Vacuum cleaner "Samsung" washing with aquafilter VW9000: reviews

Representatives of the fair sex living incentury of new technologies, is very lucky. Our grandmothers never dreamed that with the help of one thing, several types of cleaning in an apartment can be made. This opportunity was introduced thanks to a washing vacuum cleaner "Samsung". This is the best model for those who appreciate cleanliness and order.

Short review

The technical novelty was published in 2014. The attractive design of the vacuum cleaner is combined with the advantages of the device. It has a pyramidal shape, and it is no coincidence. It contains some of the comforts laid by the South Korean manufacturer, which will be discussed in this article. The device is a first-class example of household appliances, through which three methods of cleaning are carried out: dry, wet and dry with an aquafilter.

vacuum cleaner Samsung washing

The use of a multifunctional device is not limited to cleaning the floor. "Samsung" is a washing vacuum cleaner with the help of which it is possible to wash furniture, windows and other suitable surfaces.

Main characteristic

This design has a compact body andLarge wheels, as well as a water supply hose and a removable container. A handy handle with a hand hole, which is equipped with a remote control, allows you to monitor the necessary actions during cleaning, for example, adjust the power of drawing dust. The set of the washing vacuum cleaner "Samsung" includes a universal brush. Attached to it are attachments for hard planes, carpet and fabric.

The design of the vacuum cleaner allows maneuverson fluffy carpets. It can be smoothly moved around the apartment, overcoming obstacles such as rapids and corners. And it's all thanks to the engineering concept, which implied the wheels at an angle for the stability of the body of the washing vacuum cleaner. "Samsung" can be freely rotated, and while it does not overturn. Additional rubber coating on wheels protects the surface from damage.

Samsung washing vacuum cleaner

To maintain ideal purity, such athe feature of a technical device, like constant suction power, is one of the most important factors. By the way, in the washing vacuum cleaner "Samsung VW9000" in the reviews, many owners accent their attention on this advantage. At the same time, the maximum amount of energy consumed is about 1700 watts. The noise level is 87 dBA. Dust collector made of transparent plastic (2 liters volume) allows you to see the amount of accumulated dust.


There are 4 models of the novelty under discussion. The color of the case is the main visual difference of each variant. A separate model has a certain set of items that is slightly different from the other. The set can include the following nozzles: floor-carpet, crevice, fabric, main brush for wet cleaning, dust brush, laminate parquet and nozzle for upholstered furniture.

washing vacuum cleaner Samsung Reviews

Each buyer can choose for themselves a more convenient option, taking into account the additional attachments included in the kit.

  • Model SW 17H9050H (sea wave) has a device that protects furniture from scratches and damages, but does not include a brush for parquet.
  • SW 17H9070H (azure color) - in the set there is a parquet brush.
  • SW 17H9090H (silver case) - a mini turbo brush designed for wool and hair, and a nozzle for upholstered furniture.
  • SW 17H9071H (red) - has the same accessories as the previous model.

The process of aquafiltration

Almost all vacuum cleaners have a single principle of operation,which consists in the accumulation of dust in special bags. As a rule, this affects the intensity of suction and the quality of cleaning. The water filter acts on a different principle. Water is considered a natural filter, capable of delaying absorbed chemical compounds. When a vacuum cleaner sucks in dust and debris, they get into the water together with the air, where they are deposited. Purified air, passing through a thin filtration system, comes out. At the same time, the filters are not clogged, and the process, which takes place in the aquafiltration mode, does not affect the power of drawing dust.

washing vacuum cleaner samsung with aquafilter

With the help of HEPA filters, a multi-layer cleaning system is created, which is almost one hundred percent. Additional porous filters absorb even spores of fungi.


Detergent vacuum cleaner "Samsung" can rightly be calledantiallergenic apparatus. The company-manufacturer in the construction of the product was laid effective filtration system. The collected dust remains in the water, its particles do not spread around the room, and thus the air in the room is cleared. The HEPA-13 filter absorbs pollen and allergens. The presence of a multi-cyclone purification system improves the quality of filtration. The filter consists of 8 chambers, each of which operates at its own speed and radius. Thanks to this device, a vortex is created, which is able to collect not only garbage, but also lumps of wool.

Samsung vacuum cleaner with aquafilter reviews

Washing washer "Samsung" with aquafilter is convenient inexploitation and relieves the owner of unnecessary actions. For example, when switching mode, you do not need to change the brush-attachment. Removing the container does not require any professional skills. It's easy to do it, figuratively speaking, with a wave of one hand. To facilitate the work with standard cleaning, the liquid container can be removed. With a vacuum cleaner, you can work in a range of 10 m. The auto-winding mechanism allows you to easily clean the room.


  • To use the vacuum cleaner in the classical mode, it is necessary to insert the filter into the flask and secure it with special latches.
  • To switch to the aquafiltration mode in the flaskWater is poured to the specified level. In work use a slotted and a parquet brush, and also the basic - a floor-carpet. When working in aqua-mode, it is good to clean parquet, laminate, tile and other hard surfaces. Two-sided crevice nozzle allows cleaning in uncomfortable places and with the help of bristles it is possible to collect garbage qualitatively.
  • Using the wet cleaning mode, you can cleanresistant stains on the carpet or upholstered furniture. With a water supply hose, a removable container must be filled. Then, press on the detergent bottle and pour 12 ml of the solution into the hole in the container. For large soils, the product should be evenly spread over the carpet. Two special brushes are used in the work. One of them operates in the regime for parquet, and the second is dry cleaning.

Care of a vacuum cleaner

After regular cleaning, you should wash the tank andit is good to dry it to avoid an unpleasant smell. This is especially important after cleaning with an aquafilter. When wet cleaning use special cleaning solutions. Washing powder and carpet cleaner can not be used. When cleaning with an aquafilter, you can use only clean water.

washing vacuum cleaner Samsung VW 9000 reviews

Maintenance of the Samsung washing-up vacuum cleaner meanssystematic washing of the hose and brush. For this purpose, half a bucket of water is collected and these accessories are washed in suction mode. Filter "Nega-13" is changed every three months. The device for fine cleaning is issued for reusable use. After each regular cleaning it must be washed and dried.


Judging by the information contained in the responsesbuyers, the technical novelty is being mastered at full speed. In the reviews about the Samsung washing detergent with the aquafilter, several advantages can be highlighted: convenient assembly, suction power adjustment, very easy to use, easy to clean, a variety of nozzles, a well thought out cord device. At a minimum power, the vacuum cleaner sucks in dust and debris very well. The biggest advantage is that people consider an aquafilter. After cleaning in this mode, the room smells fresh.

washing vacuum cleaner Samsung with aquafilter VW9000 reviews

In reviews of the washing vacuum cleaner "Samsung" loverspurity indicate some disadvantages. These include: the instability of the container, too long a tube for wet cleaning, an inconvenient bag for attachments. Some landladies have not yet adapted to remote control. During cleaning, they touch the buttons with their hands, accidentally switching them to another mode.


From the review we can see what an invaluable serviceto provide a washing vacuum cleaner "Samsung" with an aquafilter VW9000. Customer reviews confirm this indisputable fact. After all, after all the cleaning is done, you just need to pour the contaminated water out of the container and rinse it with water. In addition, having such a thing in home use, the landlady will not spend extra money on household chemistry and her precious time. And most importantly - a multifunctional technical innovation will save the health of the whole family.

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