Vladimir Ilyin: filmography and biography of the actor

Vladimir Ilyin is a talented actor who, by the age of 70, managed to play in more than 120 films and TV shows. “Russian Riot”, “I want to go to jail”, “Sagittarius restless”, “Crash is the daughter of ment”, “My favorite clown”, “Idiot”, “Turkish gambit”, “Doctor Zhivago”, “Diamond hunters” List all known film and television projects with his participation. What can you tell about this man?

Vladimir Ilyin: family, childhood

The hero of our story was born in Sverdlovsk, it happened in November 1947. Vladimir Ilyin was born in a creative family. His father was one of the famous actors in Sverdlovsk. Mother worked in the field of medicine, but also loved the theater. Childhood Volodya and his brother Sasha passed behind the scenes.

Vladimir Adolfovich Ilyin

In school, Ilyin had a lot of hobbies. He was seriously involved in sports, or rather, figure skating. Also the boy tried his hand at ballet. However, as a child he firmly decided that he would follow in his father's footsteps and become a famous actor.Vladimir Alexander's brother was also going to connect his fate with the world of dramatic art.

Education, theater

After graduation, Vladimir Ilyin continued his education at the local drama school. Classes took most of the time, so the years of study passed quickly. The diploma was awarded to Ilyin in 1969.

The Skomorokh Theater, headed by Gennady Yudenich, opened its doors before the graduate of the drama school. With the troupe of this theater, the aspiring actor has traveled half the country. Some time later, Vladimir realized that life in the provinces had ceased to arrange him. The young man decided to move to the capital.

In 1974, Vladimir Ilyin joined the creative team of the Vladimir Mayakovsky Theater. A little later, the father and younger brother of the actor began to cooperate with the same theater. Over the years, he took part in many high-profile productions, for example, “Bankrupt, or His People - We Are Found”, “Magic Dream”, “Agent 00”, “Outbuilding”, “Zakat”, “Music Lessons”, “Thunderstorm” . In 1989, Vladimir left the theater. Warm memories of working with him have been preserved by many colleagues who speak of Ilyin as an extremely sensitive and kind person, possessing a wonderful sense of humor.It is known that the decision to leave the theater, the actor made in connection with the employment on the set.

First roles

In 1967, Vladimir Ilyin first appeared on the set. His filmography acquired the painting "Zhenya, Zhenya and Katyusha". In this tape, the actor played a small role of a soldier.

Then Vladimir played a partisan in the film “Sons go into battle”, embodied the image of a miner in the drama “The Time of Her Sons”. The role of Pyotr Kachkin went to Ilyin in the comedy “Merry Kaleidoscope”. In the television movie "Interview in Buenos Aires," he played Pedro. Also, the actor appeared in the film "Return Price".

From obscurity to glory

From the biography of Vladimir Ilyin, it follows that for the first time he managed to attract the attention of viewers at a mature age. The first major achievement of the actor was the role of Roman Samonovsky in the melodrama "My favorite clown." The picture tells the story of a young circus performer who, by the will of fate, is forced to replace his father with a six-year-old orphanage.

Vladimir Ilyin in the "Chamber number 6"

“Time to Fly,” “Black Corridor,” “Guessing on the Lamb Shoulder,” the actor continued to act in films. His next major achievement was the key role in the drama "Defender of Sedov."Events paintings unfold in 1937. A Moscow lawyer is sent to the province in order to try to prevent lawlessness. Then the piercing drama “Accident - the daughter of the cop” was presented to the audience court. Vladimir brilliantly coped with the role of awkward and gruff, but loving father, a simple man of few words.

Bright roles

Thanks to the first roles, Vladimir Ilyin managed to attract the interest of directors. Films and series with his participation began to go out one by one. The actor tried to prevent the images he creates on the screen from repeating. In the film “Cap” he convincingly played the unfortunate writer Rakhlin. In the drama "Roy" Vladimir brilliantly depicted Artyusha fool. It is impossible not to note the image of the stern KGB officer Malakhov, whose image Ilyin embodied in “Lost in Siberia”.

Vladimir Ilyin on the set of the film "Kalachi"

The directors did not see Vladimir in the roles of romantic heroes, which suited him completely. Ilyin brilliantly coped with the images of people from the people. His type is a man from a neighboring apartment, an average person. These are the roles that gave the star the love of the audience. Such is Herman, whom the actor played in the melodrama “Sagittarius the Restless”, Semyon Lyamkin from the comedy “I want to go to prison”.

Cooperation with Mikhalkov

The talented actor had a chance to take part in two projects by director Nikita Mikhalkov. In 1994, the war drama "Burnt by the Sun" was presented to the audience court. Vladimir Ilyin in this cult film, still popular with the audience, played a vivid role. The actor brilliantly embodied the image of a joker and the survivors of Kirik. Perhaps this is one of his most memorable roles.

Vladimir Ilyin

Four years later, after finishing work on the movie “Burnt by the Sun”, Vladimir Ilyin met again on the set with Nikita Mikhalkov.

New Age

In the new century, the actor continued to actively act in films and TV shows. Filmography of Vladimir Ilyin is constantly updated. The star can be seen in the following film and television projects.

  • "The perfect couple."
  • "Heiress".
  • "Idiot".
  • "There is only one life".
  • "Remote access".
  • "The rider named death."
  • "Turkish gambit".
  • "Doctor Zhivago".
  • "Gorynych and Victoria."
  • "Heavenly life."
  • "Hare over the abyss."
  • "War and Peace".
  • "Leningrad".
  • "The Vanished Empire".
  • "Detective Putilin".
  • "Wedding. A business. Death".
  • "Taras Bulba".
  • "Ward №6".
  • "Isaev."
  • "Black Ram".
  • "Colorful Twilight".
  • "Do not be sad".
  • "Cool men."
  • "Burnt by the Sun 2: The Citadel."
  • “Vysotsky. Thank you for being alive".
  • "Cucumber love."
  • "Diamond Hunters".
  • "Holiday locked up."
  • "The smell of heather."
  • "Wolf Sun".
  • "Three Comrades."
  • "We lived-were."
  • "Makarov".
  • "Time of the first."
  • "Burn it!"
  • "Anna Karenina".
  • "My best friend".
in the film Poddubny

Life offscreen

Of course, fans are not only interested in the role of Vladimir Ilyin. How did the personal life of a talented actor? For more than thirty years, the actor has lived with the same woman. Zoya Pylnova, the wife of Vladimir, once performed on the stage of the Moscow Taganka Theater. Now she no longer takes part in the performances, is the regent of the church choir.

Vladimir Ilyin and his wife

Children Vladimir Adolfovich and Zoya Vladimirovna no. Several times they tried to have a baby, but they did not succeed. The spouses are saddened by the fact that they have not managed to become parents, but they find solace in each other. Their warm and tender relationship causes admiration and good envy of colleagues.

Vladimir failed to become a father, but his younger brother Alexander had three sons. Alexander Alexandrovich Ilyin, one of the nephews of the famous actor, was recognized and loved by the audience thanks to the comedy series "Interns".In this TV show, he brilliantly played the novice doctor Lobanov.

Interesting Facts

Vladimir Adolfovich - a very pious man. He and his spouse live very modestly, since most of the money earned is donated to charity. It is known that the actor on an ongoing basis supports several organizations that help the sick and poor people. Once in winter, Ilyin even gave up a warm jacket to a beggar near the station, returned home in a jacket. Such an act is not for him something supernatural.

Vladimir Ilyin on the set of the movie "Burn!"

A scar on the head of a star appeared during his stay on tour in Dnepropetrovsk. The actor bathed in the Dnieper and dived in the wrong place. Ilyin broke his head, the doctors were forced to undergo an operation.

What else to see

Vladimir Adolfovich continues to act in films and TV shows. In 2018, expected two new paintings with the star - "Coach" and "Pilgrim." In both tapes, the actor has central roles. Also in 2019, the comedy “Seven Dinners” will be presented to the audience court, in which Ilyin will embody the image of an annoying neighbor. Further creative plans of the talented actor are kept secret.

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