Valentina Sperantova: biography and personal life

Actress Valentina Sperantova almost never received the main roles in the movie. However, each of her heroine, albeit episodic, was unique. That is why Valentina Alexandrovna deservedly wore the title of "All-Union Grandmother." How was the fate of the actress behind the scenes?

Actress's parents

Valentina Alexandrovna Sperantova was born in an ordinary large family in the winter of 1904. The father of the Sperantov family worked as a secretary at the county Congress, and her mother was engaged in housekeeping and raised nine children.

valentine specranova

To feed such a large family was not an easy task, and after Alexander Sperantov died in 1914, all these concerns fell on the shoulders of the mother of the future actress. However, this heroic woman managed to create a surprisingly friendly atmosphere in the family and, despite the difficult years, the children grew up happy and kind.

Actress Sperantova Valentina: a biography of her early years

After the death of the father, all the worries about the younger brothers and sisters fell on Valya.In order to somehow entertain them, the girl organized home shows in the yard. She not only took part in these performances, but also designed the scenery herself (good, Valentina Speranttova had a talent for drawing), and also altered her old clothes to costumes for performances.

The talented girl also got to the adult stage very early. The fact is that in their hometown of Zaraisk there was a small amateur theater under the direction of the famous sculptor Anna Golubkina. Among the actresses who played there, was Valentina's aunt, through the maternal line.

One day, a child was needed for the performance, and a kind aunt invited a very young Valya. The girl coped well with the role and after that began to dream about the career of an actress.

Studying at the gymnasium and choosing a profession

When a little grown up, she got into the gymnasium of Valentina Sperantova. The children with whom she studied often walked with a lively girl about. Taking advantage of this power, the young Valechka organized her own drama club.

The high-school students participating in it put on their own the vaudeville "Dancing Cavalier", in which the girl got the most unattractive role - a decrepit old man.But Sperantova performed it so brilliantly that she was invited to play the role of Cinderella in the production of the Zarai Drama Theater.

After this outstanding event, it became clear that Valentina was written to become an actress.

Through thorns to the stage

When the girl was 14 years old, a Moscow artist arrived in Zaraysk. Seeing the game of young Vali, he offered her his help in finding employment in the capital and left his coordinates.

After graduation, I decided to take advantage of the offer of the capital guest Sperantov Valentine. The actress came to Moscow and came to the address given to her, but it turned out that her friend now cannot help her with anything.

The disappointed girl wanted to go home, but suddenly caught typhus and was forced to lie in a hospital in the capital for several months. During this time, she pondered on many things and firmly decided to abandon the career of an artist.

Having recovered, Sperantova submitted documents to the VHUTEMAS Art School and was successfully accepted for the first year. For almost 6 months she diligently mastered the basics of painting and graphics, but later realized that she could not do without theater. Therefore, the girl left the school and successfully passed her exams at the Young Masters drama school, on the basis of which GITIS later emerged.

After studying in this educational institution the prescribed number of years, in 1925, Valentina Sperantova successfully passed her final exams and started looking for a job.

Tiny, with the usual features of the face, the actress did not particularly stand out among others. Therefore, when she went to try to work at the First State Pedagogical Theater, her rivals only laughed at her, believing that the girl had no chance. However, when the play of the young actress was seen by the main director of the theater, Yuri Bondi, he realized that Sperantova Valentina was an actress of rare talent. Therefore, he not only instantly enlisted her in the troupe, but also entrusted many interesting roles.

"Eternal" boy

A lively young actress, due to her height and clear voice, perfectly suited the role of children. This was her role.

valentine sprante's personal life

At first, she only got minor heroes (Joe Garner in “Tom Sawyer” and Ninka Chromushka in “Kolka Stupin”). But soon enough, the unique ability of Sperantova to create incredibly realistic characters on the stage was appreciated by the audience and the main director of the theater. He dreamed of giving the actress the main role in the new production, but fate decreed otherwise, Yuri Bondi died suddenly, without having realized his plan.

Gregory Roshal, who replaced Bondi, treated the work of the theater in an excessively formal manner, therefore with her the artist practically did not receive new and interesting roles.

Fortunately for Sperantova, in 1928 Roshal left the post of chief director and the actress finally got the main role of the boy Egorka in the play “Black Yar”. Her game was fantastic and almost all of Moscow went to performances in which Valentina Sperantova shone. The most famous of them are “Bezhin Meadow” (Stepok), “Tom Kenti” (Tom) and “House No. 5” (Ganka).

One day the famous Irish playwright Bernard Shaw came to the play with Sperantova. He was so delighted with the actress's play that he did not immediately realize that he was not a boy, but a thirty-year-old woman. However, having learned about this, the great writer knelt before her and kissed her hand.

First marriage

While in the theater, actress Valentina Sperantova became a real prima, her personal life went derailed. A few years earlier, she married a simple working guy named Kolya Guselnikov.

sprante valentina actress family children

After some time, the young spouses had a daughter, Oksana, and it would seem, what more could you want.But family happiness was destroyed by the work of Guselnikov.

The fact is that he was a builder at DniproHES, and after the project was handed over, a young specialist was sent to Kazakhstan. Nikolay wanted to take his wife and daughter with him. But being at the peak of popularity, Valentina Sperantova did not want to leave Moscow. Her personal life has collapsed because of this decision. Since Guselnikov, having left for Karaganda, in retaliation, his wife found himself a new lover, and after a few years the spouses formalized a divorce.

Sperantova Valentina (actress): second family

However, fate turned out to be gracious to the actress, and in the late 30s she married again. This time, her chosen one was from a theatrical environment and understood his wife’s aspirations perfectly well. Mikhail Nikonov, who previously held the post of director of the Meyerhold Theater, became Sperantova’s new husband.

In the new marriage, Valentina Sperantova gave birth to baby Natasha. Nikonov selflessly cared about his own daughter and stepdaughter. Finally, the actress began to feel really happy, but suddenly the Great Patriotic War broke out.

actress valentina sprante's personal life

In these terrible years for the whole world, the artist left the children's theater and, together with her husband, settled in the front-line theater of the WTO. She sent her daughters to evacuation near Perm.

Toward the end of the war, in 1944, she quit her job at the front and settled in the Valentina Sperantova State Central Children's Theater.

The actress (family, children - everything had returned to normal by that time) had played children's roles for almost 11 years, despite the fact that she had already exceeded 40 years.

In the same years, the lucky family was lucky - they were given a luxurious three-room apartment with a separate exit, which was a real luxury. Sperantova and her husband organized receptions for friends and relatives there. The situation in the apartment was not rich, but incredibly comfortable, because the actress herself was engaged in the design, and her taste was excellent.

Failed Chipollino and a new role

No matter how young Valentina Alexandrovna was young, the years took their toll, and in 1955 in the play “The Adventures of Chipollino,” she failed miserably. No, she, as always, played her part perfectly, the young viewers liked her performance. But they noticed that they were facing an adult woman, and not a young rogue boy.

It was a real blow for Valentina Sperantova, and she began to think about leaving the profession, although she simply couldn’t imagine life without a favorite job.

Sperante Valentine Actress

But Maria Knebel came to the aid of a desperate woman, who helped her to grow up - to retrain for age roles.

At first, Sperantova thought it was boring, but gradually she became involved and learned, with her usual depth, to give each of her heroines a particular highlight. Now her characters are fervent old women and fabulous wizards. It seemed that the actress would never have to play children, but fate made a gift for her.

Sperantova - voice actress

Even the unforgettable Ilf and Petrov noted that the voice of a woman is the only thing that does not change in her over the years. It was this feature that helped Valentina Alexandrovna in 1947 to receive an invitation from Soyuzmultfilm to voice Ivan the Fool in the cartoon The Humpbacked Horse.

Sperante Valentine actress biography

This role was the beginning of Sperantova’s long career as a voice actress. Despite her rather old age, which does not allow children to play on stage, she voiced many beloved cartoon characters.

In her voice, both Malchish-Kibalchish, a kind boy from the Golden Antelope, and Nils from the Enchanted Boy, and a pioneer from Petit and Red Riding Hood, and many other heroes spoke.

The first movie roles

However, the work on “Soyuzmolzhnet” - it was not the last gift of the fate of Valentina Speranttova. On the eve of the 50th anniversary, an aging actress was invited to play in a movie.

The first picture of her participation is the comedy “Alyosha Ptitsyn develops character”, in which she played the main role - Sasha's grandmother Sima. Despite the fact that the film was rather mediocre, Sperantova got a great role and managed to attract the attention of many Soviet directors, the offers to act in film fell on her like from a horn of plenty. Now for the next 25 years, it has turned into the beloved cinema of the entire USSR.

"All-Union Grandmother"

Total starred in 25 films Valentina Sperantova. Her films (even if they were mediocre) were always different from others. Sometimes the audience came to the cinema just to watch Sperantova, who played in just one episode.

Despite the diversity, all the characters of the actress simply radiated warmth and kindness. From all over the country, letters were sent to Valentina Alexandrovna from young fans, who called her "All-Union Grandmother."And for the older generation, the actress has become a kind of standard to which one should strive.

sperantava valentina aleksandrovna

Among the most famous films with Sperantova's participation are “Fun magic” (Akulina Ivanovna), “Last month of autumn” (mother), “Lyubushka” (housekeeper), “Letter from youth” (blacksmith) and, of course, the inimitable “Big change , In which she played aunt Glasha.

The last years of the actress

The end of the 60s brought Valentina Sperantova Mountain to the family - her husband died, who for thirty years was her faithful companion in life.

In the profession of the actress, everything was fine. One by one, she was awarded the most honorary titles of the country. She became People's Artist of the RSFSR and the USSR, and was awarded the Krupskaya Prize, the Orders of the Red Banner of Labor and the Badge of Honor, and various medals.

valentine sperantov films

In both the cinema and the theater, she was incredibly sought-after, and also taught a little at the Schepkin Theater School.

However, by the middle of the 70s, Sperantova had heart problems. Despite the fact that she reduced her workload and was actively revitalized, her condition worsened. At the end of 1977, the actress went to the hospital, where, having met the New Year, she died on January 7.

Valentina Alexandrovna was buried next to her spouse - at the Novodevichy cemetery (the sixth section).

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