Water Candle

All the good times of the day, in this short article I will tell you how to make a water candle with your own hands.
For this we need:
Paraffin candle, from which we need to get a wick. Capacity, any glass jar or glass, which will serve as the body of a candle. A small plastic mug, cut from the bottle.
plastic mugs

Normal vegetable oil and water.
oil water wick

First we get the wick from the candle. In a plastic cup, we make a small hole and thread a wick through it.
we pass a wick

Now we pour a little more than half of the water into the prepared container, drop a plastic circle with a wick on the surface, top up with the required amount of oil, leaving a small tip of the wick on the surface and ignite.
wick tip on surface

we set fire

How to make a water candle

This candle is very safe. The main part of it is water, its burning continues as long as there is oil or the wick will not end.
Video process of making and burning a water candle.

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