What activities are subject to licensing?

According to state regulations, some species(we are talking about individual entrepreneurs) are subject to compulsory licensing. It is not difficult to obtain a license, it is important to clearly define what you will be doing and apply to the authority that issues licenses. Make sure only that your work will not be associated with closed activities, otherwise you will not get permission to do business. What types of activities are subject to licensing? There are about fifty of them.

Why you need to get a license

There are also classes for whichget only permission. Moreover, some areas of business are not licensed at all. But if your activity, at least slightly falls under one of the definitions below, you probably need a license.

  • What can hurt people, citizens of the Russian Federation (their rights, health, interests);
  • A business that can damage the environment (land, plants or animals);
  • Activities that are relevant to the security of the state, or may damage the defense;
  • What is connected with the cultural heritage of the state and its citizens;
  • Those activities that need to be regulated and done in other ways, except as licensing - are impossible.

Having obtained a license, a PI can start its activity in the territory of Russia without hindrance, however, only the next day.

List of licensed activities

We spoke above about the fact that all such activities are about fifty. Now we will try to classify them, in order to be able to list.

  • All that concerns development, production and sale(distribution) of any means of protection, encryption of information. Release of all kinds of cryptographic devices. The maintenance of these funds is also subject to a license. If equipment is produced or distributed to obtain information by private means, as well as activities to identify it. Or an activity that provides security, data protection.
  • Aviation field. Everything related to aviation equipment - design, manufacturing, repair - is subject to licensing. The same applies to all types of military equipment (this includes recycling).
  • The weapon. If your activity, at least in part, is related to any type of weapon, you will also need a license.
  • Development and use (servicing) of explosive or chemically hazardous devices that are installed in production.
  • Extinguishing fires in dwellings, in forests (exception - voluntary assistance).
  • Installation and maintenance of facilities that providefire safety of manufactures and dwellings. The list of activities subject to licensing includes everything related to flammable materials and their protection against fire.
  • Release, production of medicines. Everything, that is connected with narcotic and psychotropic agents. Production and maintenance of medical equipment.
  • Activities in the field of genetic engineering, the use of viruses that affect humans and animals.
  • Transportation by water, air, rail transport of people or cargo. Loading and unloading operations with dangerous goods on these types of transport. Towing by sea.
  • Transportation of passengers by car, if there is a technical capability to transport more than eight people at once.
  • If your activity is related to the disposal or storage of hazardous waste.
  • Gambling, sweepstakes, activities for their maintenance and organization.
  • Security, detective activity (private detective and security companies).
  • Black and non-ferrous metal and everything related to its processing, storage and sale.
  • If you decide to help citizens of your country find a job abroad, your activity also falls under this list.
  • Communication services, television and radio broadcasting.
  • Software, audio and video products.
  • All kinds of educational activities.
  • Work related to the exploration of outer space.
  • Measurement and mapping of the terrain, if this activity is of national importance. Mine surveying, that is, the activity to find and explore possible minerals.
  • Hydrometeorology. Works, on intervention in geophysical and hydrometeorological processes.
  • Medicine and pharmaceutics.
  • Work done to preserve the cultural heritage, its objects.
  • Expertise of safety at work. If you misjudge the degree of danger of an industrial point - the consequences can become unpredictable.
  • Explosive materials and substances used in production. All activities in this segment. The last point was introduced after approval of the main list after almost a year.

There are other activities that are subject tolicensing. However, we list the main, others only adjacent to these. In any case, if your business is dangerous or can harm someone, most likely, you need to get permission for this kind of activity in the form of a license.

How to get the right license

Some licenses are easy to get, butsome are quite difficult. For example, a pharmaceutical license is issued in two stages. First you need to get a certificate - a sanitary and epidemiological conclusion. Only then - the license itself. What activities are subject to licensing, and how to issue paper quickly and easily, they know private law firms that are countless in the network. Therefore, if you do not have time to collect inquiries - you can quite trust it to those who will make the work more effective. It all depends on whether you agree to pay for the time spent. After all, for some businessmen it will be cheaper to pay those who know how to solve such problems, rather than spend part of their time trying to stand a couple of queues.

If you decide to do it yourselfobtaining a license, contact the licensing authority with a statement, a certificate of registration of the FE, a certificate of registration in the tax. In addition, you will need to provide a receipt for payment of the license fee. Still need more specific documents that vary for each type of activity. And only after obtaining a license, you will be able to fully conduct your business.

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