Unhappy Anna Fritz - the heroine of the thriller "The Corpse of Anna Fritz"

"The Corpse of Anna Fritz" (IMDb: 5.80) is a Spanish erotic psychological thriller of the year of 2015, directed by Hector Hernandez, who shocked the trailer and the synopsis, as it touched on a very sensitive and provocative theme.anna frits

Thriller about the "posthumous" fate of the movie star

The narrative begins with an introduction to the mainthe actors - three fellow-buddies Ivan (Christian Valencia), the morgue of the morgue Pau (Albert Carbo) and the third narrow-minded thug. The morgue is Anna Fritz - the most famous actress and sex symbol of the country, the circumstances of death are behind the scenes. Next, the guys persuade Pau to look at the remains of the movie star together. Contemplation of the naked body of a charming young woman who does not at all seem dead leads the guys to a perverted idea - they are going to do necrophilia.

Further, the director tries to shock the beholderan unexpected turn, because during the process of abuse of the body, Anna Fritz comes to, although her motor-speech functions are restored unevenly. Realizing the tragedy of what is happening, the girl tries to resist the rapists, but they again try to kill her. Anna Fritz dies again, but only for a moment, to wake up and take revenge on the offenders.movie corpse anna frits actress


In the opinion of foreign film experts,It's almost impossible to create a mess on the screen, but in order to get at least some aesthetic pleasure from viewing, you should completely disconnect the brain. The script is full of annoying sagging, understatement. Directing also does not cause admiration. The viewer can not empathize with the main character, as she is an absolutely unrealistic character. During the viewing, most of the townsfolk, having recovered from the shocking string, are simply enraged by the monstrous inadequacy and corruption of the villains. The situation is irreparably aggravated by the helpless and devoid of a bit of sanity finale, lowering the tape to the level of bad taste. The film "The Corpse of Anna Fritz" was not saved by the actress Alba Ribas, who performed the main role.anna fritz actress biography

Performer of the main role

The premiere of the painting "The Corpse of Anna Fritz"an actress whose biography and photo are familiar to fans far beyond Spain, waited impatiently and regularly shared impressions about the filming on Twitter. Alba Ribas was born in the first month of 1988. In addition to acting, she diligently studied classical dance styles. Her film debut took place in 2008 in the Diaries of the Nymphomaniac with Geraldine Chaplin. After Ribas regularly starred in short author's projects of Spanish directors. Particularly significant is the short film "My name is Alex", in which Alba reincarnated in Isabel.

The first serious full meter in the filmographyactress is the thriller of 2011 directed by Sergi Vizcaino "Scars 3D". Immediately after the premiere show, Alba receives an invitation from the creators of the series "The Ark" (in other sources, "The Ship").corpse of Anna Frits an actress biography and photo

Becoming an Actress

In the period from 2011 to 2013, the singer wasseen on television. The first experience in television has taught Alba a lot. According to the actress, she was surrounded by real professionals, beautiful actors, from whom she had the opportunity to learn a lot.

Further Ribas with pleasure has plunged into workover the film "Barcelona, ​​I Love You" under the strict guidance of the director Dani de La Order. Together with her starred Bernat Saumel, Christian Valencia, Jean Cornet.

Before telling the viewer what Anna experiencedFritz, the actress starred in a fantastic drama "Enimales" (2012), where she reincarnated as Laura. After in the serial TV movie "Ministry of Time" (IMDb: 8.20), the girl played one of the secondary roles.

According to experts, most of itscinematographic works can be attributed to the category of paintings for a narrow audience, this assumption is justified by the last role of the actress - a character named Anna Fritz. The actress, whose biography is similar to the fate of hundreds of other bright young performers of our time, courageously decided to experiment, because the struggle of her heroine for survival can not be called an adequate spectacle. After the release of the film, Alba Ribas starred in three shorts Formas de jugar (2015), Elígeme (2016) and 100 metros (2016).

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Unhappy Anna Fritz - the heroine of the thriller The Corpse of Anna Fritz Unhappy Anna Fritz - the heroine of the thriller The Corpse of Anna Fritz Unhappy Anna Fritz - the heroine of the thriller The Corpse of Anna Fritz Unhappy Anna Fritz - the heroine of the thriller The Corpse of Anna Fritz Unhappy Anna Fritz - the heroine of the thriller The Corpse of Anna Fritz Unhappy Anna Fritz - the heroine of the thriller The Corpse of Anna Fritz