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Vadim value of the name and interpretation of the name. Vadim - the calling, attractive "debater, razornik (Art. Slav.).
Name days, patron saints. April 22 (9) - Rev. Martyr Vadim, archimandrite, suffered for the faith of Christ in 376.
Superstitions, omens, customs. On Vadim there is a meeting of the sun with the month: good, without rain, clouds and winds, - there is a clear day and a good summer; thin - bad weather and bad summer.
Zodiac name - Taurus. Planet - the moon. The color of the name is yellow-yellow. Auspicious tree is a nut. The cherished plant is dahlia. Patron name - ox. The stone-mascot is turquoise.
Diminutive forms. Vadimka, Vadka, Vadya, Dima.
Middle name. Vadimovich, Vadimovna; razg. Vadimych.
Name and character. The riddle of Vadim's personality is partly explained by the contradictory nature of his interpretation of the name: what can the troublemaker, who sows discord, attract people? The fact is that Vadim is an overtone nature, he easily recognizes human thoughts and deeds, and he himself is subject to violent passions. An excellent analyst, he is able to calculate his actions for many moves ahead and fail because of too gambling.In his youth, Vadim has to choose his life path after long and painful hesitations: he is too gifted with talents. These doubts haunt Vadim all his life, which is why he rarely reaches the heights of creativity. For women, this name acts fascinatingly; hence the love of Vadim, sometimes leading to tragedies.
Name in history and literature. According to legend, Vadim - the leader of the rebels against Rurik Novgorod, dissatisfied with the autocracy of the newcomer and the actions of his relatives or homelands. Under the leadership of Vadim, an uprising broke out in defense of the lost liberty. Vadim was killed by Rurik along with many of his followers.
“Vadim” is the name of the unfinished novel by M. Yu. Lermontov, dedicated to the events of the Pugachev rebellion. Vadim is called the unfortunate hunchback, who gives the Pugachevites the family of the nobleman Palitsyn, for he killed him in his father's time. One problem: the sister, the last being in the world, who is dear to Vadim, loves Yuriy Palitsyn without memory and runs with him from his brother, who is overwhelmed with ghosts of revenge. "Vadim had an unhappy soul over which sometimes a single thought could acquire unlimited power.He should have been born omnipotent or not born at all, ”writes Lermontov about his hero. It’s a pity that the book is not finished! According to the direction of the plot, the brightness of the pictures, the expressiveness of the language and fiery feelings that permeate the novel, it could be equal to the greatest works of Russian literature.

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