Unconventional from Israel!

For a person living in Russia, the news that Ramzan Kadyrov from the funds sent by Allah sponsored the construction of a skatepark in Jerusalem, causes alternately a grin, bewilderment and ... Whatever it may be, it will bring almost any one important thought. It is about that and let's talk.
For most of us, Israel is familiar only from two sides: the first come here to land on numerous holy stones, brooks and crosses. And the second value beaches, palm trees, the ability to find Russian-speaking parties or improve their health from their consequences. The most active have time to combine.
But there is in this hot country one more solid layer, which, as a rule, remains far in the background before a heap of historical and religious relics. And if you are not able to fly the whole procession of the cross or do not experience servility in front of the muddy stream of Jordan, then perhaps you need such Israel.

In addition to the usual types of entertainment, there is a concentrated amount of excursions, activities and entertainment that could be combined under the "neck".unconventional Israel" or even "Israel is extreme". Certainly, being at the walls of Jerusalem, it will be an unallowable folly to walk past the main route.
But if there are a couple of free hours left, why not spend it on driving a skateboard in the "Chechen park". And it is better to go on a magnificent tour of the underground part of the holy city and finally make sure that Frank Maysler was right, who depicted the ancient megalopolis as a ball.
First question: where are you flying to? Until recently, a direct flight from Russia, you could only get to Tel Aviv. Since last year, there were direct flights to Eilat - a small gem on the Red Sea, a favorite vacation spot for the absolute majority of the Israelis I interviewed. It must be said that, although Israel is an expensive country from the point of view of everyday life, tickets can be found for quite reasonable money. Much more sane than the sometimes cost train Moscow-Peter.
Suppose you arrive in Ben-Gurion and, having crossed the 20-minute journey by bus, you already feel the salty splashes of the Mediterranean Sea on your face, tourists are bathing under the signs "swimming is prohibited", and the recognizable architecture of Tel Aviv has surrounded you and your suitcase.
Traditionally, you would be driven to Rothschild Boulevard, to stare at examples of Bauhaus, to try samples of the local foreign cuisine, or, God forbid, after a trip, to evaluate nightlife. But the best and the brightest thing you can do here right away is to take segways and go on a drive to Taelet. The skyscrapers are on the left, the waves beating on the breakwaters are on the right, and if you are lucky, as we were lucky, the storm will drive away from the winding canvases of the embankment not only local, but also tourists.

Lyrical explanation:
Taelet- embankment, five kilometers long. It stretches along the beach, starting from the Tel Aviv port, and ends in the vicinity of the beautiful Jaffa.
Segway- individual self-propelled carriage. Not too dangerous for others, regardless of the size of the steering. It takes 10-20 minutes to train a sane beginner.
Mediterranean Sea- the main character and the main purpose of your trip to Segway.

In Israel, a very beautiful sea, especially at sunset. And the sunset itself is unique, it is pink. When the sun sets over the horizon, the sky becomes "vanilla", as in the same film. And it is best to observe this phenomenon from the Tel Aviv embankment.There is one special place in its southern part, where modern Tel-Aviv and ancient Jaffa are connected.

Tel Aviv is also perfect for windsurfing, kitesurfing and various paragliders, but due to the fact that our trip took place in December, the Mediterranean Sea did not have its temperature at all. And telling that it was not tested was not our method.

One of the most important details of a trip to Israel is that it can cost you, both very expensive and not at all. Tel Aviv, as a starting point is ideal for this truth, is not something to understand, but to feel in its own skin. You can pay completely different money for hotels and the one that will be more expensive, it will be much worse located than a cheap hostel.
You can leave the restaurant and 100, and $ 200 for dinner in Tel Aviv, and you can have dinner for a few shakes in the center. Also with transport, if you have money - take a car, if not - feel free to go to local buses. If not at all - there is an excellent hitchhiking and almost every driver stuck by you will speak in pure Russian.

Whatever method you choose, move on. The next stop is Lake Kinneret. Holy of course. The longer you stay on the territory of the Holy Land, the more your inclination grows just in case to add the epithet "holy" and "holy" to each thorn encountered. Following this propensity here, as a rule, you will find yourself absolutely right.
In general, when you drive up to the smooth, majestic canvas of the lake, on which Jesus himself walked, even at the very hardened atheist, something will click in your head. Behind this amazing feeling of being able to touch the epic, which has become so cult for our population, probably many are coming here. In general, this is one of the brightest moments of the first visit to Israel, to realize that Golgotha ​​is this kament, Jordan is that river, not very clean, the heritage of King Herod, just at every step ...
The classic domestic tourist bypasses the Kinneret side. So what if the lake is the lowest freshwater reservoir in the world? There are no specific bas-reliefs for selfies, no trace of the Son of God is planned, and even shopkeepers are grouped in other areas.But the time spent on the shores of the Sea of ​​Galilee could be wonderful. First, the landscapes are amazing in their tranquility.

The shores covered with green lawns and blocks of stones are so indifferent to you that even your desire to get up with a tent will not hurt anyone. Here they do not steal, here you can cook food on the burner, here you can use fresh water from the lake. For those who like to travel with a tent, parking here can be one of the most beautiful and memorable for the whole trip.
For those who do not like traveling with a tent, let me suggest a ranch with absolutely beautiful houses Vered HaGalil. Each guest or his family relies on a separate house, they are all built at a distance of fifty meters from each other. Each has a bedroom with a panoramic window on the Kinneret. In front of the window there is a Jacuzzi in the bedroom And in the living room, in addition to a comfortable sofa, a working fireplace is installed. Firewood and ignition included. If we talk about prices, then outside the high season these houses can be rented at quite low prices, if we compare them with ours.

But back to our list of activities that will help diversify your wanderings in Israel.Regardless of whether you stay at Vered HaGalil, on the ranch at this tourist complex, you can order a horse ride for two hours. First of all, it is beautiful. The landscapes of the northern part of Israel are much closer to the Russian people, and the opening views of the lake inspire everything earthly, nervous, vain, just dissolved in this thousand-year-old peace.
The second activity is fishing. This entire post is absolutely subjective information and therefore may differ from that presented in the guidebook. As far as I understand, only the residents of Israel are allowed to engage in underwater hunting, and at the same time fishing at the Kinneret. Carp - fish, as you might already get used to, holy. In the Kinneret usual. I don’t have a clue what to do to get to it, but in a whisper I can tell you that there’s not such a small interest club in which people from our wonderful country regularly gather to go fishing here. Stories, tips and jokes. Naturally, in Russian.

The third activity is diving in Jordan. According to some data, the authors of Christianity tested this activity first.Now business is boiling up on both sides of the river. You can buy honey, holy water, pieces of wood, icons, in general, an impressionable person can leave the place of baptism with the whole trunk calling out of holiness. Here you should pay attention that no one will prevent you from plunging into the long-awaited river for free, the only request to do so is in the appropriate case of a white shirt. If you do not want to buy it on the spot, then it is better to take it with you, so as not to distract pilgrims from your bikini.

In Israel, very good roads. Here are very nice people who will readily and joyfully tell you about their country. Here is a high standard of living. Here they do not like and do not allow idlers. This is a very hospitable country.
The next stop is the Dead Sea. Salty so that it is impossible to drown. Useful to such an extent that for the time more than 15 minutes is not worth spending - get over it. Boring, at first glance, so much so that in addition to the wellness procedures, it remains only to go dancing at McDonalds. But it is only at first glance, in fact, it is only necessary to take a small jeep ride on the salt ridge stretching deep into the sea and you find yourself surrounded by truly alien landscapes.It is hard to believe that you here and now see the incredible beauty of nature, which is disappearing gradually ...

The further you immerse yourself in the incredible diversity of this country, the length of which is only 470 kilometers, the deeper becomes the perception of what you see. Ironic, in some places, intonation is needed only to make the text easier to read. Ahead of us is a snake trail, dolphins from the Black Sea and the dungeons of Jerusalem.

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