UAZ 2018: photos, characteristics and reviews of experts

Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant is preparing forrelease of the updated UAZ 2018. The improved model is planned to be prepared on the basis of "Patriot". The forthcoming update should become the most cardinal in terms of introducing various innovations in the design of the SUV. Prospects for the development of the new car show the most daring plans of the car manufacturer.

UAZ 2018


Due to technological reasons and youth"Patriot" has not yet firmly established itself in the relevant category of off-road vehicles. Developers are going to fix these problems, creating a universal vehicle with better quality parameters.

Designers intend using auto UAZ2018 outperform its main competitors ("Kia", "Chevrolet" and "Tingo"). At the moment, the existing series is inferior to them for a number of characteristics. The main ones are safety and comfort indicators. Presumably, the new car will go on sale in the summer of 2018.


As a rule, the introduction of new technologies andspecifications leads to a rise in the price of the product. It's unlikely that the new UAZ 2018 will be able to avoid this problem either. The previous price did not exceed 850 thousand rubles (on average). The updated sample is planned to be sold not less than 1.1 million rubles per unit. In many respects, the winter package, provided in the standard version, influences the price of the specimen. This includes additional interior heating, warming the rear seats, installing a pre-heater with a timer and several other useful options.

Among the standard envisaged set, the following points can be noted:

  • Automatic locking system and stability at the rate.
  • Cruise control and the regulator of the zone climate.
  • Heated steering wheel.
  • Frontal Parktronic.

oaz patriot 2018

Additional "filling"

The additional option UAZ 2018 includes the following prerogatives:

  • Adjustable control seat lift.
  • Windscreen heating.
  • Cruise control with adaptation.
  • Moisture and light sensors.
  • Navigational device.
  • Bar with cooling function.
  • Intelligent system for the review, detection and analysis of obstacles, road signs and markings.

Technical plan parameters

The new "UAZ-Patriot" 2018, whose photo is presented below, has the following technical characteristics:

  • Length / width / height - 4,75 / 1,9 / 1,91 m.
  • Ground clearance - 21 cm.
  • The wheel base is 2.76 m.
  • The curb weight is 2.09 tons.
  • The body is a five-door volumetric wagon.

The diesel version is not yet in active development,However, in the primary plans, carburettor type modifications with a capacity of 135 "horses" and a diesel powered unit with a force of 115 horsepower were envisaged. While there is a detailed development of the model - everything can change, especially since managers do not disclose all the secrets of the new modification. The starting variation will be offered to the consumer with a gasoline engine, a new configuration of the gas-distributing belt installation and an updated interior.

new oaz 2018


The functional part of the new UAZ-Patriot 2018is especially significant in that the system of the paired tanks for fuel is not provided in the developed car. On the updated machine there is a tank in one version made of plastic.

Experts' opinions on this issue are ambiguous.Many of them believe that the reliability of the tank is significantly reduced, and this plays an important role for off-road vehicles. In general, the capacity of the tank decreased by 4 liters, but it became possible to place it without exits from the dimensions and the optimization of clearance was obtained. The car is equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission or an analog with five mechanical ranges. The dispensing unit is mounted in a pair mode with an electric drive. The noise reduction in the vehicle is due to the use of improved continuous bridges.

New in interior and body

In the salon of the new UAZ 2018three-spoke steering wheel with multifunctional capabilities. In addition, the machine is equipped with a completely new instrument panel, a center console and two airbags. Presumably, the panel will be equipped with a digital three-inch display, a mode indicator, a rear lock and a support device for descent.

new patois oaz patriot 2018

The steering column is adjusted for height andslope, sheathing includes a two-color cloth with a pronounced stitching. Elite models are equipped with trimmed interior of perforated leather with nichrome framing. The radiator grille, as is typical for many modernized versions, has also undergone changes. She became more aggressive after restyling. In many respects, this is due to complaints from consumers, which indicates that designers listen to the wishes of users. In the future, the front panel will have three horizontal stripes, the ends of which are elevated in relation to the headlights. This feature is typical for most Asian cars. Dimensions of the body and its configuration remained almost unchanged, optics included xenon.

Advantages and disadvantages

Experts identify a number of pros and cons of UAZ 2018. Let's start with the positive aspects:

  • Spectacular and more expressive, in comparison with its predecessor, the exterior.
  • Compact, ergonomic cabin with a capacity of up to 9 people.
  • Upgraded driver's seat.
  • Good maneuverability along with optimal torque.
  • Enhanced isolation from extraneous noise.
  • Easy operation and maintenance.

As always, there were shortcomings. Among them:

  • Quite a high price, compared with the closest competitors.
  • Predisposition of the car to rolls.
  • Poor stability on a slippery road.
  • Bad rear view.
  • Slightly narrow seats in the back row.

уаз 2018 photo

Power unit and transmission unit

UAZ 2018, the photo of which is presented above, is expected to be completed with two types of engines. Let's consider their characteristics in more detail:

  1. Model ZMZ-40905.The unit is an atmospheric gasoline engine. Its volume is 2, 7 liters, power - 135 horsepower. The engine has a maximum torque of about 220 Nm, fuel consumption in a mixed mode - about 11 liters per 100 km.
  2. ZMZ-51432. This turbine diesel capacity of 2.3 liters, the capacity of 115 "horses". The speed is 272 Nm, the fuel consumption per 100 km is 9.5 liters.

As an analogue, apart from the five-stepmechanical gearbox type Dymos, the possibility of installing an automaton with six ranges from the same manufacturer is being developed. The two-stage dispensing system is equipped with an electric drive. To reduce the noise level, on unbroken bridges the designers provided an increased ratio of the worm gear within the coefficient of 4,625. On the rear axle, the Eaton ELocker electric-type locking differential will be used.

new uaz patriot 2018 photo

Interesting Facts

Official information from the manufacturer saysThe fact that the new UAZ Patriot 2018, the photo of which is available above, will be equipped with the intelligent ADAS Vision system. This unique complex allows providing a qualitative overview, developed by the domestic company "Abix-Technology". The design includes four round-trip cameras, a road marking recognition system, an option to warn of a move to another lane, a difference in traffic signs. The view from the rear camera will make it possible to distinguish between the lines of motion even on the reverse run.

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