Types of sharks, names, photos. Tiger, sand, Sakhalin and giant sharks

It is possible that of all the predators living on planet Earth, sharks cause the greatest horror among people. It is difficult to find the same perfect and at the same time ancient organism. These are the oldest and most accomplished killers that appeared in the waters of the World Ocean 420-450 million years ago. Since then, their appearance has not changed. But they were formed in the Jurassic period - a time when dinosaurs lived on earth, and the first birds only mastered the heavenly space. The most famous and interesting species of sharks will be described in this article.

general characteristics

Many do not even imagine how many species of sharks live in the oceans. Meanwhile, there are about 350 of them, and each of them is unique in its own way. In this article, we will get to know some sharks closer and at the same time find out which of them is the most dangerous for humans.

Sharks are animals that belong to the above class of fish.All species of sharks are predators, because they use living creatures for food - from small plankton inhabitants of the deep sea to large representatives of aquatic fauna. These fish are extremely hardy and tenacious. They are less sensitive to pain than other vertebrates. Shark organisms are so well honed by evolution that they managed to survive in the struggle for existence with various, sometimes very strong, predators. At the same time, over the centuries-long evolution, these carnivorous creatures almost did not change in the structure of the body and organs.

shark species

Not all types of sharks attack humans. However, they are all potentially dangerous. If you disturb fish during hunting or provoke it in another way, then the most harmless of them may well show aggression. Given their impressive size and capabilities, one can imagine what terrible consequences this could end up for a person.

Black-necked Reef Shark

In the marine fauna there are a variety of shark species. Photos of these predators give an idea of ​​how dangerous one-on-one encounters can be. The black-fringed reef shark is one of the smallest members of the family, since its normal length does not exceed two meters, and its weight is forty-five kilograms.It occurs at a depth of about thirty meters. This fish prefers to hunt in a comfortable environment in the warm waters of the Pacific and Indian Ocean, among coral reefs.

Because of their modest parameters, these sharks are not dangerous to humans. However, there are cases when they showed aggression by attacking unwary swimmers. In all cases, this was due to the smell of blood leaking into the sea from fish harpooned by humans.

Interestingly, the black-nosed reef shark is a big sissy. Once during transportation, because of the carriers' error, the water in the aquarium was a couple of degrees below the usual minimum, and the fish died from hypothermia. Another unprecedented incident occurred during a show at a Brighton nightclub. An English comedian named Guy Venables dived into a tank with black-necked reef sharks. The result was sad. Adult twelve-year-old fish died from fright.

Whiskered baby shark

There are marine inhabitants with very interesting habits. The nanny shark is a bottom fish that lives at a depth of six meters. It usually reaches 2.5-3.5 meters in length, however, there are also four-meter specimens.These fish are kept in packs, in which there are up to forty specimens. They feed on octopuses, crustaceans, mollusks, sea urchins, etc. Unlike their other counterparts, the nanny shark does not bite the caught prey, but rather “sucks” it into itself. At the same time, a peculiar sound resembling a kiss is heard. Apparently, therefore, the bottom predator received such a “tender” name.

sand shark

Such a shark is active at night and completely calm during the day. Under the rocks, in the grottoes and crevices, you can stumble upon a whole flock of fish lazily laying on each other in massive stacks.

Sand tiger sharks

These representatives of the marine fauna have a rather awesome appearance, but at the same time they are distinguished by their peace-loving character. They attack people solely for self-defense. I must say that the tiger shark uses the original method to maintain its own buoyancy: it swallows air and holds it in the stomach. Sand sharks are found in warm waters, mostly off the Australian coast. The largest population of these predators is observed off the coast of North Carolina, in the area of ​​submerged ships.

Nowadays, the tiger sand shark is at risk of extinction. It is listed in the International Red Book.

Hammerhead shark

Eerily large and incredibly aggressive hammerhead sharks strike with the shape of their head. It looks like a hammer with a pair of eyes at the edges. Regarding this fact, scientists argue so far. Someone thinks that the outlandish form of the animal's head is the result of centuries-old evolution, someone thinks that this is a consequence of a sudden bizarre mutation.

Awesome photos of big hammerheads can be found in any book about the predatory inhabitants of the ocean waters. Their appearance is terrifying. It is reassuring that such fish can be found in temperate and warm waters of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans at a dizzying depth - 300-400 meters. Aggressive creatures feed on different species of fish, crustaceans, octopuses, squid and other inhabitants of the deep sea.

Hammerhead sharks reach 3.5-4.2 meters in length with a weight of about 450 kg. Interestingly, these fish find their prey using special receptors that are sensitive to electromagnetic pulses. Predator feels electrical discharges the size of one millionth of a volt!

Tiger shark

Since the size of the hammerhead shark is large, scientists attribute it to the category of particularly dangerous to humans. But without special need these animals do not attack humans. However, there is documentary evidence that voracious predators can be dangerous to humans. In 1805, three hammerhead sharks were caught simultaneously in Long Island. In the stomach of one of them found the remains of the human body.

The giant hammerhead shark is listed in the International Red Book as an animal on the verge of extinction.

Whale shark

One of the largest representatives of the existing fish is the whale shark. The largest ever measured specimen totaled 13.7 meters in length and was about 12 tons in weight. Despite its huge parameters, this ocean dweller absorbs only plankton and other similar small organisms. The fish filters its prey, drawing water through a huge maw.

The whale shark lives in all warm seas on both sides of the equator. She prefers water, the temperature of which exceeds the mark of +20 degrees Celsius. This fish is absolutely not dangerous. To meet her is the greatest luck for the diver, because she is extremely peaceful and never shows hostility. Watching her underwater habits is very interesting.Whale sharks are great long-livers. It was estimated that they live up to 100-150 years.

Galapagos Gray Reef Shark

This predatory creature is usually found in tropical waters near the islands in all the ocean waters of the world. She prefers to live near coral reefs and underwater rocks with a strong current. These sharks grow to two and a half meters in length.

An aggressive marine animal “warns” about its upcoming attack: it lowers its fins, raises its head and arches its back. And during swimming it rolls over from side to side and spins. This shark is a danger to humans.

how many shark species

The predator's nose is so sensitive that it senses blood dissolved in a concentration of 1: 1,000,000. Even such a tiny amount can attract the attention of a gray shark. These inhabitants of the sea became famous for their extreme curiosity. They accompany the ships, hit the oars, poke their noses against the board and, sometimes, pursue scuba divers. Life expectancy of this fish is 24 years.

Giant shark

The brightest representative of the largest fish species is the giant shark. It is only slightly inferior to the whale in size.Its length reaches ten meters with a weight of about 4 tons.

This large sea animal eats the smallest plankton, but does not draw water into itself, but simply opens the mouth and filters through the gills everything that gets into the mouth during swimming. Thus, in one hour, it processes approximately 2,000 tons of water.

The giant shark lives in the western and eastern hemispheres in temperate and cool waters, where its main food is plankton. Fish is safe for humans and is protected as an endangered species of marine animals.

Tiger shark

These are the real tigers of the sea element - strong, fearless, elusive. They are in the list of the most aggressive representatives of marine fauna, without thinking attacking a man. The tiger shark got its name because transverse stripes can be seen on its sides. They disappear when the animal reaches two meters in length. An adult individual grows to five meters, there are instances and larger ones. Sea tiger weights from 570 to 750 kg. The life span of this predatory fish is 30-40 years.

The tiger shark fearlessly plunges to a depth of one kilometer.It lives in many seas and oceans, but prefers to stay near the coast in tropical and subtropical thermal zones.

photos of big sharks

Bull shark

In all the seas of the planet there are very dangerous for human species sharks. Photos of some of them are presented in this article. The bull shark is a large fish (4 meters long), living for about 27-28 years. It takes the "honorable" third place in the list of man-eating sharks. This is a very aggressive animal, claiming to be the all-powerful predator, the perfect killer. Escape from such a shark is almost impossible.

Bloodthirsty hunters attack in the early morning or at dusk, often in shallow water (only 0.5 m - 1 m). The behavior of bull sharks is impossible to predict. They are able to swim for a long time completely calmly nearby, and then suddenly attack the swimmer. And this attack can have the most unpredictable consequences.

Great white shark

“White death” is called this large predator that lives in the surface waters of all the major oceans of the planet. Due to its serious size (length - 6 meters and weight - up to 3000 kg), this shark is recognized as the largest predatory fish of our time.These carnivores move with torpedo speed. They are able to reach speeds of up to 24 km / h.

giant shark

In the wide mouth of the white shark are 280-300 teeth of a triangular shape, arranged in several rows. This powerful animal has spent millions of years honing its killing skill, and it is impossible to get away from it. However, the white predator population is constantly decreasing. On the ground, it is represented by only 3,500 copies.

Sharks of the Mediterranean

In the Mediterranean basin there are all conditions for the habitation of predatory fish: warm water, an abundance of diverse food. About 40 species of sharks live here, 15 of which pose a secret or obvious threat to humans. Every year thousands of tourists rest on the shores of this warm sea, therefore meeting people and powerful carnivorous fish are inevitable. In fairness it should be noted that this is the most calm shark-dangerous area of ​​the planet. Over the last century, the sharks of the Mediterranean have killed only two dozen people. This is a negligible figure, but behind each such case there is a huge tragedy. Of the above listed predators in the Mediterranean basin, almost all live.It is likely to meet with a white or bull shark, come across tiger and sandy predators. Even incredible hammerheads sometimes visit the rich waters of the Mediterranean. Therefore, everyone should remember that vigilance in overseas resorts is necessary to maintain their own health, and perhaps even life.

Black Sea shark

There are carnivorous fish in the friendly Black Sea. The short-headed prickly shark (katran) is considered safe for humans. It has small parameters: it reaches two meters in length and weighs from 8 to 25 kilograms. It is inhabited by a katran, the photo of which is presented in this article, in the depths of the Black Sea waters, where it hunts scad and other small fish. Only in the off-season (autumn and spring), this shark swims to the coast. The real threat is represented by the spikes of this marine inhabitant. They protrude from the animal's dorsal fins and are covered with very toxic mucus. A person burned by this poison will receive a painful swelling that will last for several days. For the rest, the Katran shark is quite a peaceful inhabitant of the Black Sea.

Katran photo

Sharks on Sakhalin

In September 2014, a great white shark was found entangled in the nets. There is nothing surprising in this, only it happened on Sakhalin, where such fish have never been found. At various times, in Primorye and in the southern Kuriles region, several cases of shark attacks on humans were reported. In 2004, the predator attacked the diver and caused him serious injuries, but the man managed to escape. Seven years later, in Primorye, carnivorous fish attacked a 25-year-old resident of the city of Vladivostok. The man lost both hands, but survived. Sakhalin sharks are very rare, but a clash with them does not promise anything good to a defenseless person.

Sharks are terrible predators that are gradually disappearing from the face of the earth. First of all, the person is to blame for this. Possessing knowledge inaccessible to other inhabitants of the planet, he poisons water and soil, making them uninhabitable. No wonder environmentalists say that the most dangerous creatures on the globe are people. We will remember this, blaming sharks for senseless bloodthirstiness and robbery.

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