Troubled 19th century

Mostly criminal chronicle. Attention is drawn to the huge number of armed gangs numbering 8-10, and sometimes up to 30 people. This is the period of 07-10 years of the last century. You can imagine how all this fraternity began to wield after 10 years ...
TAGANROG, 14, XI. November 11thLikardopulo, the psalm-reader, was poisoned with carbolic acid, whose parents resolutely opposed his marriage to a girl prostitute Lagaidina.
The latter, who lived in a house of tolerance, having learned of the death of the groom, also committed suicide yesterday.
In Taganrog, there was a case of a very successful application of "606" to a crustacean of the stomach. After the injection of the patient (a sworn attorney popular in the south, the vowel of the Duma A.S. Zolotarev) felt nasty, the pulse dropped, then vomiting began and relief came. The tumor, recognized by cancer specialists in Berlin, has disappeared, the pain has stopped, and the swelling of the legs has decreased. Of the former painful symptoms, only weakness remained. Doctors are amazed at the results.
Today, the city police received a petition to suspend the expulsion of Friedman from here.The point is as follows.
On the way from Friedman, they stole 258 r. master's money, as he said, the bailiff of the town of Ivanovka Fedorov. The latter, suspecting Friedman in the simulation, demanded that he confess to misappropriating the money, and at the same time beat Friedman so badly that the eardrum broke. Beaten and bloodied Friedman brought for treatment in Kiev. Anxious, obviously, for the consequences of the massacre, Fedorov arrived in Kiev yesterday, sought out Friedman and, after arresting him, took him to the station where he offered to send Fridaman. as not having the right of residence in Kiev. The master of Friedman informed the police chief of all this.
November 12 at a meeting of the exit session of the Taganrog Districttrial occurred next incident.
The case of D. Kovtunova, who was accused of stealing things and money from her master A. Miller, was being investigated. The verdict of the court Kovtunova was acquitted. A. Miller, who was present in the courtroom during the examination of the case, at the moment when the presiding judge read the resolution, defiantly put on his hat and headed for the exit from the courtroom.
By order of the presiding judge, A. Miller was detained. After reading the resolution on the case of D. Kovtunova, a court order was taken, by which A. Miller, for violating propriety, was arrested for a day by the police. The arrested Miller was immediately sent to the city police department, accompanied by the policeman.
TAGANROG, 24.H. In one of the teathere was a booze accompanied by noise and curses. The policeman Gladkov, going into the tea room, demanded an end to the excesses. Then those who were in the tea room put out the fire, attacked Gladkov, killed him with knife blows and ran away.
TAGANROG, 20, III. With a sinister bang, broke offin the port a huge block of ice and rushed into the sea. On the ice were people and horses. There were terrible cries for help. On the shore crowded a huge crowd. They launched the barges and for several hours transported them ashore to the shore. Saved everyone.
ROSTOV-ON-DONU, 26, V. Taganrog policeThe robber Lelikov, known on the Don, was arrested. During a search, four charged revolvers and 62 spare rounds of ammunition were found in his pockets. During the arrest, the robber told the police:
“Because I did not shoot you all, I can destroy all the shackles.”
Shackled hand and foot in the shackles of a robber imprisoned.
TAGANROG, January 16. Duma decidedTo commemorate the 50th anniversary of the birth of Chekhov, allocate 300 rubles. to allow the society of education to publish a collection in memory of Chekhov, call the Chekhovsky City School, open a library, apply for permission of the All-Russian subscription for the construction of a monument in Taganrog, buy a house in which Chekhov was born, serve a memorial service on January 17, and arrange a ceremonial duma meeting, dedicated to the memory of the writer.
TAGANROG. Proceeded to constructionair motorcycle according to the drawing of the working boiler plant Simonov. Motor ordered in Germany. The weight of the airplane is pud, lifting 8 pounds, speed 60 miles per hour.
TAGANROG, 27, IV. Warned Attempton the explosion of the prison, which contains "expropriators" Savransky, Gaponov and others. The wife of Gaponov was detained, putting dynamite shells into piles of bricks prepared for repair, from where these shells should have been taken by prisoners. Searches and arrests were made.
TAGANROG, 20, II. In the village of Dmitrievskythe police tracked down the killer-robber Ropayev.In the pursuit Ropayev shot from "Browning". Police responded with rifles. Surrounded by police Ropayev shot himself.
TAGANROG, 15, I. In the barracks of the Karnorukov minethe contractor Pechenkin attacked three and took 425 rubles. Retreating Pechenkin shot wounded two attackers and one bystander. The third attacker disappeared.
TAGANROG, 10, I. To the station "Monakhovo"six armed men appeared. Having broken the wires and arrested the employees, they unlocked the cashier with the keys of the chief, took 120 rubles from there. and disappeared.
TAGANROG, 24, XI. Between the stations "Kuteynikovo"and Amvrosiyivka were attacked by five armed men. There was an exchange of fire with the Cossacks who rode from the estate of Mikhalkov. Four detained, one wounded. Fifth, with 5,000 rubles. disappeared.
TAGANROG, 29, IX. Four armedEngineer Defort was caught on the street, forced to let them into the apartment, which they searched and, when leaving, shot the engineer's mother-in-law and wounded him in the leg. They disappeared.
TAGANROG 23, IX. Shot from a revolverthe paramedic of the cholera barrack was killed in the back of the head; on suspicion arrested two.
TAGANROG, 11. IX. At the station "Neklinovka"arrested four members of the Communist Party of Anarchists.Taken literature, stamps, passport forms. Resistance was warned by gendarmes who disarmed anarchists.
TAGANROG, 20, VIII. On going to the porttradesman Botvinsky and his wife were attacked by three armed men. Stunning Botvinsky handles of revolvers, the attackers began to rob them. On the cry came the servants of the baths. The robbers fled.
TAGANROG, 18, VIII. To the house of the leaderRemy's nobility appeared armed. Stumbling on dogs, they began to shoot. Remi ran out and with him two Cossacks. The attackers fled.
TAGANROG, 9, VIII. Prisoner Brewers, who gave signals from the prison window to those passing, was killed by a sentry.
TAGANROG, 1, VIII. 20 important robbers, sawed through the floor, tried to escape from prison. The noise was heard. A skirmish began between the fugitives and the team. In conclusion, the fugitives were placed back in the cell.
TAGANROG, 30, IV. 20 armedbroke into the gas plant, bandaged watchmen and employees, defeated the office, broke into the director's apartment, stole 500 rubles. and disappeared.
TAGANROG, 16, IV. To the brewery officeDobrovolsky appeared eight armed in masks. Locking up the employees, they met razvozchikov and robbed them of the proceeds.Having dealt with this "case", the robbers disappeared.
TAGANROG, 1, IV. At the station "Overpass"three armed men appeared. Directing the revolvers at the employees, they hacked the cash register, broke the wires, broke the machine and disappeared.
TAGANROG, 18, XII. To the merchant's apartmentNomikosa were two armed. Nomikos's mother raised the alarm. The attackers fled. An hour later, the attack was repeated. The janitors mistakenly killed the janitor, and the unknown again disappeared.
TAGANROG, 25, X. Among the whiteday five armed “expropriated” 207 rubles. at the clerk of a trading company. The coachman is injured. The culprits disappeared.
TAGANROG, 5, IX. Four in prisoncriminal during cleaning cameras shot down the shackles. One of them moved to the wall, shot at the sentry and ran to the gate in order to kill the warden and release his comrades. A sentry fugitive killed. After that, the others returned to their cells.
TAGANROG, 17, VI. In a crowded placeat noon, a gang of robbers took 5,000 rubles from a tannery worker. During the pursuit, one robber was killed, five were detained.
TAGANROG, 8, VI. Merchant Sifneo,at the request of the ransomware, put 400 p. Police ambushed.There was a shootout between the extortionists and the police. Wounded passing schoolboy. Three extortionists arrested. One was severely beaten by the public.
TAGANROG, 4, VI. DowntownThe landlord Bishler was attacked by eight armed men. Bishler shot from "Browning" mortally wounded the leader of the gang. The rest fled, shooting back from the police.
TAGANROG, 28, IV. In the port on the artelAzov-Don commercial bank going to Yeisk, attacked nine armed and, having selected 30 000 r. money, disappeared.
TAGANROG. March, 3rd. In the wall of the houseComrade Attorney Lakiera was planted with a cartridge that damaged the wall by an explosion. Attempt to explain personal revenge. Damage caused by the explosion, minor.

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