Ease of assembly, low labor intensity and low cost - these advantages make the increasingly popular frame houses among Russian developers. And if you turned your eyes, when choosing a project, in the direction of frame construction, it would not be bad to figure out what kind of frame houses there are.

In fact, the construction technology of a frame house is divided into two main types; 1. Frame-panel or panel, and 2. Frame-frame. These two main types within themselves are further divided into species. In this article we will try, in brief, to talk about them.

Frame-shield houses are made in the form of a frame sheathed on both sides with slab materials, insulation and communications laid in them. Produced in the factory, the site comes in ready for installation. The panels have already made the openings put on the project. The advantages of this type of frame construction are the speed of construction of the building on the construction site due to the high factory readiness of the panels. The disadvantages include the need to use special equipment for the installation of panels, which undoubtedly leads to higher construction costs,the cost of such frame houses is higher by 20 percent compared to frame-frame houses. Factory panel manufacturing technology imposes certain restrictions on architectural solutions.

SIP-panel is expanded polystyrene pasted over from both sides with OSB plates. Of these panels are the walls, floors and floors of the frame-panel house. The panels are made at the factory according to the project, but not as large as in the case of frame-shield houses and therefore installation is possible without the use of special equipment. For architectural solutions the same restrictions as with frame-panel houses.

Framework technology. This method of building frame houses is the most convenient and profitable for self-construction. The framework gathers from boards, as a rule, 50 mm thick. and sheathed directly onto the foundation. Does not require special machinery for installation. Structural and architectural solutions are limited only by the imagination of the developer. The frame-frame houses are also houses made with the half-timbered method. The frame of such a house is not made of boards, but from a timber, usually glued with a thickness of 150 mm.Half-timbered houses have a long history, dating back to the Middle Ages. The skeleton of the timber was filled with saman, brick, stones less often with wood. In modern half-timbered houses, the frame is more often filled with double-glazed windows, which makes them full of air and light.

Having studied all the advantages and disadvantages of the listed methods for the construction of frame houses, you can make the right choice for your conditions for building your own frame house.

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