Well done Spaniards!

I already wrote how the team of kolchenogi, which took the last place in the rating two weeks ago, was able to win in my group.
The contract with Saudi Arabia cost a budget of several billion dollars (pressure in favor of Saudi OPEC +), and the won match with Egypt is coffins-charters that will kill the unborn tourism of Krasnodar Territory and the Crimea, and at the same time bring another board under act of terrorism.
Well done Spaniards! the next one, the national team, the budget, maybe nothing, so that, a penalty, allow, we can, money, Russia, retirement, Akinfeev, the best, when, dollars, ball, his, place, taken

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However, who thinks about people when it is necessary to arrange a holiday and celebration for cattle?
We have a lot of hospitals. Teachers receive an enormous salary, and children, if they suddenly fall ill, are treated by the best specialists. Universities occupy the first places in the rankings of the best educational institutions in the world, drug addiction and poverty are defeated, and the elderly, receiving a decent retirement, travel the world - traveling for pleasure.
Oh, it's not in Russia, is it?
Well, but we have a lot of money - we can afford to lose billions of dollars on football.
By the way, I am very naive. I was sure that the authorities would be satisfied with the release of the national team from the group.
It was not there. We are able to negotiate, as it turned out, and beyond. Up to the final.
Sorry for Spain. Poor Spanish football players. In the sweat of the face tried to blow, but how to do it if the opponent can not cope with the ball? As a result, kolchenogie themselves zakoloshmatili goal.
The situation is not surprising, given the place in the football hierarchy of the Russian team.
Spaniards - for sure! - We decided to play in our own penalty hand, for which we received a penalty. Goalkeeper sluggishly tried to turn away, and - lo and behold! - there was a goal!
The proud caballeros, out of harm's way, and so that the opponents did not score themselves another goal, took the ball to themselves and did not give it back. By the way, according to the final statistics, they owned the ball 80% of playing time.
The game reached a penalty, but Akinfeev still could not reflect another blow. In the end, one of the Spanish snipers still managed to predict where Akinfeev would fall and get into it.
Hooray, victory, the Swedes cry!
In a sense, the Spaniards - losing to Russia was more difficult than winning Brazil or Argentina. Still, the great masters - to merge the match, when the enemy can not score at all in an empty net.
How much this "contract" will cost the budget even to imagine scary. But, fortunately, we have the same people and live so well, and there is no place for money!
So we can afford Raisa first, and pensioners behind! And in the light of these “victories,” it seems to me, it’s time to raise the retirement age to 90 years.

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