Vitamins for vision: what is good for eye health

vitamins for visionIn the current rhythm of life, when a huge number of people work with computers and papers all day long, it is difficult to keep their eyesight sharp until old age. And yet there are ways to take care of your eyes. First of all, it is necessary that the content of beneficial elements in food is sufficient. What vitamins for sight are necessary for us?

Vitamin A

First of all, the body should receive a sufficient amount of retinol (vitamin A). Lack of it leads to a decrease in visual acuity at night, to the risk of eye infections. If the body receives too little retinol, the eyes are not sufficiently hydrated. Microbes and pollution, which previously washed away with tears, partially remain. The cornea gradually dies off, and over time, the person completely ceases to see. Such vitamins for vision (retinol and provitamin A) are found in carrots, pumpkin, sea buckthorn, parsley and lettuce, apricots, cream, fish oil and sour cream. All these products must be consumed for eye health.

vitamins to improve visionVitamin B2

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin), which can manifest itself in the form of increased tearing, feeling of sand in the eyes, night blindness, has a bad effect on eyesight. Eyes get tired too quickly, it becomes difficult to focus the eyesight, the outlines of objects appear blurry. If the situation is not dealt with, a person may confuse colors, see all objects not very clearly, and a rainbow halo will appear around the world. Inevitable inflammation and clouding of the cornea. Do you want the body to get enough vitamins for vision? Then you need to eat whole grain bread, almonds, cheese and kefir.

Vitamin C

No less important than other vitamins for improving vision, ascorbic acid. It protects the blood vessels, improves blood supply to the eyes and prevents hemorrhage on the retina. Vitamin C can fight even cataracts. A sufficient amount of it falls on a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Do not overdo it. Excess ascorbic acid will lead to poorly absorbed vitamins for the eyesight of group B.

Vitamin D

vitamins for vision reviewsVitamin D deficiency contributes to the development of myopia, because calcium is poorly absorbed, which is necessary to regulate the contractions of the muscles of the eye.You can compensate for its deficiency by sunbathing and eating fried champignons and porcini mushrooms. Especially useful are fortified milk, yogurt and kefir, which also contain calcium.

Vitamin E

Another element necessary for vision is vitamin E, which successfully fights retinal detachment. In large quantities it is found in vegetable oil, nuts, sunflower seeds and cereals. Toddlers get their norm of vitamin with breast milk.

Adjust the power

The main concern for eye health is vitamins for vision. Reviews of scientists and doctors unequivocally make it clear that their use can significantly improve visual acuity and serve as prevention and medication for many diseases. It is not necessary to spend money on vitamin complexes, it is enough just to adjust the diet so that the food contains the daily rate of their consumption.

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Vitamins for vision: what is good for eye health 83

Vitamins for vision: what is good for eye health 92

Vitamins for vision: what is good for eye health 39

Vitamins for vision: what is good for eye health 64

Vitamins for vision: what is good for eye health 81