"Volvo XC70": reviews of the owners and photos

The Volvo XC70, the photo of which is presented below, is positioned by the Swedish manufacturer as an ideal crossover designed for traveling in all road conditions. The latest version of the model was released in 2015. Owner reviews characterize it as a true Scandinavian car, favorably distinguished from other members of its class, and it also boasts excellent technical characteristics and a high degree of safety.

First generation

The debut of the first generation Volvo XC70 occurred in 2002. In fact, the new product at that time was an off-road version of the V70 station wagon from the same manufacturer. Developing an off-road car, engineers somewhat changed its appearance and body structure. Compared to its predecessor, the ground clearance in the model increased to 210 millimeters. In this regard, the Swedish designers and strengthened the suspension. The highest praise deserves the interior design, in which everything is executed succinctly and elegantly. Plastic and leather are used as interior upholstery materials.At the height is the ergonomics of the Volvo XC70. Reviews of car owners indicate that three adult men can comfortably sleep in the back seat.Volvo xs70 owner reviews

As for the line of power plants, there are two options. The first of them is a 2.5-liter gasoline engine, developing 210 horsepower, and the second - a 163-horsepower "diesel" with a volume of 2.4 liters. For cars provided for manual and automatic transmission.

Second generation

The next generation of the model was demonstrated to the general public during an exhibition in Geneva in March 2007. Designers have updated the appearance of new items, especially the front part. Major innovations have touched the grille, air intakes and headlights. The Volvo XC70 model has acquired a new inline 3.2-liter power unit consisting of six cylinders and completely made of aluminum. The maximum power of the motor was 238 "horses." In addition, the developers have provided for the car 185-horsepower "diesel" with a capacity of 2.4 liters. Both engines are capable of functioning in conjunction with a mechanical or automatic transmission in six stages.In 2011, the second generation of the model was restyled.Volvo xc70 photo

Third generation

In 2015, sales of the latest version of the Volvo XC70 started in our country. Reviews of the first car buyers indicate that it differs significantly from its two predecessors, both externally and internally. In general, the developers managed to quite successfully combine the power of an SUV with the elegance of a typical city car. The range of power units, which are offered to domestic consumers, has also significantly expanded. All of this will be discussed in more detail below.


When you first look at this car, first of all, its massive and durable body emphasizes the power hidden inside. An updated honeycomb grille with an impressive logo of the manufacturer looks more confident. Swedish engineers installed a new headlamp on the Volvo XC70, as well as a spectacular matt front bumper cover, which once again shows that the car is in the highest class. Due to the silvery transverse beams, original discs and a spoiler, the dynamism and athleticity of the model is once again emphasized. It should be noted and a wide range of options for body color.volvo xc70 reviews


The defining feature of the car's interior should be called elegance. Almost all the elements of the passenger compartment, starting with the steering wheel and ending with the gear knob, are leather-covered. In addition, it is characterized by ultra-modern adaptability and ergonomics. Many owners of new products note the reasonableness of the center console, improved seating and other functions that ensure the creation of a comfortable microclimate inside. The trunk is very roomy, and if such a need arises, its usable space can be increased by folding the rear seats. For lovers of luxury, the developers have provided the possibility of trimming some elements of the interior with a walnut tree.


The new Volvo XC70 can be equipped with four powertrain options. The first three of them are diesel engines with a volume of 2.0 and 2.4 liters, 181 and 220 horsepower respectively. In this two-liter unit may consist of four or five cylinders. The fourth engine is the most powerful installation. It consists of six cylinders and is capable of developing 304 "horses."All four engines can boast a fairly quick response to pressing the gas pedal. The size of the average fuel consumption of the car in the combined cycle, depending on the type of engine used, is in the range from 4.8 to 8.8 liters. The choice of the buyer is offered as a manual and automatic transmission at six speeds.new volvo xc70


Volvo has long been one of the world leaders in terms of car safety. This model was no exception. The developers have implemented here a whole range of effective technologies and means of both active and passive protection. The driver has the ability to control the situation on the road in any conditions, largely due to high-tech automation. In addition, the Volvo XC70 comes standard with monitoring of so called blind spots, tracking lanes and traffic signs, adaptive cruise control, as well as many other options. In the event of an accident in the car also provides a system that ensures the distribution of the impact force evenly throughout the body, front two-level airbags, modern belts and much more.Volvo xc70

Anti-theft system

The developers have equipped the car with a number of accessories designed to protect it from theft, as well as from other actions of intruders. In this case, first of all, we are talking about a central lock with a remote control function. In addition, the car boasts the presence of a lighting system at the approach, a personal auto-communicator, a tilt sensor, and a laminated safety glass.

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