"Sight minus 1" - what does it mean, can it be cured? Myopia - is it a minus or a plus?

With the help of the eyes, a person receives most of the environmental information. Having heard the diagnosis of "sight minus 1", which means myopia or myopia of a weak degree, a person, as a rule, falls into a panic. It can be said as a reassurance that this is neither good nor bad. In terms of treatment, the doctors were divided into two camps. Some argue that such a weak vision loss does not require treatment, others argue that this may be an indication that in the future vision will only deteriorate, that is, the disease will progress.

do you need glasses for vision minus 1

Diagnostic measures

If you start having problems with your eyes, your eyesight is minus 1, which means beginning myopia, you should contact a medical institution and undergo a full examination.

An experienced doctor can establish a presumptive diagnosis for a variety of indirect signs. It is important how the patient holds his head, what is the direction of gaze.Naturally, by indirect indications, an exact diagnosis is not established, but a number of studies are being conducted:

  • instrumental way, in the dark and with full lighting;
  • computer corneal tomograph, V-scan, other equipment.

Modern devices will reveal even the smallest deviation from the norm.

Verification of visual acuity is carried out using subjective methods, that is, tables are used on which signs of different sizes are applied.

In the ideal case, the diagnosis should be carried out by all known methods: from determining visual acuity to measuring intraocular pressure.

vision minus 1 which means

Symptoms of the disease

The main confirmation of the presence of pathology - a person sees distant objects blurred. For example, if the vision is minus 1, what does it mean? Should deal with such a problem. Confirmation of the diagnosis may be the fact that the patient still sees perfectly close.

Outwardly, it is also possible to determine a myopic person, usually in such people the eyeball is greatly increased.

The patient may have problems with the translation of the gaze from distant to near objects, or vice versa. It may seem that before the eyes of the "fly", periodically split objects. Some people have a wrong perception of colors.And in other patients, the photosensitivity of the eye increases. Such symptoms may already indicate that the pathology is neglected, and if the drop in vision occurs at a level of 1 dioptre per year, this is evidence that the eye tissues are rapidly degrading, and a complete loss of vision may soon occur.

Surely no one has the question of whether myopia is a minus or a plus. Naturally, a minus, since this is just the initial stage of the disease, which can lead to dismal consequences.

myopia is minus or plus

If the vision is minus 1 (which means myopia at an early stage), it is necessary to train the visual muscles so that the condition does not worsen.

Causes of pathology

The causes of myopia may be two:

  • Anatomical. The eye grows in the anteroposterior region, reducing the ability of the normal focusing of the resulting image on the retina. The accommodating muscles have no pathologies and work normally. It is worth worrying if the vision continues to deteriorate, you may have to resort to scleroplasty.
  • Accommodative. The disease can occur against the background of the weakness of this muscle.As therapeutic measures to prevent further loss of vision, special accommodative muscle training is recommended.

Other factors affecting visual impairment

  • Unsatisfactory conditions of visual work, too low or too bright lighting.
  • Professional activities related to the consideration of small items. For example, beadwork, endless work at the computer.
  • Violation of metabolic processes in the body.
  • Genetic predisposition to the development of myopia.

minus vision as a person sees

What if the vision is minus 1?

Despite the long debate of the medical profession, the treatment that is carried out at an early stage of the disease is much more effective than the treatment of a protracted illness.

To date, there are several techniques to cope with myopia:

- optical;

- therapeutic;

- hardware stimulation.

Optical correction is performed using eye lenses or glasses with a scattering effect. Glasses minus 1, like lenses, do not need to be worn every day. Although the technique is not considered therapeutic, but only a corrective means.

is it possible to cure sight minus 1

At the same time, the question of whether glasses are needed for vision minus 1 is still open.Many doctors say that with time their eyes will get used to a more comfortable position and will stop fighting the disease, even if they carry out conservative treatment.

Therapeutic interventions are a method of conservative medicine. The patient is prescribed fortifying drugs, vitamins, luteal complexes. Drops may be prescribed for eye instillation. There is another option for surgical intervention, but with minus 1, such methods do not apply.

Proved high efficiency of treatment by the method of hardware vision recovery, especially with weak myopia. The treatment is absolutely safe and is used even in childhood. Some devices are suitable for home use, if there is myopia. This is a minus or a plus for life, you decide, but, for example, not everyone can constantly visit the physiotherapy room, it is easier for him to do the treatment at home. Good reviews about the device "Vizulon." The basis for the development of the apparatus is the method of color-impulse therapy, that is, the effect of light pulses on the optic nerve. "Vizulon" allows you to train the muscles of the eyes, to give a load on them, or, conversely, to relax.There are many other devices on the market of medical devices, for example, Ambliokor, for which the method of video-computer auto-training has been developed.

Do not lose sight of the special exercises for the eyes, which allow you to relieve excess stress. Exercises are effective in treating myopia in the early stages of the disease.

To improve vision, a vacuum massage can be used, which helps improve the hydrodynamics of the eye muscles. Infrared laser therapy can be used.

what to do if the vision is minus 1

Is it possible to cure sight minus 1?

In the fight against any ailment, the attitude of the person to the problem is very important: whether he wants to undergo a full examination and start treatment in order to avoid deterioration of the pathology.

Depending on when the vision is minus, as the person sees, the method of choosing the method of treatment also depends. The first stage of the disease allows you to improve your vision even with the help of simple gymnastic exercises for the eyes. The patient is recommended to pay great attention to preventive measures.


Eye hygiene

At first glance it may seem: what kind of eye hygiene can we talk about! Nevertheless, adherence to simple rules will prevent the progression of pathology.You just need to follow the rules when reading books and working at a computer, that is, do not reduce the recommended distance to the monitor and the book. The lighting should be at an acceptable level, that is, not too muffled and not too bright, you should not work at the computer or use the phone in the dark.

points minus 1

Eye care and nutrition

As an eye care, you must use moisturizers, especially for people who work constantly behind a computer monitor. Human nutrition should be as balanced as possible, vitamins A, D and C, which are found in many products of plant and animal origin, are useful for vision.

Do not forget that physical activity is the basis of health, including the eyes. This fact has long been proven by scientists. Go in for swimming, yoga, badminton, any kind of sport that you like. Do not refuse medical massage, especially on the neck area. Smoking and drinking alcohol, lack of sleep and direct sunlight are not the best effects on vision.

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