We never dreamed

On the left in the photo, in a striped sofa costume - Victoria Shelyagova, a typical Moscow social lady.
They are also called lionesses, but, in my opinion, the definition of torn cats is more appropriate for them.

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Drunk, bydlovatye, tongues scratching like thievish maids. All - on one person, again.
That Shelyagova, that fluent Maksakova, that the rest of Moscow half-light - one FIG. Twin women. From each other - not to distinguish.

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And, nevertheless, in spite of this total half-world sameness, it was Shelyagova who attracted my attention.
In an interview with Tatler magazine, she reveals her relationship with her daughter.
Daughter - quite expected for a daughter of a secular "lioness" - did not live with her mother, but at a boarding school, where she was caught smoking weed.
Shelyagova commented on the incident as follows:
“At school, they said that they were dismissing Cook this very second - two months before the unified state examination (!). I called my husband, Oleg said that he would figure it out. And figured out. From the threshold in the director's office he started a speech: “We will stop this terrible hydra, which has multiplied in our schools. We will create a militia group, we will find out where the drugs are from.Andrew Malakhov connect. " The director reacted cheerfully: “Don't, I understood everything. Let him take the exam
Personally, I see in this statement a direct threat to the director: “If we deduct my daughter, we will create a drug scandal at school on the First Channel level.”
The director, frightened by publicity, which most likely would have led to dismissal, put her tongue in the ass and went back down.
It was predictable: many ssut power. The director of the boarding school did not become an exception.
And I, as always, became. In this regard, I had a question: who is he, in fact, this husband of Victoria Shelyagova?
And see for yourself:

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On the left - brazen, secular luxury, on the right - modest, everyday work.

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Contrast is disgusting:

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With photos of Shelyagov at parties and in the workplace, one can safely illustrate the exhibition entitled “The Life of a Russian Official”.

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Shelyagov served as the general director of the Military Memorial Company, which is under the Ministry of Defense. As you understand, this means government orders for the provision of funeral services and not only.
After leaving the post there, Shelyagov headed the board of directors of the oldest state funeral service in Moscow, Ritual-Service, which operates under the brand name Ritual.ru.
Imagine how much government money passes through them?
The money that we, by the way, we deduct in the state treasury in the form of taxes. Money that allows even such petty bureaucrats like Shelyagov to live as luxuriously as none of us have ever dreamed of.
To live a gentleman, the right to have. Including, on threats.

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