant in any situation. Having mastered these simple rules, you can safely buy turquoise jeans. With what to wear them? This is no longer a problem, but a creative task.

turquoise jeans with what clothes to wear

Game of contrasts

Selecting contrast kits alwaysfascinatingly. Turquoise jeans will look great with a chocolate jacket at the waist. Under it, you can put on a white jersey and complement the kit with laconic boats in the tone of the trousers. But the handbag can be any of the 3 colors presented in the kit. A juicy combination of turquoise and lemon causes only positive associations. To these jeans, a yellow over-the-top jersey is perfect. Finish the image of sneakers in the tone of the top, fashionable women's backpack and voluminous scarf.

Making up the everyday image, it is worth stoppingIts choice is not on intensive shades, but on more reserved options. A great investment in a fashionable wardrobe is dark turquoise jeans. With what to wear them? Of course, with brick-orange! A long jacket of bright orange color will perfectly fit into a set of dark turquoise jeans, handbags and a large knitted scarf of the same shades. Will complement the set simple beige cardigan and ankle boots, you can even just black. Another contrast partner to the turquoise is the salmon. A perfect summer onion will come out if you wear jeans with a salmon blouse, white ballet flats and an elegant necklace.

turquoise jeans with what clothes to wear

Bright image

Beautiful and effective sets will be obtained witha combination of color partners. For turquoise - it's blue and green. Here you can play with shades, remembering that it is better to choose a palette in one heat: cold to cold, warm to warm. The brightest element in the image will be turquoise jeans. Stylish ensembles will be obtained if you put them on, for example, a blouse or jacket of royal blue. Accessories can be a third color, for example, fuchsionno-pink. Such sets in the color-blocking style do not go out of fashion for several seasons. But their compilation requires a special "sense of color." Effectively look turquoise pants with an emerald blouse with a bow. In the complete set it is possible to bring drops of a lemon in the form of shoes and handbag.

turquoise jeans stylish ensembles

Pastel restraint

For the everyday image perfect brightturquoise jeans. How and with what to wear them to look elegant and fresh? Of course, with gray. In this combination, turquoise acquires a chic and stylish look. For work, you can choose a simple jacket silver-steel shade, top white and neutral shoes. A lighter and a large brooch or necklace will introduce a lighter of brightness. Also turquoise looks great with all shades of beige and sand. An elongated cardigan of camel color, nude shoes and turquoise trousers - that's a set for every day. The bright pink, lemon or salmon handbag will revive the set.

turquoise jeans as with what to wear

Strictness of classics

For a first date or a business meeting, no matter howsurprisingly, will suit turquoise jeans. With what clothes to wear them, to look moderately strict and businesslike? With a variety of jackets and blouses. To reduce the expressiveness of turquoise, you can choose a black fitted jacket or an elongated model similar to a man's jacket. Gorgeous and very festive sets are obtained by combining white and turquoise. To jeans you can put on a simple white shirt - you will get a set for going out into the light or walking. An important role here is played by shoes: boats will make the set elegant, and ballet shoes or sneakers - everyday.

Casual turquoise breeze

Thinking about what kind of clothes fitturquoise jeans, as they fit into the kit for every day, it is worth remembering the denim. Jeans jacket or shirt will be an excellent companion to bright trousers. Pants of a shade of turquoise will look beautifully, but it is reserved in pair with a cardigan or a jacket of brown color. Comfortable shoes and a shoulder bag will add comfort and practicality. For a shopping trip or meetings with friends, a set of turquoise trousers, a dark blue bomb jacket or a sports hood with a hood, a bright backpack and comfortable sneakers will do.

turquoise jeans with what to wear

Fashionable monochrome

Today, the trend in fashion again returns to themonochrome sets. Turquoise color is great for collecting a non-private set. It can be in sports, romantic or classical style. But in any case it will be a spectacular and attractive image. To compose such sets is a special art, in them the main role is played by details.

For example, you can wear jeans and an elongated jacketone shade, adding a set of top and snooker shoes. Replacing the latter with sneakers and adding a voluminous scarf with a color slightly darker than the basic tone of the kit, you can get a convenient kit for each day. And wearing instead of a jacket blouse with flounces of silk and decoration of contrasting colors, you can go on the opening day or a date.

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Trendy tips: turquoise jeans with what to wear Trendy tips: turquoise jeans with what to wear Trendy tips: turquoise jeans with what to wear Trendy tips: turquoise jeans with what to wear Trendy tips: turquoise jeans with what to wear Trendy tips: turquoise jeans with what to wear Trendy tips: turquoise jeans with what to wear Trendy tips: turquoise jeans with what to wear Trendy tips: turquoise jeans with what to wear Trendy tips: turquoise jeans with what to wear