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Val Kilmer is a famous Hollywood actor who has been active for over 20 years. He is recognized by the main role of Bruce Wayne ("Batman Forever"), which was released in 1995. Let's get to know the filmography Kilmer Val, career growth and personal life.

Professional photo of the actor

Who is it

Val Edward Kilmer was born in 1959 in Los Angeles, California. The actor made his debut in the spy parody film "Top Secret!" in 1984. After a series of successful motion pictures, such as "The Best Shooter" (1986), "Willow" (1988), Kilmer got a role in the biopic of Oliver Stone's The Doors. The actor played the rock icon of Jim Morrison in 1991. After the loud "Batman Forever" and a series of not memorable films, Kilmer made his debut again in the cartoon "Prince of Egypt" (1998), taking part in the dubbing.

"Batman forever" role

Early years

Val Kilmer was born in the family of the distributor of aerospace equipment and real estate developer.The boy began his acting career back in high school, along with his friend and colleague Kevin Spacey. Later, Kilmer studied at a Hollywood vocational school and the Juilliard School of Art in New York, where he would be the youngest student to be accepted to the faculty of dramatic acting.

Actor's skill and director

After performing on stage in New York, in 1984, Val Kilmer got his first bright role in the spy parody "Top Secret!". After the release of Oliver Stone’s film The Doors, others noticed the talent of the actor and subsequently began to invite him to dub many films, soundtracks and cartoon characters.

Kilmer, immediately after his successful debut, has played in two memorable films - "Tombstone: The Legend of the Wild West" (1993), "True Love" (1993). It was during this period that Val Kilmer earned a reputation as an industrious and hard-working actor. Thanks to perseverance and the desire to go out, the guy was able to face the director Joel Schumacher, under whose auspices the film "Batman Forever" was released, as well as the director Mákyl Uped in the crime detective "Thunder Heart".

In 1995, Kilmer refused to sign a contract to shoot the second part of "Batman" in the role of Bruce Wayne. However, after all ties with this film were broken, the actor began to appear in a new film adaptation together with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, which is called “Fight”. In 1996, the actor starred with Michael Douglas in "Ghost and Darkness".

Hard period

Val Kilmer (photo in his youth, you can see below) faced a difficult period, which fell in the years 1990-2004. Despite all the difficulties, the actor was able to play in equally successful films, such as "King Joe" (1999) and "At first glance" (1999). After listening to the loud voice of Kilmer appeared in the animated film "Prince of Egypt" (1998), where the actor dubbed Moses. And after a few years, the celebrity was again able to pull himself together, to get back in shape, to play in a heavy drama about a drug addict. "The Sea of ​​Solton" (2001) once again paved the way for Val Kilmer to Hollywood.

Young actor Kilmer

Not bad continuation

In 2004, the actor portrayed Philip II of Macedon in Alexandra, starring with Angelina Jolie and Colin Farrell, and later played an FBI agent Paul Prizvarr in the movie Déjà Vue (2006), starring Denzel Washington.

The films of Val Kilmer brought him fame - that's a fact.So, in 2008, the actor continued to win the hearts of moviegoers with his notable roles, starring in such tapes as McPherson's Case of Honor (2008), Fake Disguise (2009) and Mr. Nobody (2010). Later Val Kilmer (photo of the actor you find in this article) literally plunged into a movie with his head and began his directorial activities, which was reflected in the drama "Mark Twain and Mary Baker Eddy", in which the actor analyze the life and work of the legendary writer.


Personal life

Despite the fact that Kilmer tried hard to avoid unnecessary appearance, the media still secretly, but watched the life of the actor. For the entire period, Val had a relationship with Cher, Michelle Pfeiffer and Cindy Crawford.

However, Kilmer married actress Joanne Wally, whom he met on the set of Willow in 1988. The couple divorced in 1996, but their relationship is still linked by two children - Mercedes and Jack.


In January 2015, it was reported that Kilmer was hospitalized after an emergency throat operation. In April 2017, the actor confirmed long-time rumors that he is fighting throat cancer. At the end of the same year, Kilmer revealed more details to the media about how things have changed since the diagnosis of his disease. "I was too serious," said a Hollywood reporter."I was upset when I realized that I had missed a lot of interesting events, such as the Oscars and various confessions."

Interesting facts from the life of an actor

  • Kilmer's parents divorced in 1968, when the boy was 8 years old. In 1977, his younger brother Wesley drowned in a pool at the age of 15, and their father died in 1993.
  • Kilmer's grandfather was a gold miner in New Mexico, near the border with Arizona.
  • The actor has an unusual pedigree. His mother was of Swedish descent, and his father had English, Scottish, Irish, French and German roots.
  • Kilmer attended the Christian Science School in Los Angeles until the ninth grade.
  • The actor became the youngest when he was admitted to the Juilliard School. At that time he was only 17 years old, and that meant that only a truly talented person would be able to get into such an elite institution.
Val Kilmer with long hair
  • Warwick Davis - colleague of the actor in the film "Willow" (1988), in his sound commentary on the film said that Kilmer has a reputation as a difficult and hardworking person, but he is a very dedicated and optimistic actor with an excellent sense of humor. Interesting fact, but Warwick Davis and Val Kilmer met again on the same set, but in 2013, in which our hero plays a fictional version of himself, only as a grouch,arrogant and eccentric person.
  • Kilmer is still at odds with some popular Hollywood actors, such as Tom Sizemore.
  • You might be surprised, but Kilmer is a devout Christian. He is also an avid musician, releasing the disc in the fall of 2007, and donated the money earned to charity.
  • Many colleagues at the site noted that Kilmer always prepared for the roles carefully and scrupulously.
  • In 1997, the magazine "Empire" published a list of "Top 100 movie stars of all time." Val Kilmer ranked 62 in the list.
  • Many directors and actors said they don’t want to work with Kilmer because he is very meticulous when it comes to the shooting process.
  • Depicting rock singer Jim Morrison in the 1991 film The Doors, Kilmer actually sang a popular soundtrack on his own. To prepare for the role, he attended all the concerts and other events associated with this group. Critics greatly praised the actor for his realistic play and convincing singing, which strongly resembled Morrison.
Val Kilmer Photography

Summing up

Now you have become acquainted with the personal life, history and youth of the actor Val Kilmer.His films are really worth watching. All the roles played by this celebrity are filled with a love of art, a subtle sense of dramatic cinema, the ability to merge with your character.

Val Kilmer is an example of dedication and desire to realize your ideas. It is through his perseverance, scrupulousness, and meticulousness that the actor was able to succeed and stand out from the large crowd of equally talented young people. Now it remains only to watch his career, enjoy already existing films.

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