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Does your baby grow up every day and require more and more milk?

You begin to worry about whether you have enough milk, every now and then you feel that the breast is not filling up enough, and the baby remains hungry.

We hurry to calm you down! If your baby gains at least 500 grams a month, if he asks to eat no more than every 1-3, if he has a normal stool and regular urination, then you are fine with the amount of milk, your baby is full. And all the fears are just the fruit of your maternal "experiencing" imagination.

But if the child is restless, constantly “hangs” on the chest, does not gain weight, and also if his diaper stays dry for a long time and the baby’s stool is irregular, then this is a cause for concern and a visit to the pediatrician. And for you - this is an important reason to learn about how to increase lactation and continue successful breastfeeding.

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Why is there not enough milk?

According to statistics, only 5% of women suffer from lactation disorders caused by hormonal failures. Such violations are quite difficult to eliminate and establish the normal production of milk. All other women often face lactation problems because breastfeeding is improperly organized.

According to statistics, only 5% of women suffer from lactation disorders caused by hormonal failures. The rest is fixable!

Experts name such main reasons thatprevent mothers from breastfeedingbaby:

  • if the mother does not want to feed the child;
  • the woman is poorly nourished;
  • mother pursue stress;
  • a woman seldom puts a child to her breast, feeds not on demand, but on schedule;
  • mother introduces complementary foods before 6 months;
  • mother has a lactation crisis - a condition in which a normally lactating woman suddenly decreases the amount of milk; usually such crises occur at 3-6 weeks of feeding, as well as at 3,4,7 and 8 months of breastfeeding, during such crises it is recommended to put the baby to the breast as often as possible in order to adjust milk production.

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What to do to stimulate lactation?

If you do not have enough milk, remember the main recommendations for the organization of successful breastfeeding, based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization, which were given to you in the maternity hospital and try to follow them:

  • frequent attachment of the child;
  • feeding on demand;
  • night feedings;
  • the duration of feeding is regulated by the child;
  • avoiding the use of bottles and pacifiers;
  • do not feed the child and do not feed him up to 6 months;
  • make skin-to-skin contact between mother and child as often as possible;
  • Healthy food;
  • observe sleep and rest.

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How else can lactation be increased: alternative methods

In addition to observing the recommendations on the organization of breastfeeding, a special massage and a special diet and diet for mothers are also considered effective methods for increasing lactation.

Breast massage

According to experts, to increase the level of lactation, you can use the correct massage, as it stimulates blood circulation in the chest.

Method number 1

Massaging breast for 3-4 minutes after each feeding.Lubricate your hands with castor oil and in a clockwise direction lightly massage one and then the second breast. Only palms are involved in the massage, one palm should be on top of the chest, the other - on the bottom.

Method number 2

Massaging the nipple. This type of massage is relevant only for those mothers who have no problems with nipples (cracks, pain). The nipple should be slightly clamped between two fingers, move it in a circle, press it, pull, move in different directions. All movements must be done gently and gently.

Method number 3

Massage shower. This procedure is recommended to be carried out after feeding, decanting the remaining milk (by the way, pumping after each feeding also helps to increase the amount of milk). It is necessary to stand under the shower, direct the shower to the chest and massaging each breast for 5-7 minutes with circular movements of warm water. After that, you need to dry yourself and put on warm clothes to not catch cold, your child needs a healthy mother!

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How to increase lactation: massage and proper nutrition of the mother - image №2

Diet and drink

What is?

Breastfeeding specialists and pediatricians are confident that there are no products that would definitely increase lactation. But in the matter of nutrition for a nursing mother, the correct regime and variety of food are important.

Moms recommend eatingoften, but in small portionsso that the body does not feel hunger. Going hungry during breastfeeding is not recommended, it is harmful for mom and baby.

The diet of nursing should be balanced, because the body needs to get all the necessary vitamins to produce enough milk. It is advisable for mom to eat 200 grams of meat (fish), 200 grams of cottage cheese and dairy products, as well as various cereals in alternation every day.

It is better for mother to choose halva, marshmallow, marshmallow, marmalade, that is, what benefits and does not give empty calories. But these sweet joys, too, should not get carried away.

It is also important that mother eat enough fruits and vegetables, of course, excluding allergenic foods: citrus fruits, red fruits and vegetables.

Ksenia Solovey, breastfeeding consultant, certified specialist of the Training and Methodological Center for Supporting Breast Feeding of KMAPO named after P. Shupika, perinatal psychologist, organizer and director of the Center for Milk Rivers:“Mom should eat what she likes to eat, pay attention to the fact that the products are of high quality, diverse, so that there are enough vitamins for her.It is advisable to eat those products that grow with us, that is, local. "

What and how to drink?

The question of whether lactation stimulates abundant drinking during HB is controversial enough. Most doctors and breastfeeding consultants claim that they do not need to drink much, this will not help to strengthen lactation, but can only harm the kidneys and the hormonal level in a woman’s body.

Ksenia Solovey, breastfeeding consultant, certified specialist of the Training and Methodological Center for Supporting Breast Feeding of KMAPO named after P. Shupika, perinatal psychologist, organizer and director of the Center for Milk Rivers:“There is such a myth that a nursing mother should drink a lot, someone says 3 liters per day, someone says after each feeding or before each glass. This is not entirely true, it is very important for a nursing woman to simply not be thirsty, as she nevertheless gives off fluid. But if she drinks too much when she does not want to drink already, hormonal changes occur. The hormone oxytocin, which pushes the milk out of the breast, with excessive drinking reduces production. If we have a little oxytocin, then we simply can not give milk to the baby, even if we have enough of it in the breast. Therefore, the golden rule of a nursing mother - I drink at will. ”

But some mothers notice that after another cup of tea, the milk comes from them, despite the assertions of physicians. Therefore, they diligently drink theoretically useful (as it has not been scientifically proven) green tea with milk, tea with condensed milk, dried fruit compote, and special herbal teas to increase lactation (tea with chamomile, fennel and other herbs ).

Some mothers recommend drinking 2 liters of liquid per day, others say that the total volume is not important, the main thing is to drink a glass 30 minutes before feeding, and also 30 minutes after.

Mum-forumchankaAnitaSidorova shared her story about breastfeeding:“I have heard many times from doctors and consultants for GV that there is no such food and drinks that would help increase lactation, that it does not matter how much you drink and that, and tea with condensed milk, which was given to mummies in maternity hospitals in Soviet times, - this is complete nonsense, it's all about hormones. Well, at least kill me, tea with condensed milk in large quantities personally stimulates lactation. As soon as I drink, I immediately feel that more milk is coming. I very much believe that there is no scientific confirmation of the usefulness of such tea for lactation. But it works! Why? I do not know...Maybe because I just love sweets, maybe because I believe in the favor of tea with condensed milk, or maybe there really is something in this tea ... "

To really effectively stimulate lactation, of course, you need to try all existing methods to improve it to understand what is right for you. After all, all women are very different, one to increase the amount of milk will be enough to put the baby on the chest every hour for 3-4 days, and the other will need to apply, and massage to do, and drink tea, and decant, and sleep more, and more there is.

If you have problems with lactation, do not despair, remember, most often, this can be quickly corrected.

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