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Vlodzimirsky Lev Emelyanovich(10.1.1905, Barnaul - 12.23.1953), one of the heads of state security agencies, Lieutenant-General (9.7.1945). Pole, son of podyesaula. In January 1919 joined the Red Army, scooter, driver, boatswain. Since July 1925 Secretary of the Kislovodsk District Executive Committee, in 1927-28 authorized criminal investigation in the Terek. In May 1928 he was transferred to the organs of the OGPU: for a long time he worked in secret-political departments in the North Caucasus. Attracted 1931 joined the VKP (b). He began work in the General Directorate of State Security (GUGB) of the NKVD of the USSR 8.5.1937 under N.I. Yezhov, but because he did not hold leadership positions with him (he was deputy head of the 4th Division), he was not among the "Yezhov people" cleaned out of the NKVD in 1939. He quickly made a career under L.P. Beria: 12/22/1938 - 4.9.1939 pom. beginning The investigative unit of the NKVD of the USSR, 4.9.1939 - 4.3.1940 deputy head., 4.3.1940 - 22.7.1940 beginning. investigative part of the Main Economic Directorate of the NKVD of the USSR. From 4.3.1940 1st Deputy. beginning 3rd (counterintelligence) department of the GUGB. After 3.2.1941 of the NKVD of the USSR was divided into the NKVD and the NKGB,Wlodzimirsky headed the Sled part of the NKGB of the USSR (under the leadership of the People's Commissariat).
His management was charged with conducting investigations into particularly important cases. When the NKVD and the NKGB 07/20/1941 re-merged, Włodzimirsky became early. Follow up on particularly important cases. One of the most odious investigators of the NKVD, widely applied methods of physical influence. Practically all matters concerning the party, military, and economic leadership went through Vlodzimirsky on 05/12/1943 headed the Sledy part for particularly important cases of the USSR KGB (MGB).
In Aug. - Nov. 1946 beg. Management MGB Gorky region. In 1947, the state of health transferred to the reserve. In July 1947 - March 1953 (with a break in May-July 1948) the head of the Personnel and Auditing Division of the Main Directorate for Soviet Property Abroad at the Council of Ministers of the USSR. After the death of I. V. Stalin and the unification under the leadership of Beria of all the organs of internal affairs 18.3.1953 Włodzimirsky was appointed early. The investigative unit for particularly important cases of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR.
After the arrest of Beria on 3.7.1953, Vlodzimirsky was removed from his post. On July 17, he was fired from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and arrested on the same day. Together with Beria "walked" in one process. Found guilty of fraud and illegal investigation 23/12/1953 sentenced to death. Shot
One of those who "nightmare" "Trotsky pest and anti-Soviet" Sergei Pavlovich Korolev.
May 29, 1940
on the next case No. 19998 on the charge of KOROLEV Sergey Pavlovich under Articles 58-7 and 58-11 of the PCFSR Criminal Code.
On June 28, 1938, the NKVD of the USSR, for belonging to a Trotskyist, sabotage organization operating in Research Institute No. 3 (NKB of the USSR), was arrested and criminalized by the former engineer of this institute KOROLEV Sergey Pavlovich.
During the investigation, Korolev pleaded guilty to the fact that he was brought to the Trotsky pest organization in 1935 by the former technical director of research institute No. 3 LANGEMAKOM (convicted).
During the investigation into the Langemak case, he was not specifically questioned about KOPOLEV and he showed that he was aware of this from the words of KLEYMENOV - the former. Director NII-Z (convicted) (l. d.41).
On the instructions of the anti-Soviet organization Korolev, he conducted sabotage work on disrupting the development and putting into service of the Red Army new weapons (l.21-35, 53-55.66-67, 238-339).
By the decision of the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the USSR of September 27, 1938, the QUEEN was sentenced to 10 years in prison.
On June 13, 1939, the Plenum of the Supreme Court of the USSR annulled the verdict of the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the USSR, and the investigation case for the QUEEN was transferred to a new investigation (see the separate file of the court proceedings).
In the process of re-investigation, Korolev showed that the testimony given by him during the investigation in 1938 does not correspond to reality and is false (p. 153-156).
However, the available investigation materials and documentary data on the QUEEN reveal that:
In 1936 he led the development of powder winged torpedoes; Knowing in advance that the main parts of this torpedo, devices with photocells for controlling torpedoes and targeting it to the target cannot be manufactured by the Central Wire Communication Laboratory, KOROLEV, in order to load the institute with unnecessary work, strenuously led the development of the missile part of this torpedo in 2 versions. As a result, the tests of four torpedoes built by QUEEN showed their complete unsuitability, which caused damage to the state in the amount of 120,000 rubles and delayed the development of other, more relevant topics (p. 250-251).
In 1937, when developing a torpedo tank compartment (winged), he made a sabotage calculation, as a result of which research work on the creation of a torpedo was disrupted (p. 23-24, 256).
Artificially delayed the time of manufacture and testing of defense facilities (object 212) (p. 21,54,255).
Based on the above, ACCUSED:
KOROLEV Sergey Pavlovich, born in 1906, harvest. mountains Zhytomyr, Russian, USSR, non-partisan, before his arrest - engineer NII-3 of the NKB of the USSR, in that:
Since 1935, he has been a member of the Trotsky wrecking organization, on the instructions of which he carried out criminal work at NII-3 in disrupting the development and commissioning of new types of weapons by the Red Army, i.e. in crimes under Art. st. 58-7; 58-11 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR. He pleaded guilty, but subsequently refused his testimony.
It exposes the testimony of convicts Kleimenov, Langemak, Glushko, the testimony of witnesses: SMIRNOVA, ROKHMACHEVA, KOSYATOVA, SHITOVA, EFREMOVA, BUKINA, DUSHKINA and acts of expert commissions
The case of the accusation of the QUEEN to direct to the Prosecutor's Office of the Union of the CCP on jurisdiction.
The indictment was drawn up on May 28, 1940 in the mountains. Moscow
Natalia Koroleva. Arrested # 1442. From a book about a father.

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