Ulya and her mission

Ulyana Sergeenko’s flat-like face seems to have flowed to the place where the sane person has the brain. The matryoshka woman desired to make history.
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“I thought about my mission not only as a fashion designer, but also as a person who can contribute to history,” said fillers.
Avona how! Fillers, it turns out, have a mission! And not only as a designer, but also - this is such a hustle, that, perhaps, I will quote again - “as a person who is able to contribute to history”.
The designer of talking fillers turned out only after she married the money on the legs in the person of businessman Khachaturov.
Infused loot - turned designer.
This direction is often chosen mediocrity, since any shit here can be called self-expression, creative handwriting and author's style.
A lot of money was poured into Ulya. Lots of. So much that at some moment she herself believed that she was not a woman who had attached an asshole to a rich member, but a designer.
However, a member of the Hive divorced, but her illusions could not be stopped.A painful separation from reality progressed. Instead of the thrush, Ula saw the whole mission as much - sorry, it is so beautiful that it will be the third time - “a person who can contribute to history”.

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