Victor Kaplouhy

Thanks to my many-sided hobbies, I write on various topics, but my favorite are equipment, technology and construction. Perhaps because I know a lot of nuances in these areas not only theoretically, as a result of studying at a technical university and graduate school, but also from the practical side, as I try to do everything with my own hands.

From early childhood, my passion - reading books and hobbies technology. The latter often ended in complete disrepair of various mechanics, including cameras and paternal clocks. Perhaps that’s why now one has to atone for one’s own guilt in front of the mechanisms, reviving and resuscitating the sickest specimens. And the love of reading resulted in copywriting.

I treat a lot of things in my life with a fair amount of irony, but I am not a frank cynic. I believe that the main thing in life is family and home. Perhaps that is why I never tried to make a career, and I never tried to be an official in officials. In a word, "God forbid not to plunge into power." In people I respect, above all, honesty, reliability and a sense of humor, believing that all other qualities come from these three.

For the last two decades I have been a private entrepreneur, which allows me to manage my time and freedom, which I value most of all.

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