Wall decoration in the kitchen: plastic panels, stone, tiles. A photo

For each housewife the most sacred place in the house or apartment is the kitchen. It should fulfill not only its functional purpose, but also inspire the creation of culinary masterpieces.

wall decoration in the kitchen

When the room, in which the kitchen will later be located, is still empty and without the necessary finishing, the designer flight of fantasy is limitless. After all, I want to think about everything to the smallest detail so that there is a harmonious combination of furniture, walls, floor and decor. After all, every little thing has its own special meaning. In addition, everything should be not only beautiful, but also practical.

Before choosing furniture, it is worth deciding on the background on which it will look more profitable, and in the case of a kitchen, the background will be the walls and the floor. Modern technologies allow to embody the most interesting and unimaginable ideas on the walls. Decorating the walls in the kitchen can be carried out using a wide variety of materials - wood, ceramics, plastic, paper and even fabric, each of these materials should be given special attention.

wall decoration in the kitchen photo

Using tiles for kitchen walls

The tile is easy to clean, it does not absorb foreign odors, moreover, it can be used to decorate not only the walls, but also the floor in an original way, thus creating a general ensemble of design composition. Choosing materials for finishing the walls of the kitchen, most often pay attention to the tile, because it is considered to be reliable and does not require special care material.

But it should be noted that the times when the walls in the kitchen were laid with tiles from floor to ceiling have sunk into oblivion. Now the most relevant option is to perform tiles only kitchen apron, namely the place where dirt most often accumulates.

Having spent once on expensive high-quality tiles, you can forget about repairing the kitchen for a long time, of course, if you don’t want any dramatic changes. In addition, along with tiles, a mosaic is used, with the help of which on one of the walls you can create a beautiful drawing that will be the hallmark of the kitchen. Decorating the walls of kitchen tiles is one of the most durable.

materials for decorating kitchen walls

Secrets of the use of tiles in the interior of the kitchen

If, nevertheless, you decided to lay all the walls with tiles, then it is worth considering a few points.First, it is necessary to choose high-quality tiles, as the kitchen environment itself implies a sharp change in temperature, steam, therefore, accumulation of moisture. Secondly, the seams must be rubbed with special means to prevent the appearance of fungus and other bacteria. The most difficult to care for are white seams, with them you need to be especially careful. Separately, it should be noted that, despite the fact that problems often arise with the seams between the tiles, due to them you can make a bright accent in the interior, if you choose the right grout tone. A bright tile with an inconspicuous pattern and bright seams will be an excellent background for any furniture and decor.

paneled kitchen wall decoration photo

Panels in the kitchen? Easily!

Do you dream to have a beautiful and practical kitchen? Decorating the walls with plastic panels or wood - exactly what you need. Wood panels can be made of natural wood or MDF. If high-quality plastic panels are not very capricious in care - the main thing is that there are no cracks and crevices to avoid moisture ingress, then problems may arise with wood. In particular, wood panels are very susceptible to steam and high humidity, and they also absorb and store all odors, which is not very pleasant.Only properly treated wood panels can last for a long time. But it should be noted that with the right choice of furniture, wooden panels have a very effective look.

kitchen wall decoration with plastic panels

Plastic panels are more practical, and there are much more variants of their design execution. They can be of any shape, color, texture. Also inside the transparent plastic panel can be beautiful drawings or photographs, which makes it even more attractive. Decorating the walls of the kitchen panels, photos of which can be seen in the article, looks very impressive, besides original and practical.

kitchen wall tiles

All your favorite wallpapers

No less traditional wall decoration in the kitchen is the wallpaper. They gained their popularity due to the variety of colors, patterns, textures, as well as relatively low cost. But since the kitchen is a very capricious space, not every wallpaper will withstand its whims.

kitchen wall tiles

To decorate the walls of the room under discussion, it is best to use washable wallpaper, non-woven or latex-coated. You can also use wallpaper for painting, but this is a completely different story, which will be discussed a little later.

Decorating the walls in the kitchen with wallpaper is an excellent solution, but for an apron it is best to choose a different material. Thus, the main thing is to properly combine wallpaper and apron decoration material.

Wall decoration stone in the kitchen, as well as wallpaper can look very original. Wallpaper in this case will play the role of a bright spot on which to focus. Also, the wallpaper will look great next to decorative plaster.

Wall mural - a fairy tale near

No less a great solution for the kitchen than wallpaper, can be wallpaper. It is necessary to choose wallpaper made on non-woven base or with latex coating. Modern design studios offer to embody absolutely any of your ideas on photo wallpapers. These can be photos from the family archive, memories of vivid travels, or something else in this style.

Photowall-paper with the image of the nature or architectural sights perfectly looks. Just imagine, you can wake up and have breakfast at the foot of the Eiffel Tower or on the ocean. Dinner by candlelight, looking at the hundreds of lights of New York or any other city that you like.

Another interesting solution is the combination of photo wallpaper and plastic or glass. Having chosen the picture you need, you can put the finished wallpaper under glass or plastic - and thus arrange the apron.

Add bright colors

The decoration of the walls in the kitchen by painting is popular, it has already been mentioned above. One of the options for painting the walls is the choice of special wallpapers (with or without texture), which are then painted over with the necessary colors. For painting using an ordinary roller and high-quality paint, the process itself does not take much time. It is also possible to paint the walls without wallpaper, the main thing is to properly prepare the work surface for applying paint.

stone wall decoration in the kitchen

Of the nuances that should be known to those who prefer this option finishing, it is necessary to note several. When choosing a color and a final texture, it is best to choose matte paints, since they hide the imperfections of the walls, but glossy colors, on the contrary, only emphasize irregularities. Decorating the walls in the kitchen, the photos of which are presented, makes it possible to compare the use of two types of paint - glossy and matte.

Wall decoration in the kitchen photo

Among the advantages of glossy paints it is worth noting their gloss and some chic, in certain cases, these shades look more advantageous.Moreover, it is much easier to wash off dirt or grease from a glossy surface, which is very important in the kitchen.

The most popular paint for the kitchen is water-based, it is easy to clean, does not have an unpleasant smell and allows the walls to "breathe". Its undoubted advantage is fast drying, non-toxicity and a huge palette of colors.

Kitchen walls and stone: what's the result?

The wall decoration of the kitchen with stone, the photos of which can be seen below, is made of sandstone and river stones. A kitchen with such walls will be sufficiently primitive, and if you add it with beautiful clay plates, original wooden furniture or ancient walkways, then the result will be a good idea.

stone wall decoration in the kitchen

Kitchen walls can be made of decorative stone, which looks no less impressive than natural. Sandstone, river stones, slate, tuff or limestone are most often chosen for wall decoration.

stone wall kitchen decoration photo

Wall decoration in the kitchen, the photo of which you see, is made of different materials - stone and paint. The use of natural colors, plants, pottery immerses everyone who enters such a kitchen in a special atmosphere.

Pros and cons of the stone when finishing the walls

It is worth emphasizing several advantages of the stone. First, it is aesthetic. Secondly, its service life is limitless. Thirdly, it is environmentally friendly, which is very important for a room in which something is being prepared every day. The fourth advantage of the stone is the simplicity not only of its installation, but also of further operation. Decorative stone is an antistatic material, which means that the dust on it practically does not sink, it is enough just to wipe the stone with a cloth.

Of the advantages is also worth emphasizing the availability and variety of the finishing material. Indeed, in the building materials market there are many varieties of stone, which will certainly please you.

Styles and details for the kitchen with natural stone

The interior of the kitchen, where stone is used to decorate the walls, is most often presented in the style of country, Provence, Mediterranean or rustic. In such a kitchen it seems as if you ended up in a medieval castle or in a cozy country house, it all depends on the main accents.

It is not necessary to lay the whole wall with a stone, it is enough to lay out the corners or the working surface.With the help of a stone, you can perfectly hide all the irregularities and shortcomings of the walls. For example, you can successfully mask the ventilation box.

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