Types of beards: what will suit anyone?

Not all men can afford a beard. They grow it, as a rule, for two main reasons: in order to hide the flaws of the face or, on the contrary, emphasize its merits. The history of the beard begins with the most ancient times. Primitive people wore it all the time. However, this was more a necessary measure than an aesthetic function. In Russia, the presence of a beard in men was considered mandatory. Men carefully approached her handling. She was considered a gift from God. Types of beards were different, but they had to be the correct beautiful shape, otherwise, a man with an unpleasant torn beard could easily be considered an inferior man, and even special punishment was provided for him. But this is a completely different topic.
beard species

The intelligence is there

If you pay attention to the great writers, scientists of the time, it is not difficult to notice that they all had beards. Refresh the portraits of those whose books we read in childhood. Their authors gladly wore beards.This saw something very enlightened and intellectual. If you also decided to grow this element of the image, then it's time to consider different types of beards and choose the right one for you. After all, the main thing that she was to face. With proper selection of a beard, which has more than a dozen species, it is necessary to take into account such parameters as the shape of the face and body type. You can often find people on the street who look very harmonious with a beard, and some, on the contrary, it does not fit. The essence of the beard - to bring its owner more charm.beard species

Image is all

If you have fair skin and dark hair, then it is better to refrain from too voluminous beard - it will contrast with your appearance, but if you have fair skin, your beard is red, then big and massive will be very useful to you. It is also worth considering when choosing the length of this element of the image of a person's height. Agree that it would be extremely ridiculous if a man with a small growth will have a beard too long and vice versa. Only certain types of beards will fit a particular person. Consider this in more detail. For men with a square face, light, unobtrusive beards that can give a visual ovality will do.A long beard will decorate a thick beard and at the same time visually reduce it (such an element of the image can be grown in 2 weeks). For men with a round face fit a small beard oval. Well, the triangular face will decorate the beard with a light bristle.types of beard haircuts

What types of beard haircuts are there?

  • Balbo - creating the letter "T" at the bottom of the chin. There are two variations of wearing such a beard: with a mustache and without.
  • Full beard - hair is placed along the cheekbones, on the chin and connected to the mustache. The ideal type for those who do not like to often visit the mirror.
  • Beard on the contour of the face. Hair are located strictly on the edge of the face and smoothly turn into a mustache (it is possible without them).
  • Beard - “strip” - a straight haircut that makes up a strip that runs from the bottom lip to the end of the chin.
  • "Lamb cutlets" - it is difficult to call a beard. This species is more like whiskers, setting on the cheekbones and cheeks.
  • Beard "shred" - like a beard, "strip", but growing in the form of strands. It can be worn both separately and together with any other type.
  • Light stubble - great for men who prefer a haircut "bald."

List the types of beards can be very, very long.We talked about the most common and popular options.

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