Vegetarian borsch: recipes with photos

Every year there are more and more adherents of not only healthy but also tolerant food in the world - vegetarians, vegans and raw foodists are no longer a wonder for anyone (as it was a hundred years ago). This article describes in detail the preparation of vegetarian borscht according to the recipe with a photo, while explaining some interesting nuances associated with this dish.

A few words about the dish

Borsch is a traditional Ukrainian vegetable soup, which is prepared on the basis of beets. The recipe for vegetarian borscht with beets practically does not differ from the classical one, except for the fact that instead of meat broth, plain water and vegetable oil are used for cooking vegetables.

classic borscht

It is important to know that beetroot is used in borscht exactly of the red, lettuce varieties, and not pink, as it is sometimes done by unknowing people. It is the bright color of this healthy root gives a rich tint to borscht, which many foreigners call “Ukrainian red soup”.

How to cook in the south of Ukraine?

The vegetarian borscht recipe includes standard ingredients:

  • three liters of water;
  • three potatoes;
  • one by one: onion, carrot and beet;
  • 1/2 pcs Bulgarian pepper;
  • 1/4 fork white cabbage;
  • four ripe tomatoes or 1 tbsp. l tomato paste;
  • two cloves of garlic;
  • four art. l vegetable oil;
  • spices to your taste, fresh greens.

How to cook?

Cooking a classic vegetarian borscht according to the recipe (with photos) will not take long, because vegetables do not need long-term heat treatment, unlike meat. To begin with, all vegetables (except potatoes) should be peeled and cut into thin strips. Potatoes are cut into cubes or cubes of medium size.

A recipe for a delicious vegetarian borscht

Then, in the boiling water, lay beets and potatoes at the same time, and when boiled, make the fire less. In a pan in the oil, fry the onion until blush, add the carrots and pepper. Simmer for three minutes, stirring. When the vegetables are soft, add chopped tomatoes or tomato paste, mix well and add spices. It can be a pinch of oregano, black pepper or coriander. Each housewife has her favorite set of spices for vegetables, which she adds to the dish during cooking. Let gas station a few minutes, turn off the heat under the pan.

When the potatoes are almost ready, pour the borscht dressing into the contents of the pan, add crushed garlic and let the soup boil over low heat for ten minutes. Greens (parsley and dill) are laid three minutes before the end of cooking.

How to cook soup in Western Ukraine?

Cooking vegetarian borscht according to the classic recipe of residents of Lviv, Ternopil and nearby regions of the Ukrainian Republic differs slightly from the southerners' variant: beets are laid not first, but at the end, along with tomato dressing, and cabbage is also much less often used. Based on the number of ingredients from the previous recipe, fry the onion in butter until golden brown, add carrots and sweet peppers, stew to softness and add beets, cut into thin strips. After another three to five minutes of roasting, add the diced tomatoes (or tomato), salt, and tsp. To the vegetables. sugar, some add one article. l vinegar to give a light acidity dish.

vegetarian borsch with photo

In a saucepan, boil water with a small parsley root, chopped into small strips, lay the diced potatoes and boil for twenty minutes over medium heat, then add the dressing of vegetables, crushed garlic and salt to taste.Let the soup boil for ten minutes, cover the finely chopped dill and turn off the stove. Let the soup stand for 10-20 minutes and then serve.

With beans

To make the dish more nourishing, you can cook a vegetarian borsch with beans according to the recipe step by step below:

  • Soak a glass of beans for the night. At the beginning of cooking, pour four liters of water and boil the beans until cooked.
  • Send peeled and chopped potatoes to the beans, and after ten minutes of boiling - beets into strips.
  • After another ten minutes, lay the shredded cabbage, and after eight minutes of cooking add vegetable dressing for borscht.
  • Fry the onion and carrots to a blush in the pan in oil, add the Bulgarian pepper, spices and tomato. Promet a few minutes and pour to the already prepared beans.
vegetarian beetroot soup

If you use the recipe for vegetarian borscht without cabbage, then just skip this step and after the beets are ready, lay the tomato dressing. You should also add chopped garlic - this is a constant companion of Ukrainian borscht, along with pampushkas or crackers of dark bread.

With mushrooms

Another recipe for a delicious vegetarian borscht, which uses mushrooms or any other mushrooms as a protein supplement.To make a soup of four liters of water you will need:

  • three potatoes;
  • three hundred grams of cabbage and fresh mushrooms;
  • one onion and carrot;
  • one small beet red varieties;
  • 1 tbsp. l tomato paste;
  • 1/3 tsp coriander and the same black pepper;
  • four spoons of vegetable oil;
  • small pinch of nutmeg.
soup with mushrooms

Also, you will need fresh dill, parsley or cilantro, as well as a few tablespoons of sour cream. It is worth noting that vegetarians eat dairy products, which vegans do not. This is one of the differences between these two essentially close movements.

Cooking recipe

Vegetarian borsch with mushrooms is prepared according to the basic principle: first the onion is sauteed in two spoons of butter, then the carrots are sent to it. Vegetables are stewed until the carrots give their color to the butter, and then beetroot is added to them, cut into neat straws, and after five to eight minutes, tomato paste and a teaspoon of sugar. Refill with 0.5 cups of hot water and simmer for four minutes until the vegetables are ready. In the other pan, heat the remaining oil, pour spices into it, and after ten seconds, lay the mushrooms cut in small slices.Fry the mushrooms, stirring occasionally, until the color changes slightly and the characteristic mushroom flavor appears.

borscht vegetarian recipe with photos

In parallel with this process, lay sliced ​​potatoes in a pot of boiling water, boil until half cooked and add shredded cabbage. Optionally, you can add parsley root or a little celery for the flavor of the broth, but without them the soup will be very fragrant thanks to fried mushrooms, mixed with spices. Five minutes after the cabbage boils, reduce the fire, and add the vegetable dressing to the pan, and after three minutes - the mushroom. Give the borscht to boil well for five minutes and then turn off the heat. Serve better in twenty minutes: the soup will be infused, imbued with the aroma of mushrooms and will become even more tasty.

Some useful tips

Given that the recipe for vegetarian borscht does not contain meat, fish and even butter, for many housewives the question of how to make the dish more rich and thick arises. To do this, experienced chefs recommend increasing the percentage of potatoes in a dish by a third, and when cooked, mash it with a spoon and mash it during cooking.This trick has long been used by people who do not consume meat broths.

The amount of liquid in the borscht can be dosed, because some like thicker first courses, while others prefer to enjoy the broth, even if it is vegetable.

Despite the fact that classic borscht incorporates beetroot as its main vegetable, some culinary experimenters began to add green peas, eggplant pieces and even Adygei cheese to the dish. Of course, this violates the tradition of genuine Ukrainian borscht, but for some it may be a significant addition to the dish without meat.

tasty borscht recipe

If this is the case, and red beet varieties are not at hand, you can use pink varieties, but at the same time, increase the dosage of tomato paste by a third, so that the borscht does not lose color and remains bright red. The main thing is not to confuse the pink variety of beets with fodder, which goes to feed animals and has almost white color.

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