Biography of Vladimir Kolokoltsev

Vladimir Aleksandrovich Kolokoltsev - Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, permanent member of the Presidential Council for Combating Corruption. At the end of 2015, he was awarded the highest rank in the centralized system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - Police General.
Kolokoltsev Vladimir AleksandrovichKolokoltsev Vladimir Aleksandrovich
Previously, he held a number of responsible leadership positions in the police structures - the head of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate in the Oryol region, the same position, but in Moscow, the first deputy head of the Department of Criminal Investigation in the central office of the ministry.
The head of the department is an honored worker of the internal affairs bodies, a doctor of science, awarded with many awards.

Childhood and the family of Vladimir Kolokoltsev

A future member of the government was born on May 11, 1961 in the city of Nizhny Lomov, a hundred kilometers from Penza, into an ordinary working-class family. Like most boys, he was fond of sports - Sambo wrestling, hockey, volleyball.
Moreover, since childhood he dreamed of becoming an officer - either a pilot or an investigator.The choice of his profession was influenced by his father, a former border guard, and the son of his godfather, who worked in the police and supplied Volodya with specialized magazines with interesting articles about the work of the officers. He was also interested in music, played the guitar, wrote poetry.
Vladimir Kolokoltsev knew from childhood what he wanted to beVladimir Kolokoltsev knew from childhood what he wanted to be
After graduating from school in 1978, before being drafted into the army, he worked as a driver, a mechanic at the Selzoztehnik. Vladimir served, defending the frontiers in the KGB troops. Demobilized in 1981, he continued to work in the department of the metropolitan police for the protection of foreign diplomatic missions.
In 1984 he was appointed head of the battalion of the patrol and inspection service of the Internal Affairs Directorate, but a year later he quit his job because he went to study at the Leningrad Higher Political School named after him. 60th anniversary of the Komsomol.

Career Vladimir Kolokoltseva

In 1989, with a degree in law, the young specialist returned to the capital. There he continued to tackle the tasks of fighting for the observance of the norms of the current legislation and the prevention of crimes at first as a security officer of the police department of the Kuntsevsky district,then he held the posts of deputy chief and chief of a number of city police departments (8, 20, 108). For some time he worked in the second department of the city police department.
In 1994, he was a consultant during the filming of the series in the genre of detective stories "At the corner, the Patriarch's" and was busy in it in a cameo role. Igor Livanov, Oksana Fandera, Anatoly Kuznetsov, Alexander Berd, Aleksey Sheinin and Boris Klyuev worked on the set next to him.
Vladimir Kolokoltsev in the film "At the corner of the Patriarch's"
From 1995 to 1997, Vladimir Kolokoltsev, as a successful law enforcement officer, supplemented his excellent track record with the position of head of the Office of the Criminal Investigation Department of the 2nd police department of the Central Administrative District.
Successfully moving up the career ladder, in 1997 he headed the 4th regional department of the RUOP, after 2 years the Operational Search Bureau of the South-Eastern Administrative District. In 2001, he was already in charge of the 3rd division of the ORB GU MVD for the Central Federal District, in 2003 he was the head of this bureau.
Vladimir Kolokoltsev built a successful career in the internal organsVladimir Kolokoltsev built a successful career in the internal organs
In 2007-2009, he served as head of the police department of the Oryol region, then - deputy head of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, later - head of the Main Directorate of Internal Affairs of the capital.

Personal life of Vladimir Kolokoltsev

The head of department is married. With his wife, Vera Ivanovna, they met in the subway. The girl came to the capital from Rostov, she is 3 years older than her husband. The couple has a son, Alexander, born in 1983. The young man graduated from the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, worked in law enforcement agencies, he later quit and went into business.
In 1988, Vladimir, the daughter of Catherine, was born. She is a graduate of MGIMO and the Russian State Social University. The girl works as a journalist, loves to travel, plays the piano and guitar. Parents by the end of the university gave her a sports car Audi A5, worth about 80 thousand dollars. Alexander - owned a black BMW 530 hatchback, priced at 70 thousand cu.
Vladimir Kolokoltsev has two children - a son and a daughterVladimir Kolokoltsev has two children - a son and a daughter
The wife of the politician used to work as a chief accountant at the enterprise “NZh” for the wholesale trade of food products. She subsequently became a housewife.
The official's income for 2014 amounted to 14.7 million rubles (for comparison, in 2011 he declared 1.8 million). The property of a high-ranking civil servant has three land plots, two houses with an area of ​​340 and 170 squares, 2 apartments, a garage. He owns a Toyota Land Cruiser SUV, a BMW motorcycle and a caravan.
Painting was at the Minister's strongest passion. Previously, he himself painted pictures as a hobby. But he had to leave this occupation due to lack of time. He loves racing, especially moderately fast driving on the night road. The most exciting activities during the rest for him are fishing on lakes and rivers, as well as hunting, which he does in his own hunting farm in the Yaroslavl region.
Interior Minister Vladimir KolokoltsevInterior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev
The official achieved a high position solely due to his personal qualities - he had neither high-ranking parents, nor oligarch friends, nor studies in an elite educational institution. Both for himself and for his subordinates, he considers high professionalism, competence, honesty, decency, honesty, effectiveness to be mandatory characteristics.

Vladimir Kolokoltsev today

In May 2012, Vladimir Kolokoltsev was included in the members of the cabinet headed by Dmitry Medvedev. He became the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Colleagues noted that in their activities the head of the department attached great importance to anti-corruption operations, as well as exposing ethnic criminal groups.For example, in 2013, police uncovered more than 600 such specific criminal associations.
Vladimir Kolokoltsev arranged the dressing of the Moscow police
In 2013, the official spoke in favor of lifting the moratorium on the death penalty, stressing that he says this as an ordinary citizen, and not an official. By this he brought upon himself sharp criticism and displeasure of the representatives of the Yabloko party. They even posted on their website a proposal for the resignation of the minister.
In life, the official does not consider himself to be either optimistic or pessimistic, but he is a realist. Therefore, he never sets impossible, unrealistic tasks. He has dismissed or demoted many officers of the operational commanders involved in scandals and unseemly deeds.
Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev: Ministry of Internal Affairs strengthens security measures
With his arrival in the ministerial chair, according to his colleagues, the quality of the work of the police has improved significantly. Previously, many of them perceived their work as a business, but soon they were imbued with the understanding that their duty was to protect the security of citizens and order in the country.

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