We grow annual dahlias on the site

Annual dahlias, as well as perennials,belong to the list of garden flowers, which can boast the longest period of flowering. It starts already in early summer and lasts until the middle of autumn. In addition, dahlias have a wide range of colors, differ in the variety of sizes and original shapes. The same can be said about their petals. Dahlias from seeds, as a rule, are grown only by annuals. They can reach a height of 120 cm, and the largest flower diameter they have - 12 cm. Flowers are honey trees, and therefore their placement on the plot near the beds will improve the pollination of vegetables. Another significant advantage is that they do not need to store bulbs that are often exposed to disease. In spite of this, we grow more from root crops.

Annual dahlias

Site Preparation

For a plant such as a dahlia of one year,it is recommended to give preference to a site that has a flat or slightly inclined southward surface, well protected from winds. In this case, the groundwater must be located lower than 70 cm from the surface. As for the soil, it must be water-intensive and fertile. In each of the previously prepared pits on the bottom you need to add fertilizer. Best for this is a mixture consisting of the third part of a manure bucket, a tablespoon of ash, a small amount of humus earth and 20 grams of superphosphate.


Dahlias annual

After planting the roots to a permanent place,if there is a threat of frost, they need to be covered, for which the cylinders made of roofing felt perfectly match. Dahlias are planted in an open area at a distance of 60 to 100 cm between neighboring specimens, depending on the variety and size of future plants. The gap between the rows is usually left about one meter in size. Annual dahlias sit down in the ground in cloudy weather or in the evening, to a depth of 6 cm. Shoots should appear for two weeks. To help the plant develop, it should immediately tie in several places. On the peg, the name of the variety is usually written.


Dahlias from seeds

One of the main conditions for growing suchflowers, like annual dahlias, is their timely and abundant watering, especially during the growing season. The soil until the appearance of the first buds should be loosened after each additional fertilization (or addition of water). Do not forget about the permanent weeding from weeds. If the cultivation is carried out from the root, the plant should leave no more than two strongest shoots, and all the rest - to remove, and do it as soon as possible. If the flowers are cuttings, it is enough for them to leave one stem.

Preparation for the next year

Annual dahlias in late summer are oftenform tubers that can be excavated and saved in the winter in the basement. In addition, from the plant you like you can collect seeds. This is done only after the inflorescences wither and dry up. After that, the seeds should be separated, dried and stored in a paper envelope. In this case, do not forget that next year it is unlikely to grow twin flowers, because they often have signs that are different from their predecessors.

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We grow annual dahlias on the site We grow annual dahlias on the site We grow annual dahlias on the site We grow annual dahlias on the site We grow annual dahlias on the site We grow annual dahlias on the site We grow annual dahlias on the site We grow annual dahlias on the site We grow annual dahlias on the site We grow annual dahlias on the site