Volleyball player Sergey Ermakov: biography, achievements and interesting facts

Ermakov Sergey Sidorovich - Soviet athlete and Honored Master of Sports, a man of outstanding talent and unusual fate. Starting his life path with an athlete's career, he achieved considerable heights in attaining the honorary title of Ukrainian professor and academician.Sergey Ermakov


Future scientist and volleyball player Sergey Yermakov was born in March 1950 in a small village in the Kharkiv region (Ukraine).

The boy began to play sports as a teenager - he played for the team of the village school. Pumped up, fit, enthusiastic - he was always cheerful, cheerful and carefree.


At the age of fifteen, the guy moved to the Zaporozhye region, to study at the technical school at the Faculty of Mechanics. Tokmak - the city in which this educational institution was located, was a well-developed regional center located on a picturesque river.In the city there were several large significant enterprises and factories.

Living in a student dormitory, the young Sergey continued to combine training with a game of volleyball. He trained thoroughly, desperately, trying to play the key moments of many well-known fights, honing the skills of defense and giving the ball, blocking or libero.

And then there was the army.

Adult sport

First, Sergei Yermakov got into the sports club “Odessa”, which at that time was training under the careful supervision of Grigoriy Verkh, the famous Soviet instructor and mentor. Speaking at difficult serious competitions, the beginning volleyball player has gained useful experience, and also gained the necessary courage and technique of movements.

After returning home, Yermakov Sergey falls into the team at the Kharkov house-building factory №1.

DSK-1 also had a renowned and experienced coach - Vladimir Ponomarenko, who many times took his guys to the final competitions for the USSR Cup.

Such strong, experienced players as Leonid Likhno and Yury Poyarkov fought for the team. Watching their talented game, Sergey Yermakov saw what he needed to improve and to strive for.


In early 1973, it became possible to create a new volleyball club under the guardianship of the Southern Railway.Yermakov Sergey

The new team included the strongest players of the experienced “Petrel”, who for some time left the division of the strongest and began to occupy the last places in the highest league.

In the “Locomotive” were also invited players from the DSC-1, among them - Sergey Ermakov with a friend Lenya Likhno.

The task of the newly formed team was to break out of the first league and go to the top. And in the second season, the goal was achieved.

But having preoccupied each other, having learned to work together in new conditions, the players of Lokomotiv got into the first ten of the USSR championship.

Together with his team, under the guidance of an experienced Likhno, Sergey Yermakov helped the club climb to the pedestal of the allied championship and win the bronze.

This remarkable event was the last important milestone in the sports career of Sergei Sidorovich. At the age of thirty, due to an old knee injury, he was forced to quit sport.

After volleyball

But will the young and ambitious Sergei Yermakov put on his cross? The achievements of a young man in the field of sports, it would seem, have stalled.What should he do? Which way to choose? And is it too late to start life anew?

It turns out that after the completion of sports activities, the famous volleyball player did not have to start everything from scratch.Sergey Ermakov achievements

Playing for “Locomotive”, Sergey Ermakov was able to get two higher education. He always liked to learn, to discover something new and unknown for himself.

It was not easy to combine volleyball with training in automobile and pedagogical institutes, but the young man could. Taking care of his future and his family, he received a new specialty, found himself in a completely different kind of activity and ... went to work as an ordinary teacher.

The teacher liked the work of the former athlete, he approached the younger generation with enthusiasm and creative impulse. It did not go unnoticed.

A couple of years later, Sergei Sidorovich was invited to the Kharkov Institute for the position of senior lecturer. Here Yermakov opened a new talent - he wanted to engage in scientific activities.

Scientific career

Sergey Ermakov became a doctor of pedagogical sciences, then a professor. He devoted himself entirely to the benefit of scientific inventions and discoveries, eager to benefit the homeland with his works and labors.volleyball player Sergey Ermakov

At the moment, Professor of Pedagogy S.Ermakov is the author of more than three hundred practical, interesting publications. These include monographs, reference books, textbooks, and scientific articles.

In accordance with his achievements and achievements, Professor Sergey Ermakov occupies important and responsible positions. For example, he is an active member of the Council of the Ministry of Education, Honored Academician of the Academy of Sciences, an initiative consultant of special councils for the defense of doctoral theses (Kharkov and Chernihiv universities).

Modern sports activities

Despite the fact that the big sport was left in 1980, now the scientist Sergey Sidorovich is in excellent physical shape, vigorous and active as ever.

Despite scientific works, Yermakov continues to be interested in volleyball. In addition to the fact that he regularly attends all the matches of his beloved “Locomotive”, he also plays on the field, however, already as a veteran. And he does it so successfully that several times he became the champion of the World Games of Sports Veterans as part of a brilliant team - the Sports Club “Zaporizhia”.Yermakov Sergey

However, his favorite volleyball Ermakov is engaged not only as a player and a fan. Several years ago, Sergei Sidorovich published an interesting and informative book about the history of volleyball.In addition, at the moment Professor Yermakov is a member of the Olympic Academy of Ukraine, the chief editor of public journals on the topic of sports and physical education, an energetic participant in methodological discussions and scientific seminars on his favorite sport.

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