The drug "Visin" (eye drops): recommendations for use

The drug "Visin" (eye drops) - a fairly common tool in ophthalmology. The drug belongs to sympathomimetics, has a vasoconstrictor and local anti-edema effect.

The composition and properties of the drug

The main active ingredient is tetrizolin. Vizin drops also contain excipients: water, sodium borate, boric acid, sodium chloride, 17% solution of benzalkonium chloride. The action of the drug is aimed at relieving eye fatigue, which often occurs as a result of prolonged stress on the organs of vision (for example, when working at a computer). The use of drops allows you to eliminate the resulting dryness and prevent the destruction of the mucous membrane of the eye.vizin eye drops

Indications for use

The drug "Visin" for the eyes is used for:

  • allergic reactions of the organs of vision, caused by the intolerance of pollen, or developing on the background of hay fever;

  • eye damage due to chemical and mechanical substances (cosmetics, water with chlorine, sand, dust);

  • congestion and swelling of the eyes, which are the result of wearing contact lenses and prolonged work at the computer.

Instructions for use

Apply the drug three times a day, bury the drug in 3-4 drops. In order for the composition to be distributed evenly, it is necessary to blink several times. The use of Vizin (eye drops) is discontinued immediately after the symptoms disappear.eye visin

Important information

The course of treatment with this medication should last no more than 4 days. With longer use of medication, treatment will be ineffective, and the risk of side effects will increase. When using Vizin drops, it is not recommended to wear lenses, as this may change their structure and impair transparency. You can not touch the tip of the bottle, you need to try to prevent it from contact with the surface of the eye. Do not use detergents to wash it. If the packaging is damaged and after the expiration date, the medicine cannot be used.When treating the drug should be careful to people whose activities require increased concentration and concentration.


Means "Visin" (eye drops) is not recommended for children under 2 years old, as well as for:

  • angle-closure glaucoma;

  • corneal dystrophy;

  • intolerance to the components of the drug.Vizin drops

Side effects of the drug and overdose

After using the drug may develop such unpleasant phenomena as:

  • itching;

  • tears;

  • burning;

  • blurred vision;

  • allergic reactions.

Exceeding the recommended doses can cause nausea, heart failure, pulmonary edema, nervous system stimulation, pupil dilation (which can be observed for a long time), confusion. With the development of such phenomena should wash the stomach and take drugs-sorbents (activated carbon). When deterioration can be prescribed anticonvulsant drugs.


The eyes are the most important and most vulnerable organ of a person. Discomfort can be triggered by allergic reactions, mechanical damage and so on.In this case, it is very important to choose an effective medicine, which in a short time will help eliminate discomfort and prevent the development of more serious problems. One of these remedies is the drug Vizin (eye drops). The drug can eliminate many eye problems, but it is still recommended to use it after consulting with a specialist.

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