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Tyler Hacklin - American actor, known for his roles in the TV series "The Seventh Heaven" and "Teen Wolf", as well as the full-length drama "Cursed Way."
Star of the series "Teen Wolf" Tyler HacklinStar of the series "Teen Wolf" Tyler Hacklin

Childhood and youth

Tyler was born on September 11, 1987 in the California city of Corona (Corona), in the family of Don and Lori Hacklin. Tyler has brothers Tanner and Travis and sister Carrie.
Tyler Hacklin in childhoodTyler Hacklin in childhood
At age 7, Hacklin was seriously into baseball. He later played for the University of Arizona and the Battle Creek Bombers team in the Northwood League, where the best players in the world meet.

Actor career

In the movie, Tyler began acting as a child. In 1998, the young actor appeared in the children's musical film "Disney Sing Along Songs: Happy Haunting", timed to coincide with Halloween. Together with other kids, he sang the most popular songs from Disney cartoons.
Tyler Hacklin's First Experience - Children's Helluinsky Musical
The following year, baby Tyler was offered a role in the full-length drama “Family Tree”, and two years later, the teenager appeared in the fantasy film “Adventures in a train”.
Little Tyler Hacklin in the movie "Family Tree" (1999)Little Tyler Hacklin in the movie "Family Tree" (1999)
In 2002, Tyler played in tandem with Tom Hanks in Sam Mendes' gangster thriller "The Cursed Way." He played the role of Michael Sullivan Jr. - a teenager who once decided to find out who his father actually works, which has led to terrible consequences.
In The Cursed Way, Taylor Hacklin played with Tom HanksIn The Cursed Way, Taylor Hacklin played with Tom Hanks
The filmmakers gave Tyler the preference of 2,000 young actors trying out for the role. For filming, 14-year-old Hacklin had to learn how to drive a car, which he did with great pleasure (although he was still insured by the stuntman).
Tyler Hacklin on the filming of "The Cursed Way" (eng.)
The film won an Oscar for amazing camera work, and Tyler himself was awarded the Saturn Prize as the best young actor of the year.
Shot from the TV series "Damned Way"Shot from the TV series "Damned Way"
The casting director of the series “The Seventh Heaven” drew attention to Hacklin’s play in The Cursed Way, and in 2003, the young man joined the cast of this melodrama, aired since 1996. From season 8 to season 11, right up to the close of the show, Tyler reincarnated into Martin Brewer.In 2004, the guy was nominated for the Teen Choice Award in the Breakthrough of the Year: Actor category.
4 years Hacklin was the star of the series "The Seventh Heaven"4 years Hacklin was the star of the series "The Seventh Heaven"
The following year, the actor was again nominated, but already in the category “Best dramatic actor of the series”, but the award went again to another actor, Adam Brodie from the TV series “Lonely Hearts”.

onApr 13, 2014 at 6:23 pm PDT

In 2007, the last season of the series “The Seventh Heaven” was filmed, but Hacklin did not remain without work. Over the next three years, Tyler starred in the horror roles of Grizzly Rage and Solstice and appeared in episodes of the acclaimed TV series CSI: Crime Scene Miami, My Team, Castle and Lincoln Heights.
2011 was extremely successful for Tyler. He saw the light of three films with his participation - the drama “Open Gates” (main role), the comedy “Celine Week” with Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis and Christina Applegate (Hacklin got the second-person role) and the comedy short film “Charlie Brown: The Revenge of Revenge ”, Which also starred Holland Roden and Dylan O'Brien.
In "Celibate Week" Tyler Hacklin boasted a naked torsoIn "Celibate Week" Tyler Hacklin boasted a naked torso
In the same year, the actor was invited to the role of werewolf Derek Hale in the TV series “Teen Wolf” (in a different translation (“Werewolf”).From season 1 to season 4 of the teenage mystical saga, Hale was one of the main characters. Tyler's colleagues on the set are Tyler Posy, Dylan O’Brien, Colton Haines, Cody Christian and Shelley Hennig.
On the set of "Wolf Cub"On the set of "Wolf Cub"
In 2013, Hacklin (among other actors of “Teen Wolf”) won the “Young Hollywood” award in the “Best Acting Ensemble” nomination. In 2014, thanks to Derek Hale, Tyler became the winner of the Teen Choice Awards in the nomination "Choice Movie: Scene Thief - Men".
Interview with Tyler Hacklin and Dylan O'Brien (Russian Subtitles)
Shooting the series took a lot of time a young actor, but he found time to star in the movie “Mod Melvin” and the comedy “The Sticks”, in which he appeared in the role of sex policeman Clark Russell.
Tyler Hacklin in his youth and nowTyler Hacklin in his youth and now
After taking a break from work on the show in 2014, Hacklin began shooting in two full-length films - the comedy “To each his own” about a group of baseball players in the 1980s and the sports drama “Not in the Team.” Both films came out on big screens in 2016.
Shot from the TV series "Supergirl"Shot from the TV series "Supergirl"
Also in 2016, Tyler was approved for the role of Clark Kent in the TV series "Supergirl".The lead role of Supergirl, Superman's cousins, was performed by Melissa Benoist, while Hacklin appeared only in 4 episodes of the series.

Tyler Hacklin's personal life

In early 2004, 16-year-old Tyler met with 19-year-old American actress and pop singer Ashlee Simpson, the younger sister of singer Jessica Simpson, for about 2 months.
There are various rumors about the nature of the relationship between Tyler and DylanThere are various rumors about the nature of the relationship between Tyler and Dylan
In 2005, actress and singer Candice Accola, known for the role of Caroline Forbes in the TV series The Vampire Diaries, became the girl actor. After parting with Candice Hacklin spun the affair with the actress and colleague on the set of "The Seventh Heaven" Mackenzie Rosman, but the relationship did not last long.
Growth Tyler Hacklin - 183 cmGrowth Tyler Hacklin - 183 cm
From 2010 to 2012, Tyler met with actress Rachel Brooke Smith, and the next three years with an actress from the films The American Dream and The Perfect Voice Brittany Snow.
Couple Tyler Hacklin and Brittany Snow were called "Brayler"Couple Tyler Hacklin and Brittany Snow were called "Brayler"
Also, for some time the actor was in a relationship with the model, leading and actress Jill Wagner, who also starred in the TV series "Werewolf" in the role of Kate Argent.

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In December 2015, the paparazzi filmed Tyler walking in Rome by the hand with the German model Alena Gerber. The “lovers” did not comment on the situation at all, but according to reports, in the beginning of 2016 their short novel ended. However, some fans suggested that the photos in Rome were made for the sake of PR, since Alain had a relationship with German footballer Klemens Fritz at the time.

Tyler Hacklin now

In April 2017, the Stratton: First Task fighter came out about the clash between the special forces of the British armed forces and international terrorists. In addition to Tyler, Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films), Dominic Cooper and Connie Nielsen appeared in the film. The film received quite low ratings from the audience, and the director Simon West was called "sterile."
In July and September 2017, three episodes of the 6th season of the "Werewolf" were released, in which the hero of Hacklin who missed the 5th season reappeared.
Tyler Hacklin played in the third part of "50 shades of gray"Tyler Hacklin played in the third part of "50 shades of gray"
Also in the next 1-2 years, another 4 films will be released featuring Tyler, including the third part of the sensational saga about the complicated love relationship “Fifty Shades of Freedom”.Hacklin played Boyce Fox, a talented author and former colleague Anastacia Steele (), who signs a contract with Christian Gray ().

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