Water pumps that increase water pressure

Water pumps that increase pressure arean integral part of virtually any hot water supply system. This equipment is necessary when the pressure in the water supply network does not allow full use of household appliances (dishwashers and washing machines, gas columns) in those places where it is impossible to provide centralized water supply.water pumps increasing pressure


Virtually all water pumps that increasepressure, are small-sized, so they can be placed directly on the pipeline without any special difficulties. They can easily be exploited not only in private households, but also in apartments.

It is also important to note that this equipmentprovides only a slight increase in the pressure index in the water supply or heating system. But even a minimal increase is considered sufficient to ensure the normal operation of household appliances and improve the circulation of the coolant in heating appliances.

water pump

A water pump that boosts water pressure operates with a liquid temperature of 10 to 100 ° C, with an ambient temperature of not more than 40 ° C.


This equipment can be classified according to the management method in the following categories:

  • Manual.
  • Automatic.

With manual control, the pump unit ensures uninterrupted operation, the shutdown is performed at the operator's initiative by force.

Automatic water pumps increasingpressure, are equipped with a flow sensor, which operates when the crane is opened and ensures the start-up of the unit. After closing the valve, the flow stops and the pump equipment is turned off by the sensor.

Main settings

To date, the construction marketprovides many devices of this type. Therefore, when choosing the most optimal model, it is necessary to be guided by specific tasks and pay the utmost attention to the following technical characteristics:

  • Noise level.
  • Power.
  • The maximum possible head.
  • Performance.

water pump increasing pressure in the apartment

To reduce the noise level in many household pumping units, the rotor rotor is located directly in the pumped liquid. This design has the name "with a wet rotor".


Water pumps that increase pressure, have a lot of positive qualities, determined by ease of use and efficiency when used:

  • Function in a wide range of temperatures with different liquids.
  • Low power consumption.
  • The presence of a flow sensor provides automated operation.
  • Simplicity of dismantling and installation works.
  • The possibility of mounting directly on the pipeline.
  • High resistance to corrosion processes.
  • During operation, an acceptable noise level.
  • Small overall dimensions.
  • The possibility of increasing and maintaining a stable pressure in water supply and heating systems.

Using pumps in apartments

Residents of apartment buildings often encounterwith a situation where an additional head of water is required, which flows poorly or even drips at all. As a result, there may be interruptions in the functioning of household appliances: shower cabins, water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines. And, of course, there is no need to say that with a large number of family members, water is vital.

water pump increasing water pressure

In this case, only a water pump that increases the pressure in the apartment can help. Based on the degree of economy, it is desirable first of all to pay attention to the power consumption.

According to experts, the most reliableequipment are dry rotor pumps. Installations with a wet rotor are exacting to the volume of the pumped liquid. And they also need periodic maintenance.

Equipment for washing

Choosing a water pump that boosts pressure fordosatron, it is necessary to give preference to models whose manufacturers have proven themselves from the best side and have been working in this field for many years. Only in this case you will be able to purchase a reliable, high-quality and durable unit, which will last a long time.

water pump boosting pressure for dosatron

Choosing equipment of this type, in the firstturn must be familiar with its performance. For example, the recommended network pressure should be at least 20 bar. It is advisable to refuse the purchase of low-power installations for car washing. Despite their affordable cost, they are not able to provide the necessary and high-quality head of water, which will not allow car washing.

Popular Models

There are a lot of manufacturers of these devices, therefore the most popular models and their characteristics are summarized in the following table:

Model Performance Power Maximum head
UPA 15-90 1.8 m2/ h 118 W 9 m
CL15GRS-15 1.5 m2/ h 120 W 15 m
CL15GRS-10 TAIFU 1.1 m2/ h 90 W 10 m

As already mentioned above, with manual modeequipment is constantly on. In automatic mode, the pump unit is controlled by a flow sensor that starts the installation while creating a small flow of water (about 90-120 l / h) and turning off when the parsing stops.

On the type of equipment depends also on the optioncooling its hull. For example, firm TAIFU cooling provides by pumping a liquid or an impeller of the electric motor. In Grundfos models, cooling takes place only with the help of pumped liquid. In this case, the water pump, which increases the pressure (the price on average - from 6,000 rubles), works almost silently. Manufacturers involved in the production of this type of equipment offer consumers pumps that not only meet European standards, but also operate with the lowest possible noise level or noiselessly.

In any case, it will be very useful to consult with a qualified specialist before purchasing the pumping equipment.

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